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Das Lab schedules developer chats during feature rollouts and other interesting updates. Check out the Developer Blog in your newsfeed for announcements! 

Players can ask the game developers questions, report problems and suggest UI improvements at these chats. 

If you want to get involved in the meantime, try the Eterna Forums. This is the best place to report issues, any time. Try searching first to see if there is already a thread!

For Eternacon committe chats, please see the appropriate subpage of Eternacon for the given year.

Transcript Archive 

2020.03.27 Dev Chat - COVID-19 Challange Q&A

2020.03.18 Dev Chat - COVID-19 Challange Q&A

2019.09.26 Dev Chat - Switch Paper Review

2019.03.05 Dev Chat - Ribosome pilot questions and suggestions

2018.12.18 Dev Chat - What lead to good and bad light-up sensors?

2018.03.19 Dev Chat - Player paper authorship process and recognition

2017.12.15 Dev Chat - Big ideas

2017.12.01 Dev Chat - OpenCRISPR Round 1 Postmortem, next steps for OpenTB. potential for mobile Eterna and realtime language translation

2016.08.19 Community Chat

2016.07.08 Community Chat - On the Eternacon Player Empowerment and Future Vision Session

2016.07.01 Dev Chat - On the TB Labs, Player Development, the Community, and Revamping Groups

2016.06.17 Community Chat - On GetSat Categorization Completion & Discussing GetSat Changes, & Lab Discussion

2016.06.10 Community Chat - LFP6 helping people with code and discussion about Eternacon

2016.05.13 Community Chat - On Jennifer Pearl's DPAT, Remmy, & Sara Presentation Using Dot Plot Data Analysis Tools, Part 1

2016.05.06 Dev Chat - On OpenTB Challenge Release!!!, NUPACK & Snowflake Freeze Button, DPAT & SARA Presentation in 2 Weeks, News Releases, EternaCon, Meta Dot Plot Summer, & Thanks to All! 

2016.04.29 Community Chat - On Chat Stats, SciShow Video, Lab Guide, Eternacon, Live Puzzle & Switch Solving Help, and Catalyst Points & U-U Boosts / Mismatches

2016.04.22 Dev Chat - On Mobile Apps, Omei's Data Browser & Open Sourcing on Github, and Upcoming Release of openTB!

2016.04.15 Community Chat

2016.04.08 Dev Chat

2016.04.01 Dev Chat

2016.03.25 Dev Chat

2016.03.18 Community Chat

2016.03.11 Dev Chat

2016.03.04 Community Chat

2016.02.26 Dev Chat

2016.02.19 Community Chat

2016.02.12 Dev Chat

2016.02.05 Community Chat

2016.01.29 Dev Chat - On DPAT Paper & Sara Tool, Real Time QA of New Eterna Medicine Game Progression UI!!! Come Test It Out!!!

2016.01.22 Community Chat - On DPAT Server Crunching, DPAT FMN Analysis & Paper, DPAT Loop Analysis, New A OR NOT B Logic Gate Lab, Eterna Medicine Tutorial Puzzle Progression Rolling Out & Call to QA!!!, #Issues Tagging, & NUPACK Freeze Bug

2016.01.15 Dev Chat - On Scientist 3D RNA Presentation, Evolution of DPAT Analysis Tools & FMN Probability Prediction, Eterna Scripting Tools, Forum Titles & Brainstorming Cool 3D Nanostructures & Machines

2016.01.08 Community Chat - On Sublab Progress Color Indicators, Script for Submitting Designs Status, Lab Spreadsheets Fix for Player Names, Counting Sublab Submission Slots, Managing News / Blog Feed, & Redesign of Home Page As Dashboard

2016.01.01 Dev Chat - On Neighborhood Watch Shifts, Hashtags, New Puzzle Progression Debuting Soon, Slack Chat Tools, & Rhiju's Microscope Building Sabbatical

2015.12.18 Dev Chat - On Published Lab Results: NG Switch & Cooperativity Puzzle, Successful Player Designs!!!, Johan's Lab Data Spreadsheet, Better In Game Data Browsing, How To Make Hypotheses, Switches Strategy Market & Hashtags, NUPACK, & Eternacon 2016

2015.12.11 Community Chat - On Forums, DPAT & Remmy Analysis, New Labs, & Nando's Dev Fixes

2015.12.04 Dev Chat - On Color Blindness & Marker Visibility, Forum Posting & Bug, Switch Intros, A/B Lab Walkthroughs & DPAT & Remmy Lab Auto-Mods

2015.11.27 Community Chat - On DPAT Progress, Live Lab Walkthrough, Ensemble Defect Experiment, & Hashtag Label Utility

2015.11.20 Dev Chat - On New Fusion Table Data Browser, A/B Lab Puzzles Due Nov. 30, #DPAT #EnsembleDiversity Experiment Instructions, & Musical RNA

2015.11.13 Community Chat - On Dot Plot Exclusion Lab Analysis, Understanding Ensemble Diversity, Partition Function, Positional Entropy, & Vienna Server Prediction Tools

2015.11.06 Dev Chat - Consolidated with Monthly Eterna Meeting presentation from Das Lab

2015.10.30 Community Chat - On How to Make Lab Mod Submissions Walkthrough, & Tips for Solving TB-A/B MS2 Labs

2015.10.23 Dev Chat - On Jen Pearl's DPAT Pairing Probabilities Script, Switch Lab Scoring Artifacts, Newest Lab Guide & Feedback, Wuami's Evaluation of Eternabot vs. Players Lab Solutions, & Potential for Designing Shape Structure First Using Algorithmic Nucleotide Selection

