2015.07.17 Eternacon Followup

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Followup on Eternacon

jnicol: Hi Everyone! [6:00 PM]

jnicol: I would like to take the next hour to have a followup discussion on the events from Eternacon [6:00 PM]

LFP6: Heya! [6:00 PM]

jnicol: Hope everyone had a great time there [6:00 PM]

wuami: hi all :) [6:00 PM]

LFP6: It was awesome, what else is there to say? :) [6:00 PM]

rhiju: hi everyone [6:00 PM]

LFP6: Hello Wuami, Rhiju [6:00 PM]

jnicol: Hi michele, lfp6, rhiju [6:00 PM]

jnicol: A first glimpse of Eterna Cell was shown, [6:01 PM]

space_miser: hi all [6:00 PM]

jmf028: hi devs [6:01 PM]

jnicol: there were several amazing technical sessions [6:01 PM]

jnicol: and some fun player led sessions [6:01 PM]

jnicol: The final sessions focused on features and issues that we can further discuss [6:01 PM]

jnicol: for those that were not able to make it, I hope you were able to follow along on the live stream [6:01 PM]

jnicol: Here is the link to the Eternacon followup news item [6:01 PM]

jnicol: http://eterna.cmu.edu/web/news/6039352/ [6:01 PM]

jnicol: A repost of Day 1 activities is available here [6:02 PM]

jnicol: http://eterna.cmu.edu/web/news/6044246/ [6:02 PM]

jmf028: I left at 2:00 pm and eternacon ended at 2:30, so I wasn't present for what everybody agreed upon [6:02 PM]

wuami: i think all the devs were mind-blown after hoglahoo/jmf's tutorials on solving puzzles [6:02 PM]

jnicol: You agreed be default then :) [6:02 PM]

jmf028: lol [6:02 PM]

jmf028: I'll go with that [6:02 PM]

LFP6: I actually have a quick question for the devs... [6:03 PM]

jmf028: really? You guys were mind blown :D [6:03 PM]

LFP6: Long one, but simple [6:03 PM]

jnicol: LFP6, you are able to use getsat as a champion now? [6:03 PM]

jmf028: all hail LFP [6:03 PM]

LFP6: I sent you a PM about that :) [6:03 PM]

LFP6: All I get as champion is the badge [6:03 PM]

LFP6: I need a management seat [6:03 PM]

jnicol: yes, I will update categories after this chat session [6:03 PM]

LFP6: Being that I'll be given a management seat in the forums, I would like a little bit of guidance. [6:03 PM]

LFP6: Will I only have champion/management while I reorganize the forums, or will I continue to have it to keep things organized? [6:03 PM]

LFP6: If I do keep it, is there some sort of limit on what I should use it for, or should I just use it as if I were a regular forum mod? [6:03 PM]

LFP6: Yes, I typed that out ahead of time and spliced it :P [6:04 PM]

jmf028: noticed that :D [6:04 PM]

jnicol: We are playing it by ear for now, lets see how you are able to organize, then we can set some more goals [6:04 PM]

LFP6: Cool [6:04 PM]

rhiju: LFP6 -- we'd love to have you as manager  semi-permanently; and if you later need to step down, we'll ask you to nominate someone else [6:05 PM]

hoglahoo: LFP6 you should rule over it as a benevolent dictator [6:05 PM]

hoglahoo: oh, rhiju overruled me. [6:05 PM]

jmf028: okay so back to my question, what did everyone agree on at the end of eternacon? [6:05 PM]

LFP6: lol [6:05 PM]

LFP6: I will  need that management seat to do my work though, at any rate [6:05 PM]

jmf028: I left at whether to go republic or democracy [6:05 PM]

LFP6: Ah [6:05 PM]

jnicol: was that your question LFP6? [6:05 PM]

space_miser: I volunteer to report broken getsat links toLFP6 [6:04 PM]

jnicol: very nice, thanks space [6:06 PM]

LFP6: @John My question was pretty much answered between you and Rhiju [6:06 PM]

rhiju: @space_miser, sweet. long live lfp6 as getsat king! [6:07 PM]

LFP6: @JMF We basically said keep the dev chats coming, organize volunteer working-groups that will report stuff to the devs, and then a news item/forum topic will be psoted for everyone to vote onfor decisions [6:07 PM]

rhiju: *dictator [6:07 PM]

jmf028: thanks LFP [6:07 PM]

rhiju: also, i think we have to set up survey monkey [6:07 PM]

jnicol: any concerns or questions from the players? [6:07 PM]

rhiju: so players can initiate polls [6:07 PM]

jmf028: kay [6:07 PM]

jmf028: I have question? [6:07 PM]

rhiju: and then show devs during dev chat what the people think [6:08 PM]

hoglahoo: will the forum be used as a maintained issue tracker from now on? [6:08 PM]

jmf028: when will the first poll start on getsat? [6:08 PM]

