2017.12.01 Dev Chat

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rhiju: hi everyone [3:01 PM]

lroppy: hi LFP [3:01 PM]

Jieux: Well, then good afternoon friends! [3:01 PM]

lroppy: hi rhiju [3:01 PM]

worseize: hi [3:01 PM]

rhiju: great to see so many folks [3:01 PM]

rhiju: i'm just bringing up the 'agenda' [3:02 PM]

MasterStormer: hi [3:02 PM]

Omei: Hi all. [3:02 PM]

rhiju: http://www.eternagame.org/web/blog/8456572/ [3:02 PM]

lroppy: need to jump back to work - will try to return [3:03 PM]

rhiju: 4 things to discuss there [3:03 PM]

rhiju: ok lroppy see you in a bit [3:03 PM]

MasterStormer: bye Lro [3:03 PM]

rhiju: first, New science, strategies, and players on openCRISPR [3:03 PM]

rhiju: holy moly congrats everyone [3:03 PM]

rhiju: >90,000 solutions! [3:03 PM]

worseize: almost 100k  [3:04 PM]

rhiju: we weren't sure it would happen [3:04 PM]

rhiju: but somehow everytime there's a big new challenge to the community [3:04 PM]

rhiju: the community steps up [3:04 PM]

spvincent: what criteria are you going to use to prune them? [3:05 PM]

Jieux: All who submitted should all get a CRISPR lab badge. [3:05 PM]

rhiju: in this case, it was very cool to see player developers do so much [3:05 PM]

rhiju: @jieux yes we're working on that. [3:05 PM]

rhiju: we actually have the badges ready [3:05 PM]

Jieux: there should be a special door prize for the 90,000th submission :) [3:05 PM]

Jieux: <----- [3:05 PM]

rhiju: but are working on an upgrade to the server code before deploying [3:06 PM]

rhiju: door prize. ha! [3:06 PM]

whbob: Hi everyone [3:06 PM]

cynwulf28: Hello All [3:06 PM]

rhiju: @spvincent for synthesis we will do what we did in the past [3:06 PM]

rhiju: we expect to be able to synthesize nearly all solutions from players who stayed under quota; for a few players who went way above we may need to postpone their syntheses to future rounds of openCRISPR [3:07 PM]

rhiju: we'll be reviewing over the next weeks or so [3:07 PM]

Jieux: The quota was 150/lab, there was no going over. [3:08 PM]

MasterStormer: when do you think the synthesis will be available? [3:08 PM]

MasterStormer: yeah, you literally couldn't submit above 150 [3:08 PM]

LFP6: I feel like I saw one or two people getting in extra submissions somehow when I looked at the data [3:08 PM]

LFP6: I need to double check that though [3:08 PM]

Jieux: in the lab description also, it said 94,000... I'll cut and paste that... one second. [3:09 PM]

rhiju: @jieux we allowed some 'bots' to submit more.  [3:09 PM]

Jieux: We're hoping to get up to 94,000 solutions. If we get that many, we are committing to testing all the RNAs in our experimental pipeline in 2018.  [3:09 PM]

rhiju: when we weren't exactly sure whether we would meet the cap. [3:09 PM]

rhiju: of course there was the big surge at the end. [3:09 PM]

cynwulf28: That may be a result of earlier entries when the labs were still assuming their final form [3:09 PM]

Jieux: I remember when Vinnie got special priviliges. [3:09 PM]

rhiju: @jieux right. [3:09 PM]

rhiju: i will also be talking to the synthesis company to see if they can make all 94k [3:09 PM]

rhiju: or ideally a few more even so that we could get more bot solutions (which i suspect will not be as informative as player solutions, but we like having them as a baseline) [3:10 PM]

rhiju: so stay tuned on that [3:10 PM]

rhiju: it was very nice to see the deployment of player-developed boosters  [3:10 PM]

cynwulf28: lol, I went out of my way to include a few anti-solutions just to balance out the data [3:10 PM]

rhiju: and the takeup by players. congrats to everyone here who made that happen [3:11 PM]

worseize: CRISPR . Is it gives a way to make pills or drugs or same as OPENTB only diagnosis ?  [3:11 PM]

rhiju: haha cynwulf28.  [3:11 PM]

rhiju: @worseize  CRISPR allows potentially for medicines that turn on or turn off any gene in the human body. its exciting but also scary.  [3:11 PM]

rhiju: for current CRISPRs we can turn them on [3:12 PM]

rhiju: but can't make sure they turn off [3:12 PM]

cynwulf28: In truth, I was actually submitting a few more designs as of 6 am PST today [3:12 PM]

rhiju: we're hoping that eterna players can make the CRISPRs active only when someone eats another small molecules. [3:12 PM]

rhiju: and the CRISPR will be shut off without that [3:13 PM]

