2016.02.12 Dev Chat

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[13:52:17] <hoglahoo> wow, the progression thread itself is kinda old
[13:52:44] <hoglahoo> "When the maintenance is completed, we'll send a note with more details about providing feedback and reporting bugs and technical issues that may arise during/after this transition."
[13:53:05] <hoglahoo> ok I guess that's this one? https://getsatisfaction.com/eternagame/topics/new-puzzle-progression
[13:53:24] <LFP6> Yep
[13:58:41] <whbob> Looks like bug changes are in progress?
[13:59:16] <whbob> *big
[13:59:41] <hoglahoo> that too
[14:00:03] <Jennifer-Pearl> hi everyone
[14:00:13] <whbob> Hi Jen
[14:00:16] <LFP6> Heya
[14:00:49] <Jennifer-Pearl> So today should be a devchat with real live devs
[14:01:14] <rhiju> yup we're here!
[14:01:23] <Jennifer-Pearl> yay
[14:01:35] <calebgeniesse> hi guys
[14:01:39] <Jennifer-Pearl> hi rhiju
[14:01:49] <Jennifer-Pearl> hi caleb
[14:01:58] <LFP6> Good afternoon to you both :)
[14:01:59] <Jennifer-Pearl> @Caleb did you get my email?
[14:02:59] <calebgeniesse> yes, thanks for the note! will get back to you later today
[14:03:41] <Jennifer-Pearl> great thanks!
[14:04:53] <LFP6> Anything specific the devs want to start with bringing up?
[14:05:04] <calebgeniesse> so i hear there are few bugs with the new site... oops!
[14:05:08] <jkingsley22> help me how to i beat lvl 7
[14:05:11] <Jennifer-Pearl> @rhiju I have a quick question about "The Paper": lab
[14:05:55] <calebgeniesse> level 7 as in fluorescent probes? or nucleotide mixer level 7?
[14:05:58] <Jennifer-Pearl> when do you think results will be in. I am working in doing some predictions for thise rounds and just got the code tweaked to do it.
[14:06:15] <jkingsley22> nucleo
[14:06:21] <Jennifer-Pearl> wondering if I have anohter week to play around or if the results will be in before then
[14:06:32] <jkingsley22> mixer
[14:06:37] <jkingsley22> plz
[14:06:40] <jkingsley22> help
[14:07:26] <hoglahoo> what
[14:07:30] <hoglahoo> hi Jennifer
[14:07:56] <Jennifer-Pearl> hi hog
[14:08:15] <calebgeniesse> focus on stabilizing the internal loop, rather than the end loop
[14:09:00] <rhiju> @jennifer -- unfortunately we collected 'the paper' lab sequences and put in the order already -- still, tell me what you have cooking
[14:09:55] <rhiju> @calebgeniesse maybe we should unlock hints before puzzle 7. ;)
[14:10:03] <Jennifer-Pearl> @rhiju
[14:10:18] <jandersonlee> won't it be a while for the "results" - were still waiting on the August lab...
[14:10:40] <calebgeniesse> might not be a bad idea
[14:10:57] <Jennifer-Pearl> @rhiju I am taking the list of all teh designs submitted in each sublab and runing them through just the analysis function of Sara
[14:11:08] <rhiju> @jandersonlee, good news is that johan has almost cleared thebacklog of data analysis. do bug him with more messages... we now have in place softare that will let the eterna-medicine labs get analyzed much more efficiently.
[14:11:24] <jandersonlee> @rhiju - sweet
[14:12:07] <rhiju> @jennifer -- oh great ieda! so you can post predictions for which ones will be the best switches before the answers come out. Our ETA for those lab results if still at least 2 weeks away -- we haven't received our order of the DNA templates for those RNA designs yet.
[14:12:20] <rhiju> @jandersonlee sweet indeed.
[14:12:32] <Jennifer-Pearl> I want to do some predicictions of what teh designs already sublitted will do. Like one experiement is to generate a list of desisns taht are predicted to have a static long small loop binding sister and then a seperate list of designs that the stack is not static. I have added a field to do exlusionary filtering
[14:12:49] <rhiju> we are currently collecting data on A/B, so cross your fingers. We want to have those in place before launch of the tuberculosis puzzle, which will be late feb/early march.
[14:13:05] <Jennifer-Pearl> site not sister(not sure how that got there)
[14:13:19] <rhiju> @everyone, we've got some exciting weeks ahead...
[14:13:41] <Jennifer-Pearl> im excited about that
[14:13:55] <rhiju> first, eterna will be presented as part of the AAAS symposium in DC: https://aaas.confex.com/aaas/2016/webprogram/Session12228.html
[14:14:17] <rhiju> Second, the first paper that players actually wrote is comingout!