LFP6: I am also looking into perhaps finding a way to float announcements on the front page, or at least have them listed there somehow [6:08 PM]

LFP6: @Hog That's the plan. However we need devs to keep the statuses of issues updated [6:08 PM]

rhiju: @hoglahoo, yes, that was decided -- getsat will track issues. LFP6 is going to figure out how [6:08 PM]

LFP6: *Looks at devs* [6:08 PM]

LFP6: The forums have the capacity, however we will need the devs cooperation to actually use it as a management/communication tool [6:09 PM]

jnicol: @hog, if we are satisfied with the features on getsat, then yes [6:09 PM]

hoglahoo: so the devs will be waiting on lfp6 and lfp6 will be waiting on the devs. got it :) seriously though, that's great. have been wanting one for a long time [6:09 PM]

rhiju: @lfp6, what kind of announcements do you think should go form getsat to front page? [6:09 PM]

rhiju: *from [6:09 PM]

jnicol: well lfp6 and I are working pretty closely right now, I imagine it will stay that way :) [6:10 PM]

hoglahoo: right on [6:10 PM]

rhiju: @wuami, did you talk to hoglahoo and jmf about creating hogbots and jmfbots? [6:10 PM]

LFP6: @Rhiju I'm thinking that anything relevant to users that would be important to see, but they might not check announcements for. I'm thinking things like when we announce how we will categorize things, instructions for categorization, etc. [6:10 PM]

jnicol: jmfbot doesnt quite flow off your tongue [6:11 PM]

jmf028: jmfbots? [6:11 PM]

jmf028: JohnBot [6:11 PM]

hoglahoo: what would a johnbot do? [6:11 PM]

LFP6: Make more bots? :) [6:11 PM]

jmf028: same thing as a jmfbot [6:11 PM]

space_miser: Pajamabot sounds good [6:10 PM]

jayCampbell: @jnicol here to volunteer [6:11 PM]

jnicol: very good jay! [6:11 PM]

jmf028: pajamabot [6:11 PM]

jmf028: lol [6:11 PM]

hoglahoo: I have seen jayCampbell offering his services on several occasions here in chat [6:12 PM]

hoglahoo: (vouchbot) [6:12 PM]

jmf028: XD [6:12 PM]

jayCampbell: vouchbot++ [6:12 PM]

jnicol: and in a PM to me also, we shall put him to work [6:12 PM]

rhiju: @lfp6, agreed that those are really important. i think that if you compose a news post after your upcoming round of getsat awesomeness, you'll find that jnicol will get it out pretty quickly. [6:12 PM]

LFP6: :) [6:13 PM]

jmf028: I'm having trouble redirecting to getsat [6:13 PM]

rhiju: lol on the names of our new bot overlords [6:13 PM]

jnicol: yes, that has been reported [6:13 PM]

jmf028: kay I figured [6:13 PM]

LFP6: I was just thinking forum maintenance, it should be on the forum... maybe if we have a couple main posts that will always be applicable, they could just stay in the "Message from eterna" section [6:13 PM]

rhiju: @jmf you're not the only one. i get stuck in an endless loop [6:13 PM]

rhiju: does anyone have a fix? [6:13 PM]

LFP6: Use IE [6:13 PM]

jnicol: Myself and Vineet are looking into the redirect to getsat [6:14 PM]

rhiju: even vineet can't login to getsat [6:14 PM]

hoglahoo: huh. I did not go through a redirect [6:14 PM]

LFP6: It takes a while, but works [6:14 PM]

hoglahoo: as far as I could tell anyway [6:14 PM]

jmf028: LFP I waited for an hour already [6:14 PM]

LFP6: And if IE fails, try clearing your cache there, and it should [6:14 PM]

LFP6: @JMF On IE? [6:14 PM]

jmf028: nope [6:14 PM]

wuami: @rhiju, i will definitely do that.  would be cool to figure out the intuition-based parts of the process, e.g. when hog determines which "difficult" parts to start with [6:15 PM]

Nando: I can't access either [6:14 PM]

jmf028: on firefox [6:14 PM]

Nando: and IE is not an option on OSX I believe [6:14 PM]

LFP6: I'd suggest using IE for anyone who can, and clearing cache if there's an issue [6:15 PM]

jmf028: wuami, pm me about jmfbot, would love to help [6:15 PM]