Jieux: All this meat making with RNA will be looked at as so early 21st century when my daughter is my age. [3:13 PM]

rhiju: we are hoping to synthesize all the solutions soon -- but it may take us several months to quantitatively test them all [3:13 PM]

rhiju: @masterstormer you actually saw our microscope [3:13 PM]

cynwulf28: Hm, seems to be submitting my designs now actually....wonder where that data goes, or if the prompts are just automatic regardless of actual submission at this point.  [3:14 PM]

rhiju: @cynwulf28 we had a glitch in closing the lab; devs are trying to fix. [3:14 PM]

cynwulf28: lol, I have a few slots left. Maybe I'll sneak in the final few before the Solve it. lol [3:14 PM]

whbob: We are going to have quite a large spreadsheet with this lab :) [3:15 PM]

rhiju: by the way, did folks out there like the new counters that track community & player total submissions? [3:15 PM]

cynwulf28: Oh, nevermind. The submissions were rejected.  [3:15 PM]

rhiju: @whbob no doubt! haha [3:15 PM]

rhiju: @cynwulf28 yes nando and sharif must have just closed that loophole. haha [3:15 PM]

cynwulf28: There were a lot of lab puzzles this round.  [3:15 PM]

rhiju: @cynwulf yes there were. although we've had more in the past. ;) [3:16 PM]

Zama: Loved the counters! [3:16 PM]

rhiju: @Zama yea! the counters were deployed by *a player* LFP6 [3:16 PM]

MasterStormer: They were really nice [3:17 PM]

Jieux: Yes... and LFP6 ain't no ordinary 'player' [3:17 PM]

rhiju: he deserves a round of applause i think. *applause* [3:17 PM]

LFP6: I almost feel bad becoming a dev now :] [3:17 PM]

cynwulf28: yes <claps hands> [3:17 PM]

MasterStormer: lol [3:17 PM]

worseize: I hear about CRISPR that it`s tehnology about 10 years in future . Can we do faster ? we make changes to global research ? we make conclusions on ours labs and put them to articles magazines ? where i can read conclusion ?  [3:17 PM]

Jieux: is J1 (jnicol) still on board? [3:17 PM]

whbob: Three cheers! [3:17 PM]

LFP6: worseize: For certain Eterna has the potential to make significant contributions [3:18 PM]

LFP6: From both player solutions and analysis, potentially [3:18 PM]

rhiju: @worseize i agree with lfp6. we (players and folks here at stanford) will indeed be writing scientific publications on what we find [3:18 PM]

rhiju: and we hope the molecules will be directly used in medicine. [3:18 PM]

cynwulf28: @worseize, at least clinically, when the News Outlets say stuff like 10 years away or so, it is often due to the fact that the formal process for creating new treatments takes about that long.  [3:19 PM]

rhiju: and their inventors (eterna players) will get credit [3:19 PM]

LFP6: I know in the past there has been a desire to help players to publish findings - I assume this is still the case? [3:19 PM]

Gerry Smith: After synthesis, Is most solution analysis done/crowdsourced by players or researchers? [3:19 PM]

rhiju: @cynwulf that's a great point [3:19 PM]

rhiju: @lfp6 yes  [3:19 PM]

Jieux: credit but no cash, the IP is in the public domain correct? [3:19 PM]

rhiju: @lfp6 in fact we are currently helping wto groups of players write up results and submit for peer review [3:20 PM]

LFP6: rhiju: (Side note, license specifics is still a discussion that needs to happen) [3:20 PM]

LFP6: Sweet [3:20 PM]

rhiju: if yo or others want to help, let me nkow. or omei [3:20 PM]

rhiju: @jieux we talked about cash to players at eternacon [3:20 PM]

Jieux: baby needs a new pair of shoes. [3:20 PM]

rhiju: the proposal that folks liked was to make some future challenges have a sdifferent license than creative commons [3:21 PM]

rhiju: instead the idea would be to license future molecules for an entity called eternacommons [3:21 PM]