2015.10.16 Community Chat - On Fun Games, Lab Background Design, 2nd Weekly Meeting Time, Barcodes vs. Johan's Full Sequence IDs, Tuberculosis A/B Oligo Ratio Explanation, & AndrewKae's 3D RNA Guide

2015.10.09 Dev Chat - On New Switch miRNA Labs, Nando's Educational Blog, Chat Spam Ignore, Puzzle Progression, Tooltips for Chunking Lab Tutorials, SHAPE, & Lab Voting Points

2015.10.09 Spontaneous Chat - On Science, Preparing Players for Labs, Puzzle Progression, Educational Walkthrough Chats, Nando's Top Lab Designer Badge Idea, & Dangles

2015.10.02 Community Chat - On RMDB & Lab Data, Flag Buttons, UI Updates, Fixing 'Puzzles Left to Solve' Script, & Intro to Tuberculosis miRNA Lab Terms & Constraints

2015.09.25 Dev Chat - On MIT Rapid Diagnostic Kits, Next / Prev Lab Buttons, Badges, & Open Source Licensing

2015.09.18 Community Chat - On License Structure, EULAs, Eterna Medicine, Lab Boosts, Forum Issue Reporting, Dev Chat Time, Eterna University, ChatBot AI, & R97 Results

2015.09.11 Dev Chat - On Dot Plot Clusters, Lab Rewards, Prev / Next Buttons, Licenses, Chat Countdown / Help Button, Roadmap Badges, & Firefox Cache 

2015.09.04 Community Chat - On XOR Constraints, Lab Prev/Next Buttons, & Nando's Dev Updates

2015.08.28 Dev Chat - On Linear Puzzle Progression, Chunking Lab UI, Sidequests, Scripting Libraries, Lab Bundles, Algorithmic Iterations, & Bundle Reviews

2015.08.21 Community Chat - On Dot Plots, Melt Plots, & Markers for High Scoring Switches

2015.08.14 Dev Chat - On Nupack Multithreading, Naming, About Page, Neuroscience Papers, Tutorials, Teslagon, & Font / Button UI, Oh My!

2015.08.07 Community Chat - On EteRNA Medicine, Switches, & NuPACK XOR MS2 Challenge

2015.07.31 Dev Chat - On TB Sensors, Collaboration, Lab Sequence Bundling, & License

2015.07.17 Eternacon Followup - Followup on Eternacon

2015.02.25 Dev Chat - On Leaderboards & XOR Challenges

2015.01.30 Dev Chat - On Chat Mods & Feature Dev

2015.01.28 Dev Chat - On EternaCon & Labs

2015.01.07 Dev Chat - On Welcoming Nando as Dev & Johan's Labs

2014.12.10 Dev Chat - On Paper Labs Conclusions

2014.12.5 Special Community Dev Chat - On Suggestions Relating to the Community, Primarily Moderation, A Committee Formation, and Player Dev

2014.11.26 Dev Chat - On Lab UI, S/N, Puzzle Next, & More

2014.11.05 Dev Chat - On NOVA Menu Links, Lab Questions

2014.10.22 Dev Chat - On Spam, Barcodes, & Background Bubble

2014.10.08 Dev Chat - On Lab Conclusions & Help Button

2014.09.24 Dev Chat - On R88 Results, RMDB, & Spam

2014.09.10 Dev Chat - On NOVA Buttons & Spam

2014.08.20 Dev Chat - On 3D & NOVA Button

2014.08.06 Dev Chat - On 3D & Chat Help Button

2014.07.23 Dev Chat - On 3D Jigsaw, NOVA Link, & Spreadsheet Data

2014.07.09 Dev Chat - On Issue Tracker & NOVA Tooltips

2014.06.25 Dev Chat - On Barcodes & NOVA

2014.06.04 Dev Chat - On Code of Conduct

2014.05.21 Dev Chat - On Welcoming Jnicol!

2014.04.23 Dev Chat - On NOVA & Paper Labs

2014.04.09 Dev Chat - On Bugs & Spam

2014.03.26 Dev Chat - On Paper Labs

2014.03.12 Dev Chat - On Farewell to Jee

2014.02.12 Dev Chat - On EteRNA University & NOVA

2014.01.29 Dev Chat - On Shiftable Puzzles & Thanks to Diana

2014.01.15 Dev Chat - On PNAS, Nova, & Press Interviews

2014.01.01 Dev Chat - On IRC, Next Button, & ETAs

2013.12.18 Dev Chat - On Labs & Barcodes

2013.12.04 Dev Chat - On Spam & Issue Tracking

2013.11.13 Dev Chat - On Lab UI Issues

2013.07.24 Dev Chat - On Supporting Players & Researchers

2013.07.10 Dev Chat - On Bot Competition

2013.05.29 Dev Chat - On Lab Interface Improvements

2013.05.15 Dev Chat - On Scripting & Labs

2013.05.01 Dev Chat - On New Lab Interface

2013.04.17 Dev Chat - On Scripting & Puzzle-Solving Bot Competition

2013.04.03 Dev Chat - On Cloud Lab Interface

2013.03.20 Dev Chat - On App & Data Check

2013.03.06 Dev Chat - On Scripting, Highlighting Tools, & Theophylline Lab