LFP6: @Nando Right [6:15 PM]

jmf028: :D [6:15 PM]

space_miser: isn't iE soon to be unsupported [6:14 PM]

rhiju: whoa i just got in to getsat through firefox. [6:15 PM]

vineetkosaraju: I can definetly see the need for several channels and a revamped chat now [6:15 PM]

wuami: @jmf will do [6:15 PM]

jandersonlee: not working for me in CHrome on Windows7 [6:15 PM]

jmf028: really rhiju? [6:15 PM]

jmf028: I'll try again [6:15 PM]

LFP6: @space_miser Well, it will be Microsoft Edge with Windows 10 [6:15 PM]

hoglahoo: I use firefox as well [6:15 PM]

hoglahoo: and had no issue getting in [6:15 PM]

jmf028: nope [6:15 PM]

jmf028: still can't get it [6:15 PM]

jmf028: in* [6:15 PM]

rhiju: yes not kidding. i am in getsat. i think my firefox updated earlier today, might be related. [6:16 PM]

hoglahoo: wuami: a solving bot? [6:16 PM]

mat747: hi [6:16 PM]

rhiju: have you all seen nupackbot? [6:16 PM]

jmf028: hi mat [6:16 PM]

jayCampbell: didn't firefox drop flash? [6:16 PM]

rhiju: hi mat [6:16 PM]

jmf028: rhiju, no I havent [6:16 PM]

jandersonlee: nupackbot - no [6:16 PM]

jmf028: how is it functioning? [6:16 PM]

vineetkosaraju: the redirect/getsat login appears very flaky both across browsers and when clearing cache/history in one browser [6:16 PM]

mat747: hi jmf, rhiju [6:16 PM]

jayCampbell: the game's going to need to be rewritten in html5 some day [6:16 PM]

jnicol: It may have to do with having the same email on Eterna as in GetSat [6:16 PM]

rhiju: @jay oh yea that's weird. i can still chat, so maybe i didn't get that update. [6:16 PM]

rhiju: @jay want to do it? [6:17 PM]

jayCampbell: maybe [6:16 PM]

jandersonlee: firefox redicts - chrome not [6:17 PM]

jayCampbell: depends on the current codebase layout [6:17 PM]

vineetkosaraju: @jmf028 nupackbot: http://eterna.cmu.edu/web/player/216582/ [6:17 PM]

jmf028: NICE [6:17 PM]

jmf028: already 891 in rank [6:17 PM]

LFP6: @jay I think it was discussed by devs, but resources were/are not enough [6:17 PM]

jnicol: welcome Vineet and Mat [6:17 PM]

LFP6: To make it worth it [6:17 PM]

jmf028: did cody make nupackbot? [6:17 PM]

jnicol: and jandersonlee [6:17 PM]

rhiju: wuami made nupackbot [6:18 PM]

jmf028: ah okay, cool [6:18 PM]

rhiju: and its backed by an army of cores on a stanford supercomputer [6:18 PM]

mat747: hi john, vineet [6:18 PM]

vineetkosaraju: Jay, we completely agree, but we don't have the resources today :) Some day though, there will probably be instead of a flash eterna, some kind of html5 version. [6:18 PM]

jayCampbell: i'm a resource [6:18 PM]

rhiju: but it still has no chance of getting higher than humans. [6:18 PM]

hoglahoo: hmm. are there some nupackbot solutions floating around out there [6:18 PM]

jayCampbell: i wrote an esolang interpreter today from boredom [6:18 PM]

hoglahoo: for players to look at [6:18 PM]

vineetkosaraju: hiya mat [6:18 PM]

jmf028: well nupackbot should be better in labs when nupack is offered as a third model to use [6:19 PM]

wuami: nupackbot uses nupack's fold insteaad of vienna's so it still fails at a lot of things [6:19 PM]

wuami: also sucks at things with GU constraints [6:19 PM]

hoglahoo: ah, right. [6:19 PM]

rhiju: @jmf agreed [6:19 PM]

Nando: @jay: how do you port C code (folding engines) to HTML5? [6:19 PM]

wuami: but i was surprised when it got past rank 1000 :) [6:20 PM]

jmf028: yeah that's awesome wu, means its very similar to vienna [6:20 PM]

jayCampbell: how are those connected to the current flash? [6:20 PM]

jmf028: at least not TOO many differences [6:20 PM]

LFP6: @John To make sure we're on the same page, will you give me the management seat in GetSat after the dev chat? [6:20 PM]

vineetkosaraju: Nando, emscripten? or manually? the latter option seems like a pain and both will probably be slow/inefficient [6:20 PM]

Nando: @jay, Alchemy [6:20 PM]

Nando: emscripten isn't a walk in the park either vineet [6:20 PM]

jayCampbell: alternate answer: server farm [6:20 PM]

rhiju: @lfp6 am trying to set you up now [6:21 PM]

