2014.07.09 Dev Chat

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On Issue Tracker & NOVA Tooltips

jnicol: Hi everyone, welcome to dev chat!  [3:00 PM]

Eli Fisker: hi John :)  [3:00 PM]

machinelves: hello! :D  [3:00 PM]

jnicol: hi eli, elves  [3:00 PM]

jnicol: I saw your PM eli [3:00 PM]

Eli Fisker: Thx [3:00 PM]

jnicol: I'm currently working on the issue tracking code  [3:01 PM]

jnicol: Allow players to rate the issues [3:01 PM]

Eli Fisker: Good to hear [3:02 PM]

machinelves: yay! [3:01 PM]

machinelves: that will be a huge help [3:02 PM]

machinelves: I have been wondering about a feature request we sent to walt, about those cool popup tooltips in the NOVA tutorials, and whether we can get that integrated into the puzzle making tools here for players. i remember devs mentioning the possibility a while back, and thought I'd check in on that [3:02 PM]

jnicol: thought elves would like that :) [3:02 PM]

LFP6: Was just going to ask about that! [3:02 PM]

machinelves: yes!! :D lfp6 will be happy too i bet [3:02 PM]

machinelves: lol [3:02 PM]

machinelves: tada! [3:02 PM]

Eli Fisker: Me too :) [3:02 PM]

machinelves: thanks for working on it! [3:02 PM]

jnicol: yes, adrien and rhiju talked about porting these nova features to eterna [3:03 PM]

machinelves: we were thinking, it could be a huge huge help for connecting puzzles to labs, to build guides into actual games [3:03 PM]

jnicol: I will ask them about it again on Friday [3:03 PM]

LFP6: I have to go somewhere, but I was just about to check in on the progress of issue tracking, and if any decisions have been made on look/feel/operation/how it's being built and whatnot [3:03 PM]

RedSpah: darn [3:03 PM]

RedSpah: forgot about 3-puzzle a day limit [3:03 PM]

Eli Fisker: John, great [3:03 PM]

machinelves: a lot of new players seem confused about how puzzles help learn lab strategies, and this would really help us make puzzles relevant to labs [3:03 PM]

machinelves: thank you! [3:04 PM]

LFP6: That was a thing I did think would be really cool-having access to the flash tutorial features [3:04 PM]

Eli Fisker: One thing I have already mention, which will also help a lot on making tutorials, will be the abilty to put both min and max limits on GC and AU pairs [3:04 PM]

LFP6: And sometimes, people don't read comments with the explanations, I'm sure. Plus interactivity always helps [3:04 PM]

jnicol: yes, I'm curious myself to see how that scripting integrates into creating puzzles [3:04 PM]

Eli Fisker: That would be great as a first step [3:04 PM]

LFP6: And GU, why not. :) [3:04 PM]

Eli Fisker: Jup GU too. I will like to limit to exactly what is needed for teaching good ratios for lab [3:05 PM]

jnicol: seems quiet lately, must be a summer time thing :) [3:06 PM]

Eli Fisker: Yes, been very quiet at days [3:06 PM]

Eli Fisker: Propably football too [3:06 PM]

machinelves: also, if the puzzle / tutorial markup could include drawing feature, like with lightshot, in addition to text comments, that would open up a lot of teaching possibility [3:06 PM]

Eli Fisker: Yes, it would be awesome to be able to show pictures in the puzzle itself [3:07 PM]

machinelves: though I understand that may be harder to integrate than just the popup text [3:07 PM]

Eli Fisker: as an inbetween step [3:07 PM]

machinelves: it would really help even just to have a highlighting feature [3:07 PM]

machinelves: to point to xyz nts & base pairs [3:07 PM]

jnicol: text comments yes, dont think it includes drawing features though [3:07 PM]

Eli Fisker: Just posting a picture will help [3:07 PM]

Eli Fisker: One can write in the images with lightshot [3:08 PM]

LFP6: All right, I'll check the chatlog for whatever happens... Later [3:07 PM]

machinelves: dear jnicol may we please have the moon *and* the kitchen sink lol... [3:08 PM]

jnicol: thx LFP6, take care [3:08 PM]

machinelves: oh! eli that is a great idea [3:08 PM]

machinelves: bye lfp6! [3:08 PM]

machinelves: yes, if we can insert an image where the tooltip would go, then we can do the drawing outside of the game itself [3:08 PM]

Eli Fisker: Just an example how an image can help [3:08 PM]

Eli Fisker: http://eterna.cmu.edu/web/puzzle/4812503/ [3:08 PM]

Eli Fisker: in the puzzle description  [3:09 PM]

Eli Fisker: on one of my latest tutorials [3:09 PM]

machinelves: yes exactly! [3:09 PM]

jnicol: including an image may be able to be done [3:09 PM]

Eli Fisker: Cool [3:09 PM]

jnicol: test with image [3:09 PM]

jnicol: *text [3:09 PM]

TomoeUzumaki: hey all [3:10 PM]

Eli Fisker: hi Tomoe [3:10 PM]

machinelves: hey tomoe! [3:10 PM]

TomoeUzumaki: yo! [3:10 PM]

jnicol: I'm not sure if there is a monthly eterna meeting this friday, i have not heard any word of this [3:10 PM]

jnicol: hi tomoe [3:10 PM]

Eli Fisker: Ah, I really hope there will be [3:11 PM]

TomoeUzumaki: I sincerely hope there is, I actually might be able to make it [3:11 PM]

machinelves: oh! thanks for the heads up [3:11 PM]

