2016.06.17 Community Chat

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Astromon: Blast-ofF [2:58 PM]
whbob: Hi Astro :) [2:59 PM]
LFP6: I don't see any devs online :( [2:59 PM]
Astromon: howdy bob! [2:59 PM]
Astromon: hmmM [2:59 PM]
Astromon: your prety much a dev  [3:00 PM]
LFP6: kek [3:00 PM]
Astromon: can you pose as one until one actualy shows up  :D [3:00 PM]
LFP6: Well, I can provide one piece of news! [3:00 PM]
Astromon: actually that clock is always fast haha [3:00 PM]
LFP6: The forum categorization is not officially complete! [3:00 PM]
Astromon: cooL [3:01 PM]
LFP6: Now that you've gotten 600 emails from the past few days, I don't predict that happening any more lol [3:01 PM]
whbob: @ Astro: That should earn you a badge. [3:02 PM]
Astromon: what should?! [3:03 PM]
whbob: 600 ne-mails! [3:03 PM]
whbob: * e-mails [3:03 PM]
Astromon: oH haha yeaH [3:03 PM]
whbob: The labs are going well, but there are only so many variations that might work. [3:07 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: hi [3:09 PM]
LFP6: Hey Jeb! [3:09 PM]
LFP6: *Jen [3:09 PM]
LFP6: Wow [3:09 PM]
whbob: Hi Jen :) [3:09 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: hi everyone [3:10 PM]
Astromon: Yeah true that bob, i wouldnt mind another month to do the open T/B lab<< [3:10 PM]
Astromon: hey jen [3:10 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: you talking about the influx f GetSat posts n my inbox [3:10 PM]
LFP6: :) [3:10 PM]
LFP6: It's done now [3:10 PM]
Astromon: yeah haha [3:11 PM]
LFP6: Almost a year after being commissioned, the whole thing forum has categories [3:11 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: so good news Astro I fixed that bug and my code works with NUPACK now [3:11 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: @LFP^ nice [3:11 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: LFP6 [3:11 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: all I need to do is tweak the code that compile the database to pull from the generated files [3:12 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: then DPAT is ready and SARA will be quick [3:12 PM]
Astromon: oH wow jen thats great news!  wOOt [3:12 PM]
whbob: @ LFP6: Quality takes time :) [3:12 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: I like where the forum has gone LFP6 much better than before [3:12 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: I hated the forum [3:12 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: with a passion [3:12 PM]
LFP6: Heh [3:12 PM]
LFP6: I've found out some interesting things while doing this [3:12 PM]
LFP6: Hense why I'm doing an EternaCon session about it [3:13 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: nice [3:13 PM]
Astromon: i like how you dont have to put your name and pw in when you want to reply in getstats [3:13 PM]
LFP6: As a preview, I've seen 3 strong themes: Change, a need for organization, and alot of contribution [3:14 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: nice [3:15 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: they sound like importatn things [3:15 PM]
LFP6: Yes [3:15 PM]
Astromon: the new forum is def a game changer its so much better now by light years [3:16 PM]
Astromon: nice going lfp6 ill look forward to your pres [3:16 PM]
LFP6: The update to the new community app that Vineet did was also a huge advancement [3:16 PM]
LFP6: It now no longer looks quite so shady :) [3:16 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: that is for sure [3:17 PM]
Astromon: he did that 3d eterna thing too didnt he [3:18 PM]
LFP6: Yep [3:18 PM]
Astromon: thats  pretty awesome [3:18 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: i remember when I first started. i accessed the forum and about gave myself a tetanus shot [3:18 PM]
LFP6: lol [3:18 PM]
Astromon: haha [3:19 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: also wouldnt work on slow connection so I wsa unable to use for first 2 years [3:19 PM]
Astromon: mee too jen  [3:19 PM]
Astromon: it just didnt have any organization  [3:20 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: Vineet is good at coding. He is making a big announcment at Eternacon.... [3:20 PM]
LFP6: Oooh! [3:20 PM]
Astromon: its not easy organizing all this data really  [3:20 PM]
LFP6: Can't wait to hear it [3:20 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: ill leave what it is up to you guys.... hehe [3:20 PM]
Astromon: id say [3:21 PM]
Astromon: oH yeaH i was wondering about that slot [3:21 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: but you will like it [3:21 PM]
Astromon: thats exiting [3:21 PM]
LFP6: I have a hunch ... :) [3:21 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: im keeping it under wraps so i cant say.  [3:21 PM]