Nando: unless they tremendously improved in the past year [6:21 PM]

vineetkosaraju: we could also experiment with chrome's native API? [6:21 PM]

jnicol: LFP6, I didnt see a management seat option, but will look further after the chat [6:21 PM]

jmf028: just thought of something [6:21 PM]

Nando: @jay: not really scalable, and where are the funds? [6:21 PM]

LFP6: Thanks John... I know it must exist based on what I've seen listed on GetSat's website [6:21 PM]

jayCampbell: how complicated are the folding algorithms? [6:21 PM]

jmf028: could it be I have an older version of flash, and that's why firefox can't redirect? [6:21 PM]

Nando: extremely complicated [6:21 PM]

LFP6: @Rhiju: Oh, thanks [6:21 PM]

vineetkosaraju: Nando I also heard of asm.js, think it is similar to emscripten [6:22 PM]

jayCampbell: webassembly is the new hotness [6:22 PM]

Nando: I'm looking at my next task right now, and I feel like I have to build New Horizons and shoot it to Pluto with a one-man team: me [6:22 PM]

hoglahoo: outsource it to the europeans [6:22 PM]

hoglahoo: oh wait [6:23 PM]

Brourd: So you are suspecting it shall take 10 years then? [6:23 PM]

Nando: @vineet, yeah, quite similar, though I didn't try it personally [6:23 PM]

jayCampbell: how can i help in the shorter term, game improvements or web site stuff [6:23 PM]

jmf028: has flash came out with a new update yet? I heard something from Jieux about it, but I just want to be sure before I reupgrade [6:24 PM]

Nando: web site stuff would be nice, I guess [6:24 PM]

rhiju: @lfp6 wait i actually can't get you set up. getsat isasking me to login again (to do admin stuff), and then i get stuck in redirect.php [6:24 PM]

Nando: John? [6:24 PM]

jnicol: yes [6:24 PM]

Nando: anything we could outsource? [6:24 PM]

Jieux: Did I hear my name called? [6:24 PM]

hoglahoo: @jmf028, latest is Version I think [6:24 PM]

Nando: hey Jieux [6:24 PM]

jmf028: thanks hog, and yeah that's the problem one [6:25 PM]

jnicol: nothing in mind, but I'm sure we will think of something for jay [6:25 PM]

LFP6: @Jay I think that you're jumping on something that is actually a little more complicated than you realize... There was a plan to get players to help with development quite a while ago, but Nando is the only one so far. [6:25 PM]

Jieux: The new flash works just fine... for a while... then it goes back to being laggy... no idea why it would do that. [6:25 PM]

Jieux: Heya Nando. J2, Everyone... [6:25 PM]

jmf028: hi Jieux [6:25 PM]

jmf028: .209 isn't new, its the one that had the problems in the first place [6:25 PM]

jnicol: Hi Jieux [6:25 PM]

LFP6: To my knowledge, ther are at least a couple people interested (or maybe just me?), however waiting on the dev team for whatever it is to be set up before that can happen [6:25 PM]

Nando: @Jieux: Adobe acknowledged the problem and they're working on a fix [6:26 PM]

Nando: they say it will come "shortly"... [6:26 PM]

rhiju: @jay there's a lot if you're interested.  [6:26 PM]

jmf028: lol nando, that could mean anything [6:26 PM]

Jieux: yes.. what I'm saying is blah blah.209 works better... but eventually gets laggy again on bigger puzzles... [6:26 PM]

Nando: my reaction as well, jmf ;) [6:26 PM]

LFP6: @Rhiju: I think we have a few players interested in player development, I thought that that whole movement was in hiatus? [6:26 PM]

jayCampbell: i just need keys and a clipboard [6:26 PM]

rhiju: =) [6:27 PM]

jmf028: jay, you need to go through the hazing process [6:27 PM]

jayCampbell: but where will we find rubber pants our size [6:27 PM]

Hyphema: ignore me if this has nothing to do with the current flash issue players are having.  http://www.msn.com/en-us/money/technologyinvesting/google-mozilla-disable-flash-over-security-concerns/ar-AAcYOLl?ocid=ansmarketwatch11 [6:27 PM]

jmf028: lol [6:27 PM]

rhiju: let me bring it up with nando at dev meeting on friday. i didn't realize there might interest from more players with coding chops. [6:27 PM]

jmf028: hi hyph [6:27 PM]

LFP6: lol Hyph [6:27 PM]

jayCampbell: right on [6:27 PM]

LFP6: @Rhiju: Thanks, was curious about the holdup being so long, though it is understandable [6:28 PM]