Jieux: for now though it's CC with all Intellectual property going directly to public domain right? [3:21 PM]

rhiju: eternacommons would include governance by players [3:21 PM]

rhiju: @jieux for now license is CC, but we reserve the right to have specific separate agreemeents for future challenges [3:22 PM]

LFP6: That would also allow us to further encourage ethically sound use of our research - something Rhiju and I briefly discussed [3:22 PM]

rhiju: @LPF6 that was literally what I was typing next [3:22 PM]

LFP6: (Using a different license) [3:22 PM]

cynwulf28: I always want to help, especially if Papers are involved :-D [3:22 PM]

Jieux: I'll just take the cash, I have a stereotype to uphold. [3:22 PM]

LFP6: Jieux: CC is not public domain. CC0 is public domain equivilent, but that's not the specific license we're using [3:23 PM]

rhiju: @cynwulf fantastic. it would be great to have a future devchat focusing on player paper initiatives. i think omei might be willing to lead [3:23 PM]

Jieux: Please send link to license in PM :) [3:23 PM]

MasterStormer: speaking of which... was that 20A paper published? the one you showed me in the lab tour [3:23 PM]

rhiju: @jieux we're thinking that money earned from licensing the molecules would be used to support further research and even include grants to players to support their writing of papers or of new tools for eterna [3:24 PM]

rhiju: lroppy has been thinking a lot about this. [3:24 PM]

LFP6: Jiuex: Will do [3:24 PM]

cynwulf28: Would be cool to find something I worked to create - on NCBI [3:24 PM]

rhiju: and we'll need to have a community wide discussion about that license, before deploying it. [3:24 PM]

rhiju: @cynwulf i agree! some players are already findable on NCBI [3:24 PM]

LFP6: Wait, Rhiju [3:24 PM]

Jieux: sounds noble, perhaps even Nobel. [3:25 PM]

LFP6: I don't think they're currently under CC [3:25 PM]

LFP6: The EULA just says: "Patents and any other intellectual property developed by Eterna will also be managed by Eterna Commons" [3:25 PM]

LFP6: CC is for written comments [3:25 PM]

rhiju: @LFP6 oh right.  [3:25 PM]

rhiju: for anyone who is interested, here's the EULA http://www.eternagame.org/web/news/15121/ [3:26 PM]

LFP6: So technically it's all rights reserved at the moment...? [3:26 PM]

rhiju: you can find the link from the about page [3:26 PM]

cynwulf28: While Licensing is still a topic, to what extent do the Powers-that-Be at Stanford (i.e., Administration)  have in regards to deciding what the Standing of the Eterna Licensing is? [3:26 PM]

rhiju: Licensing profits support the development of Eterna software through an organization called Eterna Commons. Eterna Commons is a collaboration between the institutions that develop Eterna. It aims to advance RNA science for the public benefit through the Eterna platform and to support [3:26 PM]

participants’ scientific endeavors. You can read more about it here.

Jieux: cool, back to the agenda :) [3:26 PM]

cynwulf28: lol, yes Jieux. TY @rhiju [3:27 PM]

rhiju: @cynwulf28 i am actually working on that right now. historically stanford's powers-that-be have been extremely good about letting projects created by research groups go out into the real world without setting up any barriers. Witness: Google, HP, etc. [3:28 PM]

rhiju: @jieux yes maybe let's go back to the agend [3:28 PM]

rhiju: we should have a separate dev chat about EULA and licensing [3:28 PM]

rhiju: I'm putting it on my list [3:28 PM]

LFP6: I know you had interest about Zoom for that when we talked [3:29 PM]

rhiju: next thing:  Next steps for openTB & more [3:29 PM]

rhiju: yea i wonder if we should move to zoom. i do like dev chat since it allows folks to chime in without worrying about A/V and its in the game [3:29 PM]

rhiju: OK, openTB [3:29 PM]

rhiju: we're going to be launching round 4 [3:29 PM]

rhiju: its very exciting [3:30 PM]

cynwulf28: Awesome (As I distract myself with thoughts of what Feynman's approach to Eterna and the Labs would have been) [3:30 PM]

MasterStormer: yay! [3:30 PM]

worseize: I am as player know nothing about certificates . I think that it is not players business  .  [3:30 PM]

rhiju: we are being challenged by the Gates foundation and Stanford's Insitute for Infectious Disease, Transplantation, and Immunity [3:30 PM]

cynwulf28: Whoa [3:30 PM]

rhiju: to *blindly* diagnose samples donated by patients [3:30 PM]

