2016.03.18 Community Chat

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[14:05:06] <Jennifer-Pearl> Hi
[14:05:27] <Jennifer-Pearl> Looks loike the counter isnt taking daylight saving into account
[14:10:43] <Astromon> spring time!
[14:10:59] <Jennifer-Pearl> yay for spring
[14:13:00] <calebgeniesse> hello
[14:13:19] <Astromon> hi caleB
[14:13:32] <RedSpah> hi all
[14:13:45] <Astromon> Hi Red
[14:14:05] <RedSpah> hi astro
[14:15:01] <Astromon> what did C++ say to java?
[14:15:18] <LFP6> Hey folks
[14:15:21] <Astromon> Ill have mine with cream and suger please
[14:15:40] <LFP6> Badum tsh
[14:15:42] <Jennifer-Pearl> Hi everyone. I dont have much to talk about today. Im trying to order a new bed while on lunhc and do devchat
[14:16:11] <Jennifer-Pearl> anyone have anything they want to bring up?
[14:16:29] <Tierer> im having difficulty with this one http://www.eternagame.org/game/puzzle/6503027/
[14:17:29] <Astromon> care to show a screen shot?
[14:17:32] <calebgeniesse> i do
[14:17:37] <Tierer> this is where im at http://imgur.com/Ep0VU7i
[14:17:55] <Tierer> the two i have marked i have been fiddlin around with and cant seem to balance out
[14:18:52] <Astromon> 46 should be U
[14:19:03] <calebgeniesse> i have a surprise for everyone
[14:19:16] <Astromon> oH!
[14:19:27] <calebgeniesse> i've been working on a new feature, and i'd love to get some feedback from you guys
[14:19:33] <Tierer> 46 is U
[14:19:43] <Jennifer-Pearl> cool lets hear it caleb
[14:20:13] <calebgeniesse> okay, one sec
[14:20:33] <Astromon> hmm mine and your numbers are diferent for some reason
[14:21:01] <LFP6> Oooh, I like surprises
[14:21:17] <Astromon> oh that link took me to 1-11
[14:21:25] <Tierer> oh, well im 3 11
[14:21:26] <Astromon> the link is confused hahA
[14:21:29] <Tierer> the imgur link is here http://imgur.com/Ep0VU7i
[14:23:51] <Astromon> 18 should be green
[14:24:14] <calebgeniesse> okay, its live! http://www.eternagame.org/web/labs/explore/
[14:24:37] <calebgeniesse> let me know what you guys think.. open to feedback!
[14:24:45] <Jennifer-Pearl> nice
[14:24:51] <Astromon> GC on 20;55
[14:24:58] <Jennifer-Pearl> much better way to search labs
[14:25:06] <Astromon> AND 18:54
[14:25:14] <Astromon> SRY 18:53
[14:25:43] <calebgeniesse> also, if you have ever submitted a lab solution, checkout your home page
[14:26:12] <Astromon> 48:16 IS au
[14:27:03] <Astromon> wOW WAY WAY COLL CALEb!
[14:28:44] <LFP6> Nice!
[14:28:49] <Astromon> MY HOME PAGE LOOKS THE SAME&lt;&lt;
[14:28:54] <Astromon> sry caps
[14:29:11] <calebgeniesse> have you submitted any lab solutions?
[14:29:22] <Astromon> yeaH
[14:29:33] <Astromon> like over a thousand of them&lt;&lt;
[14:29:38] <calebgeniesse> hmm, let me see whats going on
[14:29:59] <Tierer> alright
[14:30:11] <Tierer> i did all of that, and now ive ended up at this part
[14:30:24] <joy45> My home page looks different, but it says that I hav no submissions for the Logic Gates or new A/B lab.
[14:30:33] <Astromon> i had to restart the puzzle twice to solve it
[14:30:37] <LFP6> FYI Caleb the "Results Posted" image for the explore page is missing
[14:30:47] <Tierer> http://imgur.com/fRR9KeI
[14:31:25] <LFP6> And maybe a "load more" button would be good? :) Or is this meant as an overview kinda deal?