Nando: @hyph, this is something different, but yeah, Adobe's been taking heat from many sides lately [6:28 PM]

rhiju: @nando and @jnicol, if you've got lists of your backlogs,  please send to me  via slack [6:28 PM]

jandersonlee: I think that's why the comment that things will need to be redone in HTML5 [6:28 PM]

jayCampbell: flash is on its way out, the death knoll was way back when they couldn't get on mobile [6:28 PM]

rhiju: for upcoming eterna-medicine initiatives, i think there are a bunch of frontend things that we could use help on, but i'd want to prioritize [6:29 PM]

LFP6: Yes yes [6:29 PM]

LFP6: @Jay [6:29 PM]

jayCampbell: javascript's JIT may be fast enough to handle folding [6:29 PM]

jmf028: if anything, we need to start on html5 RIGHT NOW [6:29 PM]

Nando: @rhiju: understood, will do [6:29 PM]

jmf028: I assume the process of change will take awhile [6:29 PM]

Hyphema: what is your order of priority Rhiju? [6:29 PM]

jmf028: and jay, you said you are well versed in html5? [6:29 PM]

jayCampbell: yerp [6:30 PM]

LFP6: And if HTML5 happens, the Unity mobile project should probably die, and instead there should be a mobile version of the site and game (should happen anyhow) [6:30 PM]

jmf028: awesome [6:30 PM]

jmf028: mobile is hard tho, lfp [6:30 PM]

LFP6: Well, Unity mobile is kinda already done at this point, but... [6:30 PM]

jmf028: you would need small fingers [6:30 PM]

jayCampbell: tablet [6:30 PM]

jmf028: yes tablet you are right [6:31 PM]

hoglahoo: I played mike's version on tablet [6:31 PM]

hoglahoo: it still required small fingers [6:31 PM]

rhiju: on moving to html5, the issue is wrapping c++ code -- look, if anyone can wrap viennafold 2 or nupack (both publically availabe) into html5 and demonstrate a <10x slowdown compared to the compiled code, then we'll plan the freaking port. [6:31 PM]

jayCampbell: challenge accepted maybe [6:31 PM]

LFP6: Wait... Is the energy model C, or C++? [6:31 PM]

rhiju: @wuami, can yo post a link to your bench results?  [6:31 PM]

Nando: most engines are C, but the problem is the same, whether C or C++ [6:32 PM]

LFP6: Right [6:32 PM]

jayCampbell: c's not hard to port [6:32 PM]

Nando: depends on the C code [6:33 PM]

vineetkosaraju: asm.js is supposedly 2x slower than native, faster than manual javascript port, maybe try that? [6:33 PM]

vineetkosaraju: that should hopefully fit the requirements, atleast for smaller puzzles and for now [6:33 PM]

wuami: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3us6x0rfwwnu3vb/viennafold_runtime.pdf?dl=0 [6:33 PM]

rhiju: @hoglahoo, for mobile, we'd need an alternative way to address the nucleotides than clicking -- maybe a dial that moves nt to nt when you turn it.  or something. we haven't tried that yet. [6:34 PM]

jayCampbell: what is that, somebody did a js port and it's slow? [6:34 PM]

wuami: where js is jnicol's javascript implemenation, c is c, es is eternascript [6:34 PM]

jnicol: www.amelior.com/bot.html [6:34 PM]

LFP6: Has there been any discussion about creating a mobile version of the website? [6:35 PM]

Jieux: yea, so my flash just crashed again... so I would not reccomend the new version.. it is better than blahblah.203 though. [6:35 PM]

rhiju: wow this is one of the best dev chats in living memory [6:35 PM]

jmf028: best comment ever [6:35 PM]

jayCampbell: i take credit [6:35 PM]

LFP6: I feel that that could help in making a cleaner interface for the main site too, when finding where the clutter is for mobile [6:35 PM]

rhiju: :) [6:35 PM]

jayCampbell: let's get a forum thread going about html5 [6:35 PM]

rhiju: hell yea [6:35 PM]

jmf028: I agree jay [6:35 PM]

LFP6: Yup [6:35 PM]

jmf028: problem is trying to redirect to forum XD [6:36 PM]

jnicol: http://amelior.com/js/vienna185.js [6:36 PM]

hoglahoo: rhiju chat in general has been a bit rejuvenated compared to recent activity since eternacon [6:36 PM]

LFP6: Maybe this is when EteRNA goes open source? Or probably a bad idea. :P [6:36 PM]

LFP6: @Hoglahoo I think we're all seeing a lot of promise [6:36 PM]

LFP6: And really want to move forwards [6:36 PM]

wuami: kind of overwhelming for one's ~3rd time in chat... [6:37 PM]

rhiju: will discuss what do in terms of open source (or not) in dev meeting -- suggestions welcome [6:37 PM]

jmf028: in terms of mobile port, I would say using the wheel is kind of a cool idea [6:37 PM]

jmf028: plus remember, machinelves likes circles :P [6:37 PM]

jayCampbell: i do mobile too http://clock.in [6:37 PM]