Jieux: Feynman would have played the bongos at EteRNAcon South 2.0 [3:31 PM]

cynwulf28: xD [3:31 PM]

rhiju: the patients are part of Gates international  studies [3:31 PM]

cynwulf28: @rhiju, that's a Big Deal :-D [3:31 PM]

rhiju: and the samples have been sent to Stanford [3:31 PM]

rhiju: its a big deal! [3:31 PM]

rhiju: nows [3:31 PM]

rhiju: now's the time when we need to really deliver [3:31 PM]

Achieron: http://www.eternagame.org/sites/default/files/chat_screens/237484_1512160308.png [3:31 PM]

cynwulf28: got it [3:32 PM]

Achieron: I need some help [3:32 PM]

rhiju: for 'round4' we want more diverse solutions that build on the successes fo round 2 [3:32 PM]

MasterStormer: @Achieron-  upi dodmt [3:32 PM]

MasterStormer: woah wrong keys, one sec [3:32 PM]

rhiju: and, pretty amazingly, all the molecules you submit will be used to make the diagnosis [3:32 PM]

Gerry Smith: that sounds really cool [3:33 PM]

rhiju: if successful, we'll be moving on to creating paper-based tests -- some of you at eternacon heard about that from jose gomez marquez, our mit collaborator [3:33 PM]

MasterStormer: @Achieron- you didn't boost any hairpin. (adding a G at the beginning of loops). try doing so and then removing some GCs [3:33 PM]

Jieux: It would be good to have an algorithm that checks submissions in new labs against submissions from older labs to prevent redundant sequences over time... might want to have a "are you sure you want to submit" option for folks who want to submit as a control or something. [3:33 PM]

rhiju: so get ready for that -- this is pretty recent news. [3:33 PM]

Achieron: K thanks mate. [3:33 PM]

Jieux: How does the Gates Foundation "challenge" us? [3:34 PM]

Jieux: that was confusing... do they do that with a check? [3:34 PM]

rhiju: @jieux good idea. we used to have a uniqueness checker and could restore it. the good news is that we can make lots of solutions now so if a sequence gets synthesized more than once that's OK [3:34 PM]

rhiju: @jieux haha  let me clarify [3:34 PM]

worseize: when new lab begins ?  [3:35 PM]

rhiju: the gates foundation has given money to fund this next set of tests. if we are successful, we will be invited to ask for more money for device testing.  [3:35 PM]

Omei: @worseize As soon as we can get it ready. [3:35 PM]

rhiju: @worseize we are getting the new lab ready -- hope to have it deployed in the netx week [3:35 PM]

rhiju: there's more information on the challenge that we will put with the new lab [3:36 PM]

MasterStormer: woah next week? nice!\ [3:36 PM]

rhiju: in addition, several players gave talks on how they succeeded in previous rounds of openTB at eternacon 2017 in october [3:36 PM]

rhiju: as well as scientists giving talks [3:36 PM]

rhiju: our graphics guru sharif is working to edit those videos, and we'll link to them to help new players join in for the next round. [3:37 PM]

ElNando888 sighs and thinks "there goes my weekend..." [3:37 PM]

ElNando888: hi guys [3:37 PM]

rhiju: hahaha [3:37 PM]

Jieux: Heya Nando! [3:37 PM]

Jieux: how's flips? [3:37 PM]

MasterStormer: hi [3:37 PM]

hoglahoo: hey [3:38 PM]

rhiju: whoa hog! [3:38 PM]

whbob: Hi nando, hog [3:38 PM]

cynwulf28: Welcome All! [3:38 PM]

Jieux: Hey hoo (hoglahoo is always here :) [3:38 PM]

hoglahoo: I've got the Friday afternoon restlessness waiting for the weekend to arrive [3:38 PM]

AndrewKae: Hi everyone [3:39 PM]

rhiju: LFP6 -- do you nkow how to get chat logs? would be great to post them for players who couldn't tune in [3:39 PM]

hoglahoo: I'll enjoy it for you, Nando ;) [3:39 PM]

cynwulf28: hello [3:39 PM]

rhiju: hi andrewkae! [3:39 PM]

LFP6: rhiju: Yes, either myself or Hoglahoo can do that [3:39 PM]