[14:31:54] <hoglahoo> @Tierer, where is your 16-48 basepair in the 2nd state? you'll need a GC in that stack
[14:32:02] <Astromon> 6 should be blue
[14:32:11] <joy45> I do like the new design :)
[14:33:17] <hoglahoo> I guess I need to submit a lab to see the new toy
[14:33:33] <Tierer> i have it as a gc but then the inner loop on state 1 wont fold correrctly
[14:33:50] <Astromon> haha do the A/B predefined puzzlED
[14:33:52] <hoglahoo> make sure the G lands in the inner loop
[14:33:54] <hoglahoo> not the C
[14:34:32] <Jennifer-Pearl> ok im back
[14:34:35] <Astromon> my home still looks the same :/
[14:34:41] <Jennifer-Pearl> my player pafe is not differnt
[14:34:50] <Jennifer-Pearl> the submitted designs look the same
[14:34:54] <Jennifer-Pearl> maybe SaraBot has somehting
[14:35:00] <Astromon> wb jen&lt;&gt;
[14:35:08] <Jennifer-Pearl> just bought my new bed
[14:35:20] <Jennifer-Pearl> not gona get it for a week or two though
[14:35:23] <Astromon> nice hope its confy &lt;&gt;
[14:35:25] <Jennifer-Pearl> great deal so couldnt pass up
[14:35:36] <Jennifer-Pearl> cool gel
[14:37:20] <Jennifer-Pearl> anyone have any thoughts on R101 data
[14:38:01] <Astromon> yeS i got an 88!!! with the help of dpt and sara&lt;&lt;&lt;
[14:38:04] <joy45> Clarification: it wasn't my homwepage that looked different, it was (is) my personal page.
[14:38:05] <Jennifer-Pearl> or R100 data as well (the FMN lab)
[14:38:33] <Jennifer-Pearl> 88 is a good score
[14:38:35] <joy45> never mind, now it is neither one.
[14:39:29] <Jennifer-Pearl> speaking of Sara I posted DPAT analysis data from R101 the MS2 lab for use in round 2 of those puzzles
[14:39:42] <Jennifer-Pearl> the link is broken right now and wont be able to fix till I get home
[14:39:51] <Tierer> ok, so im back to this spot again, http://imgur.com/FLs0y2R
[14:40:39] <hoglahoo> looks alright
[14:40:43] <Astromon> oH cool jen so we can have more guidance in the next round then?
[14:40:58] <hoglahoo> @Tierer, base 4 is probably the killer
[14:41:22] <Tierer> it is, but it is holding state 2 together
[14:41:44] <Jennifer-Pearl> yes. all the data DAPT generated I posted I explained what files to use in the post
[14:41:47] <Astromon> let me know when you have fixed the link I would like to look at it&lt;&lt;&lt;
[14:42:05] <Jennifer-Pearl> https://getsatisfaction.com/eternagame/topics/-strategy-market-switch-dpat-analysis-data-for-r101-for-use-in-designing-high-and-low-scoring-desings
[14:42:26] <Jennifer-Pearl> will do
[14:42:36] <hoglahoo> @Tierer, if you change 4-59 in the 2nd state to an AU pair, does the shape fall apart?
[14:43:18] <Tierer> that ruins my 16 59 pair in state 1
[14:43:46] <hoglahoo> yes, I guess it would.
[14:43:46] <Tierer> and if i change that pair it destorys the 14 48 pair in state 2
[14:43:47] <Jennifer-Pearl> im really excited for DPAT assisted designing using marker theory considering last rounds data. Sara got 100's in two sublabs
[14:44:17] <Astromon> yeah she got alot of great scores indeed!
[14:44:23] <ChatBot> DevChat T-15m
[14:44:38] <Astromon> were those mods? tweeked by her?
[14:45:08] <Jennifer-Pearl> all Sara submissions are simple mods of untested desings
[14:45:13] <hoglahoo> @Tierer, I'll pull up the puzzle and take a closer look. it seems like you should be close to a solve, just need a couple of adjustments
[14:45:25] <Jennifer-Pearl> so yes all mods are tweaked by Sara until it finds one that fits constraints
[14:46:08] <Tierer> 4 5 and 6 are the main issues
[14:46:12] <Jennifer-Pearl> the source designs were only designs from Round 3 before the lab was closed
[14:46:17] <Astromon> wow cooL jen
[14:46:20] <hoglahoo> yeah I doubt you will get away with a C for any of those 3
[14:46:45] <hoglahoo> oh, I have a C up there in my solve
[14:47:01] <Jennifer-Pearl> Remmy designs are tweaks of already tested desings frm Round 1 and 2
[14:47:07] <Tierer> how do i stop this imbalance?
[14:47:23] <Astromon> oH
[14:47:41] <hoglahoo> gimme a sec, I'm still matching your sequence into the shape
[14:47:56] <Astromon> i saw good designs by remy also
[14:48:05] <Jennifer-Pearl> So have to leave early today and will close out the offical part of the player led chat at 11:55ish
[14:48:12] <Jennifer-Pearl> and post chatlog FYI
[14:48:56] <Jennifer-Pearl> I dont care as much about Remmy since it is using previously tested designs
[14:48:59] <Astromon> i have to run off also&lt;&lt;&lt; around the same time&lt;&lt;
[14:49:11] <Jennifer-Pearl> maybe that is a wrong thought process .....
