2016.07.08 Community Chat

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Jennifer Pearl: there was talk of an Eterna shirt. I think I will do that [2:59 PM]
whbob: Something that all players might want. [2:59 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: yep [2:59 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: makes sense [2:59 PM]
whbob: TB or not TB? I don't see the puzzle.   [3:00 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: that is the question [3:00 PM]
whbob: ha ha [3:00 PM]
LFP6: Hey all [3:01 PM]
whbob: hi lfp6 [3:01 PM]
LFP6: I've heard down the grape vine that there's good work being made on getting them to launch, but I suppose there was a delay [3:02 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: i just looked they are there [3:02 PM]
LFP6: So they are! [3:02 PM]
LFP6: Site just hasn't been updated yet then [3:02 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: i have to run [3:03 PM]
LFP6: Btw Jen, would be interested in a shirt too [3:03 PM]
LFP6: *I would [3:03 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: @LFP6 can you present a little of what we have been planning for Eternacon to the group. I think today is community chat [3:03 PM]
LFP6: Have a good one :) [3:03 PM]
whbob: @ jen: Don't work too hard :) [3:03 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: I always do :-) [3:04 PM]
LFP6: Yeah, sure [3:04 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: thanks [3:04 PM]
LFP6: And today is indeed community (though most of them are, seemingly due to the fact that participation has been so low) [3:05 PM]
LFP6: Used to be a big thing! [3:05 PM]
LFP6: Anyhow [3:05 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: ive been unableto attend as well so maybe no one has been really leading them lately? not sure [3:05 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: afk [3:05 PM]
LFP6: Well, I mean regular dev chats [3:05 PM]
LFP6: But anyhow [3:05 PM]
LFP6: So, we've been having some discussions about the last session [3:06 PM]
LFP6: It was supposed to be a player tools session, then a feature request session [3:06 PM]
LFP6: ?And we've transitioned to "Player Empowerment and Future Vision" [3:08 PM]
LFP6: Rhiju & the dev team are looking to see what players would be willing and able to do, and as we discussed this, we realized that this could have a significant impact on Eterna's future [3:09 PM]
whbob: Interesting.   [3:10 PM]
LFP6: They're looking to push open source contribution, but with that we also need to look at where Eterna is headed [3:11 PM]
whbob: Is medicine (TB) still in our future? [3:12 PM]
LFP6: As more people come to help work on Eterna, it would be more helpful to have some goals set up so we can make significant progress (without planning, we could be contributing to a broken model) [3:12 PM]
LFP6: @whbob Yes, of course [3:12 PM]
LFP6: This is speaking less to the application of Eterna and more to the "software" itself [3:12 PM]
LFP6: So we're going to start with talking about what players have done up until this point and the current oppertunities for players [3:13 PM]
whbob: I see. Yes, without a sound structure  as a foundation you can't support growth. [3:13 PM]
LFP6: Then transition on to existing problems with Eterna and needed enhancements [3:14 PM]
LFP6: For example, one thing we've discussed quite a bit while working through this is gamification and incentives, and how there currently isn't a good incentive structure (ie scoring) [3:14 PM]
LFP6: Plus improvements to the community as discussed last week, and the ever-present desire to move away from Flash and on to mobile devices [3:15 PM]
LFP6: Those would probably be the big-ticket items, but we'll looking for any feedback during the session, from large structural changes that are needed to individual features and enhancements [3:16 PM]
whbob: Social media and smart phones.  They're everywhere :) [3:17 PM]
LFP6: Wrapping up, we'll be looking at what is neede for increased palyer contribution to help with these things [3:17 PM]
saili6: Hi! [3:17 PM]
LFP6: What infrastructure is needed for an open source project? What utilities are needed for better player tools? [3:17 PM]
LFP6: And so forth [3:17 PM]
LFP6: And that's the essence of the session we've been planning [3:18 PM]
whbob: Sounds like more than an hour or two of talks. [3:19 PM]
LFP6: Well, the first two points shouldn't take a lot of time, it should be more or less an overview [3:20 PM]
LFP6: But as for the rest of it, yeah [3:21 PM]
LFP6: That's some of why we've been discussing some of these points ahead of time, so we can keep the discussion moving [3:21 PM]
whbob: Hi Saili6.  How have you found eterna to be as a newer player? [3:22 PM]
LFP6: And this will probably won't be the be all, end all. We're starting a longer discussion, but hopefully nailing down some of the most critical pieces [3:22 PM]
LFP6: (To some degree) [3:22 PM]
whbob: We have been playing with there ratio oligo's for several months now.  It will be a relief to get some data soon. [3:25 PM]
whbob: I like Omei's data browser [3:26 PM]
LFP6: Yes, that has been a great addition [3:26 PM]
whbob: How are you doing with chat communications?  rhiju mentioned that you were working on something? [3:26 PM]