Jieux: Has there been a record kept of all chatlogs since the beginning of EteRNA? [3:39 PM]

hoglahoo: I have backup logs if anyone needs [3:39 PM]

whbob: Hi Andrew [3:39 PM]

AndrewKae: I was late, I'd love to see the chatlog [3:39 PM]

LFP6: Jieux: Early chat logs are posted on the news articles announcing the chats. More recent ones (of which there are many) are on the wiki [3:40 PM]

LFP6: http://eternawiki.org/wiki/index.php5/Dev_Chat [3:40 PM]

cynwulf28: FYI, for any who didn't see Johan's Talk about the current labs, it's worth a watch, if nothing else, he lists lots of great papers for those who want too much information xD [3:40 PM]

rhiju: @andrewkae we are going to launch next round of openTB -- some details are up above -- or wait for chatlogs. we're really looking forward to guidance from you and other successful players for next round.  [3:40 PM]

LFP6: Actually, these may go all the way back... I'd need to verify that [3:40 PM]

rhiju: ok, it looks like we should have another dev chat devoted to openTB [3:41 PM]

worseize: Who is put Vienna or NuPACK algorithm do we upgrade them after we got info in new labs ?  [3:41 PM]

Jieux: Would be fun to re-read my first few months here... [3:41 PM]

rhiju: maybe later in december, after the new openTB round 4 goes up [3:41 PM]

Jieux: We're in December, when does it go up? [3:41 PM]

hoglahoo: Jieux: Eli might have some really old stuff. I dont have any logs of my own until early '13, I think [3:41 PM]

cynwulf28: Artilces/News....This reminds me....have we heard anything from that nice Google reporter? [3:41 PM]

rhiju: @worseize that is an awesome question. we have been working for a while on trying to update NUPACK parameters from eterna results. it turns out to be a hard problem! there are two graduate students in my lab working on it full time... [3:42 PM]

LFP6: Jieux: Oh, ALL chatting. Hoglahoo has a huge log. Dunno when he started it, but he's the only one with access [3:42 PM]

rhiju: if we succeed, we will indeed update the folding model everytime we get results. [3:42 PM]

LFP6: I also have my own logging, but that's only from ~ the last year [3:42 PM]

rhiju: @cynwulf i haven't heard from the google reporter. hopefully no news is good news [3:42 PM]

LFP6: (Oh, I see Hoglahoo answered, oops) [3:43 PM]

Jieux: does EteRNA have an official folding model made by us using our research & experiments?  [3:43 PM]

rhiju: the last few agenda items are: Expanding Eterna to mobile in 2017 & Real-time translation of the site into Chinese and other languages [3:43 PM]

rhiju: they are kind of coupled [3:43 PM]

Jieux: having tried using EteRNA on a touch screen, unless there is a radical change in the interface, it's a pain in the tuchus. [3:43 PM]

LFP6: There would definitely need to be significant work done in that regard [3:44 PM]

cynwulf28: I'll Get on the Sumerian and Nahuatl Translations ASAP! [3:44 PM]

Jieux: and things would be so small, how would you flip a pair while still seeing the whole puzzle/lab... maybe an Ipad Pro such thing. [3:44 PM]

rhiju: @jieux no not yet. that is the dream. to have an *eternafold* model that continuously updates based on player solutions and experimental results and is adopted by the whole scientific community. we'll get there [3:44 PM]

MasterStormer: into mobile = html 5 or another thing? [3:44 PM]

rhiju: @jieux right i think those issues could be solved [3:44 PM]

rhiju: @masterstormer probably a separate thing. the mobile app would need a different interface than the website app. [3:44 PM]

Jieux: @rhijieux, thanks & thanks [3:45 PM]

rhiju: anyway, to set context for this agenda item... [3:45 PM]

LFP6: rhiju: I have some thoughts on that :) [3:45 PM]

MasterStormer: @rhiju it isn't really that contrary (sigh I forgot the word for it! [3:45 PM]

LFP6: I'd prefer to see the main codebase being the same across web/desktop/mobile - everything could be done with HTML/CSS/JS, using tools like Cordova and Electron to port it to different platforms [3:45 PM]

worseize: eternafold - good name =)  [3:45 PM]

rhiju: @lfp6 yes, let's talk about those details separately (we can of course invite other player developers to that conversation) [3:46 PM]

LFP6: The interface itself can be reactive based on screen size [3:46 PM]