[14:14:31] <rhiju> Will be next tuesday. Brace yourself for some cool press coverage.
[14:14:43] <jandersonlee> so expect more press and more new players
[14:14:55] <hoglahoo> <i>hoglahoo braces</i>
[14:15:05] <jandersonlee> {{}}
[14:15:06] <rhiju> First time that citizen scientists recruited from a videogame have written a paper accepted into peer-reviewed journal
[14:15:19] <rhiju> congrats in particular to jandersonlee (clap clap), elifisker, and mat747
[14:15:32] <hoglahoo> applause
[14:15:34] <rhiju> we are hoping to help more eterna players put together their ideas into papers.
[14:15:36] <jandersonlee> with a ton of help from rhiju et al
[14:15:36] <Jennifer-Pearl> nice. Congrats you all
[14:16:03] <rhiju> so if you have an eterna wiki page or google doc summarizing a powerful strategy that you want to share with the world beyond eterna ....
[14:16:09] <LFP6> <I>applauds</I>
[14:16:14] <rhiju> send me a PM and I can guide you through it
[14:16:53] <jandersonlee> special hats off to Michelle and Vineet
[14:16:59] <Jennifer-Pearl> once i get the results back from this last lab I will be knocking on your door probably
[14:17:12] <rhiju> *it meaning the proecss of writing the paper. And I bet we can but jandersonlee, elifisker, and mat747 to help too. (in an ideal world you wouldn't need help from scientists at stanford -- just access to eterna)
[14:17:42] <Jennifer-Pearl> that sounds like a good idea. Train the trainers
[14:17:48] <rhiju> in other news, i'm veyr excited that jennifer pearl has volunteered to take the lead on early preparations for eternacon. of course, we need help from more folks -- please see the anouncment on getsat.
[14:17:58] <jandersonlee> if you are in the scinces it's great to get your CV going
[14:18:39] <jandersonlee> thanks @JP for stepping in
[14:18:49] <Jennifer-Pearl> Here is the latest link for Eternacon stuff
[14:18:50] <Jennifer-Pearl> https://getsatisfaction.com/eternagame/topics/looking-for-volunteers-that-are-interested-in-helping-plan-eternacon2016-or-present-interesting-rna-things
[14:18:51] <rhiju> and we are all getting ready for the tuberculosis challenge... so expect another big wave of new players in march
[14:19:20] <Jennifer-Pearl> I want to see this years Eternacon be successfull!
[14:19:33] <jandersonlee> If player do the full new progression - do they earn 10K points and lab entry?
[14:20:00] <Jennifer-Pearl> should we beef up the neghborhood watch or is the new puzzel progression inteded to train everyone
[14:20:18] <Jennifer-Pearl> with the increase in people
[14:20:25] <hoglahoo> nice "relax with side projects"
[14:20:36] <jandersonlee> chat when you can - it helps folks to feel welcome
[14:20:48] <calebgeniesse> the player will have earned more than 10K points upon completing the progression, but we have updated the requirements for lab access, from 10K points to completing the puzzle progression
[14:21:15] <jandersonlee> does that mean I can't do labs anymore ;)
[14:21:24] <Jennifer-Pearl> all the old players are grandfathered in though?&gt;
[14:21:26] <hoglahoo> is it still 20k to get the puzzlemaker buttons
[14:21:53] <calebgeniesse> exactly, anyone who had already eanred the "lab access" badge, is granted lab access
[14:22:03] <Jennifer-Pearl> cool
[14:22:07] <jandersonlee> good I'd hate to be bugged by some new puzzle collection
[14:22:18] <hoglahoo> :)
[14:22:20] <Jennifer-Pearl> me too
[14:22:24] <LFP6> I;d suggest going through it anyhow though!
[14:22:29] <LFP6> Always good to have a refresher
[14:22:38] <calebgeniesse> yeah, we are just showing it to everyone so noone feels left out :)
[14:22:45] <LFP6> And the announcement said that the beta testers would get our progress transfered? :)
[14:23:30] <calebgeniesse> yeah, sorry for the delay on transferring the progress. I need to figure out how to map user names. will have it done asap.
[14:23:43] <LFP6> Erm
[14:23:57] <LFP6> Can you transfer from different accounts?
[14:24:00] <rhiju> actually its not obvious how to map usernames -- can those of you who set up separate test accounts send calebgeniesse a note with your test names?
[14:24:17] <LFP6> Hehe, that's what I was going for
[14:24:45] <LFP6> Just sent a PM :)
[14:24:58] <jandersonlee> unmask your secret identity
[14:25:03] <calebgeniesse> yeah, thats what the goal is.. LFP6 and LFP6-2 are easy to match up, but how do I know its really you...