LFP6: I had put together a chat client in HTML [3:27 PM]
whbob: Cool.  does it use web sockets? [3:27 PM]
LFP6: Haven't touched it since, as it's operational to the point of compatibility with the current one you're using now [3:27 PM]
LFP6: Yes, it uses web sockets, communicating with a Node.js gateway/bouncer [3:27 PM]
whbob: Great.  I've read about that stuff, but understand very little. [3:28 PM]
LFP6: It actually uses socket.io [3:29 PM]
LFP6: Which makes it quite easy [3:29 PM]
whbob: If we use our own open source software will  we  be able to use the present servers that I assume are with Stanford U? [3:31 PM]
LFP6: That's the idea [3:32 PM]
LFP6: Everything will be as it is now, but the source available for anyone to work with [3:32 PM]
LFP6: "Everything" being whatever is released :P [3:32 PM]
whbob: That would be better than depending upon an outside server. [3:32 PM]
LFP6: Not all the code will necessarily be available [3:32 PM]
LFP6: Why would it be dependant on an outside server? [3:33 PM]
whbob: Understand. [3:33 PM]
whbob: Not that it would.  I was wondering if we might use other OEM stuff that would require other servers to be used. [3:34 PM]
LFP6: Couldn't tell you [3:34 PM]
LFP6: I'd need an example [3:34 PM]
whbob: ZOne web socket chat paper I read about required the users to use a 3rd party server I think. [3:35 PM]
whbob: *one [3:35 PM]
LFP6: Well, you can't connect to Eterna's IRC server directly with WebSockets [3:36 PM]
LFP6: THat's where the gateway comes in [3:36 PM]
LFP6: But the gateway would be run on Eterna's servers [3:36 PM]
whbob: I've seen a lot of player papers on google doc's which are not on an eterna server, correct? [3:38 PM]
LFP6: That's correct [3:38 PM]
LFP6: Because of the fact that Eterna' doesn't have anything that works as well as Google Docs does [3:39 PM]
whbob: That's OK for the players, but eterna as a group could use a place on their own server for documents some day I would think. [3:40 PM]
LFP6: There has been discussion about integrating with 3rd party services now that you mention it (ie last week when we discussed integration with Slack), but it really depends on what's needed/wanted/decided [3:40 PM]
LFP6: It's not really so much about storing it on Eterna's server is the thing [3:40 PM]
whbob: Sure, lot's to think about. [3:40 PM]
LFP6: It's having a tool that can be used that's as good as Docs is [3:40 PM]
whbob: I mentioned a piece of software that worked like Slack on GatSat.  It is open source and could be run on "our" server [3:42 PM]
LFP6: Yeah, I noticed that [3:42 PM]
LFP6: Looks neat [3:42 PM]
whbob: Might be [3:43 PM]
whbob: Any new players here?  [3:44 PM]
whbob: It would be good to heasr how you are finding the game experience?. [3:45 PM]
whbob: *hear [3:46 PM]
whbob: Bet there would be more response if this could be on mobile:) [3:48 PM]
LFP6: Hehe [3:48 PM]
LFP6: I think it can get there [3:48 PM]
LFP6: WIll just take some time and work [3:48 PM]
MasterStormer: hi [3:49 PM]
whbob: I never understood how flash worked so I can't imagine how it could port to HTML5 video. [3:49 PM]
whbob: Hi Master [3:49 PM]
MasterStormer: ooh new labs are on! [3:50 PM]
whbob: Everyones saying that and my home page doesn't have it :( Time to refress. [3:51 PM]
MasterStormer: what does the Ro and RI mean? [3:51 PM]
whbob: Reporter in and reporter out. [3:51 PM]
whbob: I said that backwards:) [3:52 PM]
LFP6: @Whbob: It's not on the gomepage yet [3:52 PM]
LFP6: *homepage [3:52 PM]
MasterStormer: also, could you explain what does the reporter, and A,B,C, and ?the RNA we design mean in real life? [3:52 PM]
MasterStormer: it is [3:52 PM]
LFP6: And HTMl5 video isn't quite it... It would most likely be SVG based [3:52 PM]
whbob: @ lfp6: I didn't know SVG could be in an HTML page. That's how bad I am at this stuff.  [3:54 PM]
LFP6: Yep! You'd generally use an SVG or a canvas for full-on apps like this [3:55 PM]
LFP6: Canvas is bitmap, and more for pixel-level controll which Eterna doesn't need [3:55 PM]
LFP6: From what I've seen [3:55 PM]
whbob: @ master: the 3 TB oilgo's are present in certain ratio's in blood of infected humans. [3:56 PM]
whbob: We are trying to detect not just that the oligo's are present but that they are in the correct ratio's to suggest an infected human. [3:57 PM]
whbob: Our sequences submitted to the lab will each be tested to see if they can detect those ratios.   [3:58 PM]
whbob: @ lfp6: so what is SVG vector graphics? [3:59 PM]
LFP6: Yep [3:59 PM]
whbob: Now I'm starting to understand. Thanks :) [4:00 PM]
LFP6: Support in browsers has improved to the point where it's viable [4:00 PM]
LFP6: 5 or so years ago, not so much [4:00 PM]
LFP6: The nice thing about SVGs is that you can interact with the SVG through the DOM [4:00 PM]
whbob: So somehow if you have a graphic of a base you can tell it to go from there to here without having to ask all the bits to shift like a bitmap? [4:04 PM]
LFP6: Yep [4:04 PM]
whbob: Cool [4:04 PM]
LFP6: And you don't have the nasty pixelation issue when scaling it [4:04 PM]
LFP6: Because it's vector, it just works natively [4:04 PM]
whbob: vector magic :) [4:05 PM]
whbob: Well, I hope all of you who attend eternacon have a wonderful meeting and travel safe :)  afk [4:08 PM]