[14:49:13] <Astromon> oH i c
[14:49:24] <hoglahoo> I thought the devchat was still away off - didn't mean to interrupt
[14:49:32] <Jennifer-Pearl> still doing mods but mods of already
[14:49:41] <Jennifer-Pearl> dayloght saving
[14:49:46] <Jennifer-Pearl> daylight savings
[14:49:48] <hoglahoo> ah right
[14:49:53] <Astromon> no bother hoglA helping is important too!
[14:50:20] <hoglahoo> yeah I've already interrupted now so too late ;)
[14:50:21] <Jennifer-Pearl> @hog can you fix the countdown?&gt;
[14:50:27] <hoglahoo> no - that is a Nando bot
[14:50:31] <Jennifer-Pearl> oh
[14:50:56] <hoglahoo> @Tierer, okay so there's too much strength around 4-6 in the 1st state
[14:51:01] <Astromon> so who made the mods sara tweeks?
[14:51:23] <Jennifer-Pearl> everyonwe
[14:51:25] <hoglahoo> @Tierer, and the only base that makes sense to me to try mutating right away is base 4. I changed it to adenine
[14:51:32] <Astromon> oH
[14:51:34] <Jennifer-Pearl> I used the whole sublab
[14:51:38] <hoglahoo> and made 59 a U, obviously
[14:51:47] <Astromon> oH now I rem&lt;&lt;
[14:51:59] <Tierer> but then you have to change 16 to either a G or A
[14:52:02] <hoglahoo> and since 59 is a U, state 1 requires that 16 be adenine
[14:52:06] <hoglahoo> yes
[14:52:10] <hoglahoo> I want adenine
[14:52:13] <Astromon> lfp6 scripted you all the data at once
[14:52:16] <hoglahoo> because I don't want to have to put a C in that inner loop
[14:52:28] <Jennifer-Pearl> LFP6's script scoups up all teh sequences and DPAT analyzes them and Sara mods and predicts
[14:52:37] <hoglahoo> However, we still need a GC in that stack in state 2, so I put a GC at 17-47
[14:52:43] <Astromon> congratulations on your winning designs!!
[14:52:59] <hoglahoo> with the G at 47 again because I dont want a C in 1st state inner loop
[14:53:16] <Jennifer-Pearl> thanks. feels good to finally demonstrate thsat my theory works
[14:53:44] <hoglahoo> C at 17 means I need a G at 58 since they pair in state 1, which is not really a problem for state 2
[14:53:57] <Jennifer-Pearl> @LFP6 you still there?
[14:54:02] <Astromon> http://prntscr.com/agylch
[14:54:22] <ChatBot> DevChat T-05m
[14:54:32] <Jennifer-Pearl> thats alot of 100's
[14:54:34] <Astromon> i had a few 100 myself :D alot of players hit 100 mark for this lab thbougH!
[14:54:40] <Tierer> then 16 has to be a U?
[14:54:55] <Tierer> eeer
[14:54:58] <Tierer> 48
[14:55:14] <hoglahoo> 48, yes
[14:55:14] <Jennifer-Pearl> was that for SSNG2
[14:55:29] <hoglahoo> but that shouldn't be a problem
[14:55:48] <Astromon> ms2 control on
[14:55:52] <Astromon> and off
[14:55:58] <Jennifer-Pearl> oh for R101
[14:56:09] <Tierer> well state 1 is fine again, but now state 2 no longer works
[14:56:15] <Jennifer-Pearl> that reminds me.
[14:56:17] <hoglahoo> screenshot pls
[14:56:35] <LFP6> I'm here now
[14:56:46] <Jennifer-Pearl> I got NUPACK compiled for windows so I am integrating that wiht DPAT now. so should be able to use DPAT with NUPACK in a week or so
[14:56:51] <Tierer> http://imgur.com/NAQkXVc thats where im at
[14:57:02] <Astromon> http://prntscr.com/agyn4w
[14:57:03] <Jennifer-Pearl> @LFP6 you get my PM abouthte code of conduct?
[14:57:18] <LFP6> Yes
[14:57:18] <Astromon> ^^ ssng3
[14:57:33] <Jennifer-Pearl> waht do yu think?
[14:57:49] <hoglahoo> @Tierer, you just need to make one of those GUs into a GC in state 2
[14:57:55] <LFP6> I'm currently going crazy with getting stuff ready for robotics regional coming up in a week, so I didn't get the chance to respond
[14:58:01] <hoglahoo> for extra strength
[14:58:05] <LFP6> I think it's fine
[14:58:10] <Astromon> its 357 :P
[14:58:16] <Tierer> that makes the 4 5 6 storong again
[14:58:18] <Tierer> strong
[14:58:21] <hoglahoo> 4 should be adenine
[14:58:23] <ChatBot> DevChat T-01m
[14:58:26] <Jennifer-Pearl> I need to go. Talk to you all later
[14:58:28] <hoglahoo> won't be binding with anything
[14:58:29] <Jennifer-Pearl> have a good day