Hyphema: has any comments been made about the eternacon?  i missed the first 20mins [6:37 PM]

rhiju: @jmf i noticed in your demo that you clicked a,c,g,u instead of using hotkeys -- is that you normally roll or was that an issue with being on a mac [6:37 PM]

jmf028: no I use hotkeys too [6:38 PM]

jmf028: mostly I just like mice better [6:38 PM]

Jieux: I think getting EteRNA on the apple watch is of critical importance... apple watch sales are down... if we can boost sales folks will flood to eterna like crushed candy. [6:38 PM]

jandersonlee: and burn peoples wrists [6:38 PM]

rhiju: lol [6:38 PM]

Nando: lol :D [6:38 PM]

jmf028: or like candy crush [6:38 PM]

jmf028: anybody think setting up an interview with neil degrasse tyson is doable? [6:39 PM]

rhiju: or colbert  [6:39 PM]

jmf028: lol [6:39 PM]

Nando: or both [6:39 PM]

jmf028: he would make fun of it [6:39 PM]

rhiju: that was actually an option we were exploring a while back (colbert) [6:40 PM]

rhiju: @jmf that's what i thought. [6:40 PM]

jmf028: what made it not happen? [6:40 PM]

jmf028: oh [6:40 PM]

jmf028: not always bad, but you never know [6:40 PM]

rhiju: wait, you mean tyson would make fun of it?  [6:40 PM]

jmf028: lol no [6:40 PM]

jmf028: colbert would [6:40 PM]

Jieux: any more than we make fun of it? [6:41 PM]

rhiju: cuz that would be great. like how he said the movie gravity was misnamed and should be 'angular momentum' [6:41 PM]

hoglahoo: at least his jokes about it would be funny [6:41 PM]

jmf028: haha didn't hear that one [6:41 PM]

rhiju: yea, although apparently he was serious about that. [6:41 PM]

Hyphema: lol rhiju.  thats funny [6:41 PM]

rhiju: which made it funnier [6:41 PM]

rhiju: hey there's another cult figure coming to meet eterna in two weeks. [6:42 PM]

jandersonlee: the Pope? [6:42 PM]

jmf028: no I like colbert, I just think starting out with eterna being joked about might not be the right approach [6:42 PM]

rhiju: i can't reveal who (and unfortunately i won't be in town to meet this person -- adrien will) [6:42 PM]

hoglahoo: lol [6:42 PM]

rhiju: will take 10 more guesses. if anyone guesses, i will commmision a special badge with this person's face on it [6:43 PM]

hoglahoo: cult figure... [6:43 PM]

jmf028: morgan freeman [6:43 PM]

Hyphema: challenge!! [6:43 PM]

rhiju: no [6:43 PM]

space_miser: @rhiju I have a question [6:42 PM]

hoglahoo: bruce campbell [6:43 PM]

wuami: does niles pierce qualify as a cult figure? [6:43 PM]

Hyphema: can we play twenty quetsions to figure the persone out? [6:43 PM]

Nando: Bill Nye [6:43 PM]

rhiju: no niles pierce does not qualify. sigh. [6:43 PM]

Hyphema: actor or scholar? [6:43 PM]

Jieux: Is it Led Zeppelin? the drummer is coming there to sign the licensing for the video. [6:43 PM]

rhiju: nope [6:43 PM]

rhiju: 5 questions [6:44 PM]

jmf028: hmm [6:44 PM]

rhiju: @jieux, lol [6:44 PM]

space_miser: Is player recruiting a priority? [6:43 PM]

hoglahoo: jee? [6:44 PM]

LFP6: @Jx lol [6:44 PM]

LFP6: Hehe [6:44 PM]

jmf028: Carl Sagan? [6:44 PM]

rhiju: john bonham rising from the grave to save eternacon's youtube streamjohn  [6:44 PM]

rhiju: look everyone, not someone dead. [6:45 PM]

rhiju: i wish [6:45 PM]

jandersonlee: Alan Alda! [6:45 PM]

rhiju: *stream (not streamjohn) [6:45 PM]

jmf028: lol streamjohn [6:45 PM]

hoglahoo: michael jordan [6:45 PM]

rhiju: is alan alda a cult figure? [6:45 PM]

hoglahoo: oh yeah cult [6:45 PM]

jandersonlee: cult science [6:45 PM]

hoglahoo: I guess I don't know of many cults [6:45 PM]