[14:25:22] <jandersonlee> (trust)
[14:25:27] <Jennifer-Pearl> do a turing test?
[14:25:40] <calebgeniesse> using an rna computer?
[14:25:49] <Jennifer-Pearl> yes
[14:25:56] <rhiju> hey everyone i;m going to have to head out -- looking forward to many more interactions over the next week. and help out the new players -- look for them on tuesday/wednesady onwards...
[14:25:58] <jandersonlee> where's teh logic in that?
[14:26:00] <Jennifer-Pearl> hog make it so
[14:26:09] <LFP6> @Caleb I'd check to see which accounts were made after the new site by checking for a discrepancy in UIDs in comparrison to the live bd
[14:26:12] <LFP6> *db
[14:26:23] <LFP6> Thanks Rhiju!
[14:26:31] <hoglahoo> yay new players
[14:27:03] <Jennifer-Pearl> thanks Rhiju have a good day
[14:27:05] <jandersonlee> thanks rhiju
[14:27:17] <calebgeniesse> @hoglahoo: i actually haven't touched the requirements for the puzzlemaker, but one of the side quests (unlocked ~fluorecent probes/microscope) is to create a puzzle, so ideally, that is when it will be unlocked
[14:27:25] <whbob> Thanks rhiju
[14:28:16] <jandersonlee> where should we post bug notices for the new interface? on the forum?
[14:28:19] <LFP6> Is there still a notification when you have a new feed item?
[14:28:23] <LFP6> If not, can there be?
[14:28:41] <LFP6> @J Yes, there is a topic for that
[14:28:51] <LFP6> https://getsatisfaction.com/eternagame/topics/new-puzzle-progressionhttps://getsatisfaction.com/eternagame/topics/new-puzzle-progression
[14:29:01] <calebgeniesse> @LFP6: on the list of todo!
[14:29:05] <whbob> I kept running into glitches on the dev server.
[14:29:06] <LFP6> Cool!
[14:29:18] <hoglahoo> the title of that forum thread suggests it's only for the new puzzle progression, but yeah I'm posting there
[14:29:18] <LFP6> @whbob Everything is on the main now
[14:29:30] <LFP6> I can change that ^.^
[14:29:37] <hoglahoo> you are my champion
[14:29:43] <LFP6> "New Puzzle Progression & Site Interface"?
[14:30:00] <hoglahoo> "Post your bug reports for the new site changes here"
[14:30:06] <hoglahoo> whatever works
[14:30:12] <LFP6> Oops
[14:30:13] <LFP6> https://getsatisfaction.com/eternagame/topics/new-puzzle-progression
[14:30:18] <LFP6> Double past link
[14:30:33] <LFP6> @Hog There's a history to this post... Would anyone complain if I just made a new one?
[14:30:39] <hoglahoo> I would not
[14:30:44] <hoglahoo> yeah that confused me
[14:30:59] <hoglahoo> why are we posting bugs for a brand new site change to a 7 month old thread
[14:31:06] <whbob> Fresh start sound good.
[14:31:13] <LFP6> @Caleb: Do you have the ability to edit the news article when I change it?
[14:31:19] <LFP6> Er, make the thread
[14:31:27] <calebgeniesse> speaking of news feed... what would everyone prefer: (1) having a single newsfeed menu item that redirects you to the newsfeed page (current implementation); or (2) having submenu items for messages/news/blogs that take you to the respective place?
[14:31:59] <LFP6> Personally, I've been an advocate of an inbox-style system
[14:32:08] <calebgeniesse> @LFP6 yes
[14:32:35] <LFP6> For incoming "messages" (which would be anything in the feed, or you could "unsubscribe" to, say, blogs or news)
[14:32:54] <LFP6> And always "important" announcements
[14:32:55] <calebgeniesse> i like that
[14:33:07] <LFP6> But news and blog would probably want their own apges
[14:33:15] <LFP6> *pages
[14:33:19] <Jennifer-Pearl> there is already a post for the bug stuff but the comment are being redirected to the puzzle prgression post
[14:33:40] <LFP6> Being... News and blog. They should always be "there"
[14:33:48] <Jennifer-Pearl> https://getsatisfaction.com/eternagame/topics/eterna-medicine-going-live-please-help-find-bugs-d
[14:34:01] <LFP6> Right, that was pre-launch
[14:34:11] <LFP6> Now that we're live
[14:34:12] <hoglahoo> I dont know, just tell me where to post them now
[14:34:15] <Jennifer-Pearl> good point
[14:34:26] <Jennifer-Pearl> on the fridge
[14:34:28] <LFP6> And there isn't really much stuff in the middle of happening now like there was
[14:34:29] <hoglahoo> k
[14:34:31] <Jennifer-Pearl> with a strong magnet
[14:34:45] <hoglahoo> :)
[14:35:23] <Jennifer-Pearl> new post would be a good idea I agree
[14:35:33] <LFP6> @Caleb Are you able to edit the news article?
