Puzzle Maker

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Puzzle Maker or Puzzle Designer is the in-game feature that allows players to create puzzles by specifying the target structure and sequence.

Currently players must gain 20,000 points to access Puzzle Maker. The player must specify a sequence that folds into the target structure in order to publish their design. Notes can be added with the annotation tool. Players are limited to 3 puzzle submissions in any 24 hour period. The player can specify constraints, in addition to Puzzle Title and Puzzle Description, after clicking the "Publish Your Solution!" icon.

With the release of Eterna3D, players are now able to add 3D structures to go along with their puzzles; this can be done with a button in the toolbar and an appropriate structural file (.pdb or .cif). The number of bases in the puzzle must match the number of bases in the structural file for the upload to work.

Puzzle Maker Tutorials

Introduction on how to use the Puzzle Maker