LFP6: Sure [3:46 PM]

rhiju: anyway, there is some interest (from a party i cannot yet name) to help deploy eterna into china [3:46 PM]

rhiju: and into mobile [3:46 PM]

rhiju: which is potentially pretty exciting [3:47 PM]

rhiju: eterna is currently dominated by english-speaking countries [3:47 PM]

rhiju: we do have some amazing players based in other countries [3:47 PM]

LFP6: It's continued to increase too [3:47 PM]

rhiju: but not that many. [3:48 PM]

whbob: Are there open source translation sources available?  [3:48 PM]

MasterStormer: Does any promenent player / dev speak chinese? [3:48 PM]

LFP6: There are tools out there that we can leverage @whbob [3:48 PM]

rhiju: @whbob @Lfp6 agreed, the technology exists to do live translation, and we could bring on a blingual developer to help set it up. [3:49 PM]

rhiju: so in terms of the site itself, that's doable [3:49 PM]

rhiju: but i think @masterstormer's question is the good one [3:49 PM]

LFP6: So are we talking about translating *everything*, even user content? [3:49 PM]

rhiju: @lfp6 yes [3:49 PM]

rhiju: that is pretty doable [3:49 PM]

LFP6: I've seen plenty of instances of localization for core site content [3:49 PM]

Jieux: I invite you to join the first group I ever joined in EteRNA http://www.eternagame.org/web/group/2362969/ [3:49 PM]

LFP6: That's actually new to me [3:49 PM]

rhiju: thank you @jieux [3:50 PM]

LFP6: Though I'm not surprised that the possibility exists [3:50 PM]

ElNando888: 我不会说中文 [3:50 PM]

Gerry Smith: as one of the many engaged non-technical players, I want to give shout out to all developers.  Your work is amazing! [3:50 PM]

ElNando888: (just testing) [3:50 PM]

rhiju: haha [3:50 PM]

Omei: I wonderef if Nando was going to 'fess up. [3:50 PM]

MasterStormer: @rhiju I'm asking that more about having bridges in the playerbase, less about translation [3:50 PM]

rhiju: here's the thing -- we could reach out to china (and indonesia, russia, brazil, the spanish-speaking world, etc.) [3:51 PM]

BioLogique: I can help to translate it in fench!! [3:50 PM]

rhiju: but how can we make sure that we continue to have a community like what we have on eterna? [3:51 PM]

rhiju: @biologique thanks [3:51 PM]

whbob: Spanich & Chinese languages could infuse an enourmous amout of viewers. [3:51 PM]

Jieux: imbedded google translate. [3:51 PM]

rhiju: i think what's most exciting about translating eterna into, say, chinese, is that we could find the 'chinese omei'.  [3:52 PM]

Jieux: We would have to get a gag order for Brourd, he has too much dangerous knowledge. [3:52 PM]

worseize: I am not sure that english language is a problem to world . [3:52 PM]

rhiju: but i'm worried about making sure that we don't have confusion on the site, and that all players feel like part of one community [3:52 PM]

rhiju: that's the best part of eterna [3:52 PM]

hoglahoo: I don't know if I could handle another omei ;) [3:52 PM]

rhiju: and i still think that's why we're doing so well on the science [3:52 PM]

whbob: @ rhiju: That is a huge issue. I know how >100 man groups can be challenging. [3:53 PM]

MasterStormer: Whlie it isn't a solution, I think that a way to weaken the problem is to learn non english languages. I've been learning japanese for a while and I have plan to continue to other languages; However I know not everyone enjoys this type of thing, so how much do you think it [3:53 PM]

would help?

rhiju: haha, how about the thai hoglahoo [3:53 PM]

rhiju: what i think wuld help the most is if we could find eterna players who are based in other countries and get their advice as soon as possible  [3:54 PM]

rhiju: and to get them involved at very early stages in play testing [3:54 PM]

rhiju: not necessarily developing -- just play testing [3:54 PM]

cynwulf28: English is a Lingua Franca [3:54 PM]

rhiju: @cynwulf that's reasonably true in, say, india, but not in china [3:54 PM]

cynwulf28: but equal numbers speak Chinese or Hindi and/or Telugu [3:55 PM]

Jieux: Well bill zhu is the entire Chinese contingent I believe. [3:55 PM]

rhiju: there is a different ecosystem for gaming, mobile, chat, etc. [3:55 PM]