Hyphema: stephen hawking? [6:46 PM]

hoglahoo: l ron hubbard? [6:46 PM]

jmf028: cult figure [6:46 PM]

hoglahoo: no wait I think he died [6:46 PM]

jmf028: is it charles manson, he's a cult figure [6:46 PM]

Brourd: No, he moved on to another plane of existence, hoglahoo. [6:46 PM]

hoglahoo: mhmm [6:46 PM]

Jieux: Don Trump?  He can swing by after his tour of mexico. [6:46 PM]

jmf028: hope its not trump, that guy scares me [6:46 PM]

rhiju: @hyph no  [6:47 PM]

jandersonlee: He's only doing Tex-Mex [6:47 PM]

Hyphema: arnold swartz....r [6:47 PM]

jmf028: lol hyph even the first part is spelled wrong [6:47 PM]

rhiju: ok that's ten -- will reveal in 2 weeks.  [6:47 PM]

jmf028: awwww [6:47 PM]

jandersonlee: ;) [6:47 PM]

jmf028: okay [6:47 PM]

rhiju: the person is from europe. register your guesses in a getsat post and we'll reveal the lucky winnder at the end of july. [6:48 PM]

Hyphema: good that hawking isnt the person.  he would totally slow down the chat [6:48 PM]

Hyphema: ; D [6:48 PM]

rhiju: @space_miser i missed your question [6:48 PM]

jmf028: XD [6:48 PM]

hoglahoo: boo [6:48 PM]

jayCampbell: GET TO DA RNA CHOPPER 🚁  [6:48 PM]

Brourd: Nice [6:49 PM]

mat747: rhiju - "space_miser: Is player recruiting a priority? " [6:49 PM]

space_miser: is player recruiting a priority? [6:47 PM]

jmf028: europe, don't tell me it's eli fisker [6:49 PM]

LFP6: lol [6:49 PM]

jandersonlee: Da Mayor? [6:49 PM]

jmf028: haha j [6:49 PM]

Brourd: It's too late, jmf028. Your chance for a badge is up. [6:50 PM]

jmf028: oh I'm not doing it for the badge [6:50 PM]

jmf028: I'm just badgering [6:50 PM]

jandersonlee: unless you post to getsat - which means getting logged in [6:50 PM]

jayCampbell: 🌟 bring your own badge [6:50 PM]

rhiju: @space_miser it will be a priority when we launch eterna-medicine [6:50 PM]

jmf028: badges, we don't need no stinkin badges [6:50 PM]

jandersonlee: don't need no s** badges [6:50 PM]

jmf028: jinx [6:50 PM]

Brourd: Are we going to call Eterna medicine 3terna? [6:51 PM]

rhiju: we've got do so some major site fixups before that.  [6:50 PM]

LFP6: Is eterna-medicine eterna cell, and we jsut haven't ehard the term? [6:50 PM]

rhiju: :) you'll see [6:50 PM]

jmf028: 3terna [6:51 PM]

rhiju: i want to keep some of it under wraps until we've nailed down the puzzles [6:51 PM]

jmf028: awesome name [6:51 PM]

LFP6: @Rhiju Well, if you're talking overhall I think that you'll want to keep good player contribution [6:51 PM]

rhiju: as if eteRNA wasn't esoteric enough [6:51 PM]

LFP6: As we talked at EteRNACon [6:51 PM]

Jieux: Gotta go... fun to be here for one of these chats, even if it was only for 10 mintues...  [6:51 PM]

jmf028: bye jieux [6:51 PM]

rhiju: @lfp6 totally agreed. if only adobe, google, getsat, and mozilla weren't conspiring against us this week [6:51 PM]

vineetkosaraju: cya J [6:51 PM]

jmf028: what is google doing bad? [6:52 PM]

rhiju: bye jieux. forgot -- wuami needs to interview you to make a jieuxbot. that's important. [6:52 PM]

LFP6: Lots of promise, but we should try to keep many brains on it to make sure we're going in the right direction, and that al the things that we've been wanting, that would mean huge improvement, don't get overlooked [6:52 PM]

rhiju: i can't use chrome to play eterna or get to getsat. :P [6:52 PM]

jmf028: oh [6:52 PM]

jmf028: makes sense [6:52 PM]

LFP6: Btw, will just throw this out, as my dad and I have been talking about it [6:53 PM]

jmf028: well im going too. remember wuami, just shoot me a pm about the bot and I'll get to it ASAP [6:54 PM]

hoglahoo: jieuxbot [6:54 PM]

jmf028: bye all [6:54 PM]

LFP6: Perhaps think about doing an Scripting/EteRNA API speedup? [6:54 PM]

hoglahoo: bye jmf [6:54 PM]

mat747: rhiju - what about Hyphema question from before ": what is your order of priority Rhiju? [7:59 AM]" ? [6:54 PM]