[14:36:12] <calebgeniesse> @LFP6: yes, what would you like me to edit
[14:36:34] <LFP6> The feedback topic link, in a second
[14:36:34] <Jennifer-Pearl> @caleb I often miss news because I dont see that it has updated. I would like to get the news in my messages as well so I dont miss another monthly presentation
[14:36:42] <LFP6> I'll lock the old topic too
[14:37:06] <whbob> Is Flash still in our future or will there be a HTML5 possibility?
[14:37:17] <LFP6> There is that possibility
[14:37:21] <LFP6> But manpower is the issue
[14:37:27] <Jennifer-Pearl> or at least somehting that says "There is new news since you were here!"
[14:37:35] <whbob> Understand:)
[14:38:39] <jandersonlee> flash support is dying - I'd like to not see Eterna disappear with it
[14:38:48] <LFP6> I'd love that
[14:38:52] <Jennifer-Pearl> I agrea with JL
[14:38:53] <LFP6> Get this working ob Mobile too
[14:39:07] <Jennifer-Pearl> html5 would work s many places
[14:39:11] <LFP6> As in, love a transfer
[14:39:17] <jandersonlee> mobile is space constrained - tough to do
[14:39:19] <LFP6> *on not ob
[14:39:24] <calebgeniesse> @Jennifer Pearl: working on it! how about little red numbered notifications in the Newsfeed menu?
[14:39:26] <LFP6> Yes, but possible
[14:39:42] <LFP6> Ooh, a number on the notification would be nice
[14:39:52] <jandersonlee> not my first priority - but I don't own a smartphone
[14:40:03] <calebgeniesse> yeah, html5 would be nice...
[14:40:07] <LFP6> Even better if you could eventually get it so that there is no need to refresh the page to see new notifications
[14:40:23] <LFP6> But not top priority for the effort I wouldn't think
[14:40:32] <calebgeniesse> i'll keep it in mind for sure!
[14:40:34] <Jennifer-Pearl> @caleb little read numbers in teh newsfeed button woudl be cool and only when I read each new tiem does the number go down until 0
[14:40:45] <hoglahoo> prefixing the news item titles with their creation dates would be fantastic
[14:40:56] <LFP6> Yeah
[14:41:09] <LFP6> If it's an inbox, put it in another "column"
[14:41:55] <hoglahoo> sure. inbox is ideal, imo
[14:42:02] <jandersonlee> @hoglahoo - prefixing lots of things with their creation dat would be fantastic
[14:42:11] <hoglahoo> jandersonlee that is a great idea
[14:42:17] <Jennifer-Pearl> I think news should be in a inbox thingy
[14:42:47] <LFP6> In the inbox
[14:42:51] <hoglahoo> with dates
[14:42:57] <hoglahoo> affixed to them
[14:42:58] <LFP6> But I think a separate page additionally would be good
[14:43:01] <calebgeniesse> so, just have one inbox and send out news as a message to everyone?
[14:43:03] <LFP6> Inbox should have dates
[14:43:17] <hoglahoo> the numerical kind, not the fruit
[14:43:23] <LFP6> lolz
[14:43:23] <Jennifer-Pearl> I dont want news to get burried
[14:44:02] <LFP6> @Caleb: I would do both personally. Inbox for everything, then a dedicated page for news and one for blog
[14:44:05] <Jennifer-Pearl> right now I get 3 conversationsl going and I have lost everying until I start searching papges
[14:44:25] <Jennifer-Pearl> I agree with LFP6 a seperate news think sounds best
[14:44:43] <Jennifer-Pearl> thing not think
[14:44:51] <jandersonlee> mixing all the feeds can be confusing - yes
[14:45:08] <jandersonlee> msgs news blogs
[14:45:10] <LFP6> Ooh, can I do a little mockup? :)
[14:45:19] <calebgeniesse> go for it!
[14:45:31] <jandersonlee> mock my words
[14:45:34] <LFP6> If you all have a little time, I can do it now and put it out for suggestions
[14:45:48] <LFP6> @Caleb: https://getsatisfaction.com/eternagame/topics/eterna-medicine-puzzle-progression-interface-feedback
[14:46:14] <Jennifer-Pearl> i can wait
[14:46:17] <whbob> Do messages etc completely dissappear when they drop off the bottom of the screen?