Jieux: is/was [3:55 PM]

Jieux: I would be surpised if they allowed an open chatroom with radicals like Lroppy and hoglahoo here. [3:55 PM]

cynwulf28: As I ponder how the Chinese Gov would potentially moderate Eterna in their Country [3:55 PM]

rhiju: right [3:55 PM]

cynwulf28: Items to be addressed now or later based on Chat thusfar: 1)Jieux's Lab Coin, 2.) Open CRISPR Syntheses and Data Analysis, 3.) Review of Licensure [CC vs Alternatives), 4.) Updating Infrastruture [Emmigrating from Flash], 5.) Next Round of Open TB to Start soon, 6.) More rounds [3:55 PM]

of Open CRISPR to come later, 7.) Accessibility: a) Overcoming  languistic barriers, b) Adapting the Software to Multiple Devices [does it work on my Smart Watch?], 8.) Player Training, both constitutively in-Game and through Special Events (aka NOW)., 8b) Learn to Code, Learn to Solve, Learn to Design, Learn to Teach,

Learn to Publish, etc.

rhiju: so we are being offered some help (including software) for how to set up chat in china and be ok with china guidelines [3:56 PM]

Jieux: I didn't bring up labcoin did I? I was saving that for the end along with a certificate amendment. [3:56 PM]

rhiju: but the help is not from actual eterna players [3:56 PM]

Jieux: I was talking about real coins :) [3:56 PM]

AndrewKae: I know there are drupal modules for multilanguage support, I experimented with them some years back [3:56 PM]

Jieux: So this is why you are so smart AK [3:57 PM]

rhiju: @andrewkae cool. we might take this opportnity to move away from drupal, but that is good to know. [3:57 PM]

rhiju: anyway, here's an appeal to all of you [3:57 PM]

AndrewKae: not smart, persistant [3:57 PM]

Jieux: generally, tenacity rules the day [3:57 PM]

rhiju: if you know players who are based in non-english-speaking countries, please ask if they'd be willing to donate some time to these dev chats or even be willing to PM with me [3:57 PM]

rhiju: particularly through december [3:58 PM]

rhiju: if they are not based in those countries, but perhaps were born in those countries and still have family/friends, that would be valuable as well. [3:58 PM]

worseize: russian my mother language if you need translation in future send me message . [3:58 PM]

rhiju: @worseize fantastic [3:58 PM]

MasterStormer: "non-english-speaking countries," = not mother language, or that a lot of people don't know it at all? [3:59 PM]

Zama: I've noticed some of the players we have now live in countries that block access to youtube, etc. [3:59 PM]

rhiju: countries where english is not the main language. [3:59 PM]

rhiju: @zama wow that's a good point [3:59 PM]

MasterStormer: Then count me in (Israel, Hebrew) [3:59 PM]

rhiju: again it would be very useful to be able to reach out to those players [3:59 PM]

rhiju: and of course we would have dev chats at other times of the day [4:00 PM]

rhiju: i think this time is actually the worst possible time for china and parts of russia [4:00 PM]

rhiju: ok, i have to go. [4:00 PM]

hoglahoo: are you interested in making a distinction between UK and USA english versions for spelling differences [4:00 PM]

rhiju: thanks everyone for a very informative chatlog [4:00 PM]

LFP6: Thank you Rhiju! [4:00 PM]

hoglahoo: oh - ok bye! nice to see you [4:00 PM]

MasterStormer: bye :) good chat! [4:01 PM]

whbob: Lots to think about [4:01 PM]

rhiju: hoglahooo what's the UK spelling of your name? [4:01 PM]

Gerry Smith: like these types of interactions [4:01 PM]

AndrewKae: and hi bob [4:01 PM]

rhiju: yes, i'll work with LFP6 to get chatlogs up in a blog post, and we can continue the conversation in the comments thread for that post, as well as future chats. [4:01 PM]

rhiju: thanks everyone! [4:01 PM]

cynwulf28: I have a passion for linguistics myself. While I am only fluent in the Franco-Anglo-Greco-Latin-Germanic Fusion which is english, I am learning several languages and could make suggestions to those translating as I spent quite a bit of my free time translating when I was [4:01 PM]


BioLogique: Thank you Rhiju for everything! [4:01 PM]

whbob: bye rhiju [4:02 PM]

cynwulf28: Thank You Dr. Das.  [4:02 PM]