LFP6: And cleanup [6:54 PM]

rhiju: @lfp6 how? [6:54 PM]

LFP6: Well, everything is client side and requires either ajax or xmlhttpget for every single thing you're looking at [6:54 PM]

LFP6: For example [6:54 PM]

LFP6: If it takes me 2 seconds to look at the data of one puzzle [6:55 PM]

LFP6: And we have 6+ million puzzles [6:55 PM]

rhiju: @mat747 i can't find that hyphema comment -- what was the context? [6:55 PM]

LFP6: (Both are real data) [6:55 PM]

LFP6: It takes a huge amount of time to get all the info from EteRNA [6:55 PM]

rhiju: we do not have 6+ million puzzles. get out of here. [6:55 PM]

LFP6: We do!As opposed to either [6:55 PM]

LFP6: At least [6:55 PM]

LFP6: The IDs are that high [6:56 PM]

Nando: @lfp: who wants that data and for what purpose? [6:56 PM]

LFP6: If I want to run analysis on the solutions players give to the puzzles in EteRNA [6:56 PM]

rhiju: yes, there are other ways to get that data. (creepy music) [6:56 PM]

LFP6: I have to go over the web API and run the script on my machine [6:56 PM]

Nando: @lfp: the 6 million includes everything: puzzles, solutions, labs, scripts, comments, etc [6:56 PM]

hoglahoo: I like jovial rhiju [6:56 PM]

Nando: we don't have 6 million puzzles [6:57 PM]

LFP6: @Nando: Really..... >.< [6:57 PM]

Hyphema: @ rhiju, you said hiju: for upcoming eterna-medicine initiatives, i think there are a bunch of frontend things that we could use help on, but i'd want to prioritize [6:29 PM] [6:57 PM]

Hyphema: and i asked what order? [6:57 PM]

Brourd: 6 million database entries. nice. [6:58 PM]

jayCampbell: 🎸 http://arc.applause.com/2015/07/14/flash-vulnerability-html5-replacement/ [6:57 PM]

rhiju: @hyphema -- i meant prioritize what items might be good for volunteer player devs. and what items are most necessary for eterna-medicine. [6:57 PM]

LFP6: But at any rate, it would be (in theory) more efficient to run scripts on the server, and do a more complex database query, than loading tons of queries into the script running on my machine [6:58 PM]

rhiju: it will actually help to have voting/surveys on getsat/surveymonkey [6:58 PM]

rhiju: for priority setting i mean [6:58 PM]

vineetkosaraju: LFP, from my understanding most of the time for the scripts is spent on querying the api for the puzzle info.. that will be the same time regardless [6:59 PM]

rhiju: i was just looking at the list of guesses for the guest visiting eterna, and they're all dead or very old white males. what is up with that. [6:59 PM]

vineetkosaraju: the api just does those complex database queries [6:59 PM]

LFP6: @Vineet Right... [6:59 PM]

jandersonlee: madonna likes RNA? [7:00 PM]

Nando: @JL: rofl [7:00 PM]

jandersonlee: or J-LO? [7:00 PM]

rhiju: ok everyone, i need to go.  (no on madonna or j-lo. also i did say european.) [7:00 PM]

LFP6: However, if I want to, say, add up all of the scores of the synthesized labs [7:00 PM]

LFP6: I need to return every lab independantly [7:01 PM]

mat747: bye rhiju [7:01 PM]

LFP6: Where I really just want a list of all the scores [7:01 PM]

Nando: bye rhiju [7:01 PM]

LFP6: And don't even care about the sequence [7:01 PM]

space_miser: thanks rhiju [7:00 PM]

jayCampbell: 🎸 we are living, in an rna world [7:01 PM]

Brourd: Later, rhiju. [7:02 PM]

LFP6: And neither do I want to load each lab seperately [7:01 PM]

Hyphema: did we ever chat about the meeting and how to improve it? [7:01 PM]

LFP6: Later Rhiju [7:01 PM]

rhiju: bye! thanks everyone for coming today [7:01 PM]

jandersonlee: thanks for stopping by Rhiju [7:01 PM]

hoglahoo: bye [7:01 PM]

Hyphema: cya Rhiju [7:01 PM]

LFP6: @Hyph: Nope. We got excited and went with it :) [7:02 PM]

rhiju: @hyphema, how about making that the first thread on the LFP6-supercharged getsat [7:02 PM]

Nando: @lfp: what is a list of scores good for? [7:02 PM]

rhiju: bye everyone [7:02 PM]

jnicol: Thanks for a great Eternacon followup chat everyone! [7:02 PM]

mat747: john - thanks [7:03 PM]