Astromon: it will be a nice suprize [3:22 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: so it looks ike we dont need special paperork for minor to show up to eternacon [3:23 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: in teh legal stuff it says that programs that are exempt from the requirment are one time events open to the general public not geared towards kids which Eternacon fits the bill [3:24 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: made  a policy early on that we would not turn anyone aeay this year. all are welcome so that worked in our favor [3:25 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: that is the definition of open to general publi [3:25 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: public [3:25 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: FYI [3:25 PM]
whbob: Maybe have a signup booth also? [3:26 PM]
Astromon: okay thanks jen [3:26 PM]
Astromon: sounds good bob [3:27 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: @whbob what would the signup booth be for? [3:27 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: i may be missing something [3:27 PM]
whbob: Public that is not signed up with Eterna. [3:27 PM]
Astromon: a log of names attending? [3:27 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: oh. good point [3:27 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: i will do that so that if there are any questions later we can demonstrate that we have been geared toward general public [3:28 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: both in planning and execution [3:28 PM]
Astromon: sounds good [3:29 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: I have to go [3:29 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: @LFP6 can you post chat log at 1pm? [3:29 PM]
LFP6: Yep! [3:29 PM]
Astromon: seeya jen have a great day! [3:29 PM]
LFP6: Indeed, have a good one Jen! [3:29 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: thanks. You all have a good day too [3:30 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: akf [3:30 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: afk [3:30 PM]
whbob: bye Jen. [3:30 PM]
Astromon: I cant figure out why in the world my mutations are not binding to the A oligo     http://prntscr.com/bhnsri [3:35 PM]
Astromon: sometimes ill do it backwards for some reason [3:36 PM]
Astromon: i wish you could flip your string like you can SFt and move them left and right [3:36 PM]
whbob: Yeah, it's backwards.  I do that all the time :) [3:38 PM]
Astromon: thats good! [3:39 PM]
Astromon: thanks bob [3:40 PM]
whbob: I hope that all new players become aware of that or they might give up too soon :) [3:41 PM]
Astromon: thats true [3:41 PM]
Astromon: me too [3:41 PM]
whbob: Before the freeze button, it was maddening.   [3:42 PM]
Astromon: yeah  paticularly w/ the nupak engine [3:43 PM]
Astromon: the freeze button saved the day [3:43 PM]
whbob: Sure did! [3:43 PM]
whbob: @ Astro: Did you know that there is a sequence stamper in the labs? [3:47 PM]
Astromon: yes [3:48 PM]
Astromon: the ms2 right [3:48 PM]
whbob: No, a customized one. [3:49 PM]
Astromon: where i can customize what sequences i want stamped? [3:49 PM]
whbob: I have only used the default folding engine, but I just selected multiple folding engines in the settings.  That brought up NuPak and a new tool.  [3:50 PM]
Astromon: wow [3:50 PM]
whbob: Check it out!! [3:50 PM]
Astromon: I am rt noW [3:51 PM]
Astromon: ok i selected mutible folding engines [3:53 PM]
Astromon: and nupaK poped up as the main one [3:53 PM]
Astromon: on my lab puzzle [3:53 PM]
Astromon: i thought it was already nepak? [3:53 PM]
whbob: See the lightning bolt? [3:54 PM]
Astromon: no [3:54 PM]
Astromon: where [3:54 PM]
whbob: I think default was Vinnie or something. [3:54 PM]
Astromon: well vianna runs much faster [3:55 PM]
whbob: It's to the left of the Publish icon. [3:55 PM]
Astromon: http://prntscr.com/bho2s3 [3:56 PM]
Astromon: not on mine [3:56 PM]
Astromon: have lightshot? [3:56 PM]
whbob: I'm using a chrome browser. [3:57 PM]
Astromon: me too< [3:57 PM]
whbob: I reviewed A/C-dec & picked one of JL's submissions  [3:58 PM]
Astromon: hmm that screen shot doesnt show tools [3:58 PM]
Astromon: or constraints unfortunatly [3:58 PM]
whbob: I wonder, how did you ?? Oh you have lightshot? [3:59 PM]
Astromon: yeah [3:59 PM]
whbob: How did you post that into this chat? [3:59 PM]
whbob: Copy & paste? [4:00 PM]
Astromon: i went to lightshot sie downloaded it then presses the button and selected what part of the screen to take a pic of then press upload [4:00 PM]
Astromon: then click copy then paste [4:01 PM]
whbob: Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 4.00.32 PM.png [4:01 PM]
Astromon: into chat here [4:02 PM]
whbob: I can't paste my png pic to chat [4:02 PM]
Astromon: hmm thats odd [4:03 PM]
Astromon: did you click the feather and select  screen [4:03 PM]
Astromon: then upload to net? [4:03 PM]
Astromon: look outside where you selected for tools [4:04 PM]
whbob: I don't have lightshot.  I have a screenshot of the lab page on my desktop [4:05 PM]
Astromon: oH ok [4:06 PM]
Astromon: I recomend lightshot [4:06 PM]
whbob: file:///Users/Bob/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202016-06-17%20at%204.00.32%20PM.png [4:07 PM]
whbob: Nope. copy only copied the link:( [4:08 PM]
Astromon: i solved 15 now before 13  haha [4:10 PM]
whbob: Nice. [4:10 PM]
Astromon: i believe my solve is diferent than most [4:10 PM]
Astromon: id like to compair  [4:10 PM]
Astromon: as a test [4:11 PM]
whbob: Got to go, Astro, clear skies :) [4:18 PM]