[14:46:30] <LFP6> Let me just close off the old topic
[14:46:50] <Jennifer-Pearl> i have some good personal news to share
[14:47:03] <whbob> ?
[14:47:08] <Jennifer-Pearl> if we need to kill time
[14:47:27] <jandersonlee> @whbob - no old messages persist
[14:48:18] <jandersonlee> click on "more" to see more older ones
[14:48:30] <whbob> sweet:)
[14:48:32] <LFP6> Ooh
[14:48:38] <LFP6> I just found out I can pin forum topics!
[14:48:57] <Jennifer-Pearl> how do I get to my messages?
[14:49:13] <Jennifer-Pearl> never mind found it
[14:49:27] <jandersonlee> a one line per message summary screen would be nice when trolling back months though
[14:50:03] <Jennifer-Pearl> yes I agree. If we could have it be more email inbox style with a subject that would be neeto
[14:50:11] <LFP6> Aaand I apparently don't know what pinning does
[14:51:05] <Jennifer-Pearl> but the Champion is infallible
[14:51:12] <LFP6> Heh
[14:51:17] <LFP6> Just not all-powerful
[14:51:28] <LFP6> Ok, so, mockup. Let's do this
[14:51:29] <jandersonlee> or all knowing
[14:51:36] <LFP6> True
[14:51:47] <jandersonlee> Up? Hah! (mock up)
[14:52:04] <Jennifer-Pearl> lol
[14:52:18] <LFP6> Trying to think of the fastest way to do this
[14:52:27] <LFP6> I'm thinking developer preview
[14:54:10] <hoglahoo> how many puzzles are in the puzzle progression?
[14:54:36] <jandersonlee> 10 in the first level that's all I've managed
[14:54:44] <Jennifer-Pearl> so I figures out that Sara running in analysis only mode uses almost no RAM adn just about 40% of a CPU
[14:55:10] <Jennifer-Pearl> I can runn her in the free amazon servers now
[14:55:19] <jandersonlee> whee! (clap)
[14:55:42] <whbob> That's great Jen:)
[14:55:52] <Jennifer-Pearl> very happy with that. I can run through a whole sublab in an hour now
[14:55:57] <hoglahoo> tell me more about these free amazon servers
[14:56:11] <Jennifer-Pearl> https://aws.amazon.com/free/
[14:56:21] <hoglahoo> oh the trial
[14:56:22] <Jennifer-Pearl> there is free tier
[14:56:29] <hoglahoo> yeah I am actually using that now to connect to chat, lol
[14:56:31] <jandersonlee> tiny instances. about 1/2 core and a small amount of ram
[14:56:39] <Jennifer-Pearl> adn it gives you 750hrs a month of usage
[14:56:46] <jandersonlee> but you have to give them your credit card - just in case
[14:56:47] <Jennifer-Pearl> yes what HL said
[14:56:48] <Jennifer-Pearl> JL
[14:56:51] <hoglahoo> there are only like 740 hours in a month
[14:57:07] <Jennifer-Pearl> or 740
[14:57:10] <Jennifer-Pearl> something or other
[14:57:18] <hoglahoo> yeah I think they say 750
[14:57:19] <Jennifer-Pearl> but you can runn multiple
[14:57:28] <hoglahoo> I was thinking to myself "uh how much does that leave me"
[14:57:51] <jandersonlee> for parctical purposes - none left over
[14:57:52] <Jennifer-Pearl> the ram is only 2 GB and the CPU is small
[14:58:22] <Jennifer-Pearl> the small server can run VS2012 easily adn I used if for alot of DPAT and Remmy Development
[14:58:23] <jandersonlee> enough for a simple web service or minimal compute
[14:58:57] <jandersonlee> oops - lunch is over. ciao for now
[14:59:08] <jandersonlee> <I>Template:Braces for new players to arrive</I>
[14:59:14] <RedSpah> Hi All
[14:59:17] <hoglahoo> see you
[14:59:26] <Jennifer-Pearl> when you need there is teh power servers adn you can create images to upload quickly so you dont have to reintall all teh files when you terminate it
[14:59:36] <whbob> gtg also. Bye everyone:)
[14:59:49] <Jennifer-Pearl> bye JL
[14:59:52] <Jennifer-Pearl> good to see you
[15:00:01] <RedSpah> bye JL, whbob
[15:00:14] <Jennifer-Pearl> bye whbob
[15:00:22] <Jennifer-Pearl> good to see you too
[15:00:45] <Jennifer-Pearl> good to see everyone