Eli Fisker: On the images. As long as we can include an image, it will be fine. As we can add in the text in the image otherwise [3:12 PM]

jnicol: usually they send emails with agenda for the meeting by now [3:12 PM]

TomoeUzumaki: hey john, do you know if the getsat issue upvote/downvote thing has been rolled out yet? [3:12 PM]

machinelves: i feel really badly that I missed the last one, I was too overwhelmed with work and misemembered the time.  [3:12 PM]

TomoeUzumaki: aww, elves, it's ok [3:12 PM]

jnicol: tomoe, I am working on a version to be integrated in the game, with the link to getsat forum for details [3:13 PM]

machinelves: yes agree with Eli about focus on adding images. and text can be separate if necessary [3:13 PM]

Eli Fisker: Ah, I mean I will love both [3:13 PM]

Eli Fisker: but we don't need anything special for the images [3:13 PM]

Eli Fisker: just to be able to upload them [3:14 PM]

machinelves: thanks tomoe! I want to be sure to show support to das lab for all their effort to share research with us, because it really helps keep inspired about the science behind the game [3:14 PM]

TomoeUzumaki: John, that's awesome [3:13 PM]

jnicol: I should have a demo next week [3:14 PM]

machinelves: yay! wow, John you'e been doing a great job keeping things moving, thank you so much for all your efforts! [3:14 PM]

Eli Fisker: Agree with Elf [3:15 PM]

jnicol: yw, learning curve is a pain, but its getting better :) [3:15 PM]

TomoeUzumaki: you can do it!! [3:15 PM]

Eli Fisker: Glad to hear it is getting better. :) [3:15 PM]

machinelves: hehe indeed! I was amazed you were able to dive right in so quickly, so I think you're doing great :D [3:16 PM]

jnicol: some pieces of the code are more familiar to me, some I need to learn :) [3:17 PM]

machinelves: hehe, so a little comfort, a little fun [3:17 PM]

machinelves: out of curiosity, is walt still working on labs UX? should we continue to think of things to send to him, or is he pretty much done with roadmap / architecture? [3:17 PM]

jnicol: I think when we get the issue tracking running, there will be lots to talk about [3:18 PM]

machinelves: ohhhhh yes  [3:18 PM]

Eli Fisker: Hehe, thats a very good point [3:18 PM]

jnicol: I have not heard from Walt in about 3 weeks [3:18 PM]

machinelves: me too [3:18 PM]

jnicol: hopefully he is busy designing a nice interface! [3:19 PM]

machinelves: hehe there are a lot of pieces to organize! [3:19 PM]

machinelves: we can also adapt the issues sent to him on lab UX into the issue tracker when it's ready, which may be an easier way to communicate about thoe features anyway [3:20 PM]

machinelves: *those [3:20 PM]

TomoeUzumaki: john, how is Vineet doing on the 3D aspect of the game (or do you not know? [3:20 PM]

jnicol: I am thinking about having 2 trackers, 1 for bugs and 1 for new features [3:20 PM]

Eli Fisker: Sounds like a great idea and divide [3:21 PM]

machinelves: that may also help players grasp the difference between types of issues [3:21 PM]

TomoeUzumaki: john, that's a really good idea [3:21 PM]

jnicol: Vineet is still on track for August unvealing [3:21 PM]

TomoeUzumaki: sometimes stuff gets blurred [3:21 PM]

TomoeUzumaki: haha sweet [3:21 PM]

Eli Fisker: And there can be top priorities both places [3:21 PM]

TomoeUzumaki: Eli, I think that was the plan [3:22 PM]

Eli Fisker: So what is the 3D thing about? Do we get to see our RNA in 3D ingame? [3:22 PM]

TomoeUzumaki: there's going to be a 3D component [3:22 PM]

jnicol: 3D is only used for motifs in the natural RNA library [3:23 PM]

Eli Fisker: ah, so 3d jigsaw puzzle pieces [3:23 PM]

jnicol: and is expected only for labs right now [3:23 PM]

jnicol: correct eli [3:23 PM]

machinelves: *drool* [3:24 PM]

Eli Fisker: so the labs we have already solved? [3:24 PM]

TomoeUzumaki: heheh [3:23 PM]

jnicol: new labs [3:24 PM]

TomoeUzumaki: ooh [3:24 PM]

Eli Fisker: ok [3:24 PM]

TomoeUzumaki: will there be tutorials? [3:24 PM]

machinelves: i think we talked about htis, but just want to voice support for keeping option to view in 2D mode, for a number of reasons [3:24 PM]

jnicol: I agree Tomoe [3:24 PM]

jnicol: oops, elves :) [3:25 PM]

TomoeUzumaki: elves, that's a really good point [3:24 PM]

TomoeUzumaki: hahah [3:24 PM]

machinelves: :D we are both green! [3:25 PM]

Eli Fisker: :) [3:25 PM]

TomoeUzumaki: xD yep [3:25 PM]

jnicol: too much green [3:25 PM]

Eli Fisker: and about the same length [3:25 PM]

TomoeUzumaki: oh yeah haha [3:25 PM]

machinelves: hehe good point [3:25 PM]

machinelves: pew pew confusion chat! [3:25 PM]

TomoeUzumaki: lol [3:25 PM]

TomoeUzumaki: elves, going completely to 3D would be hard for people who've been here for a while [3:26 PM]

Brourd: The Das lab will design targets where you need to get from Point A to Point B in 3D, maybe with specific motifs required, etc. [3:26 PM]

TomoeUzumaki: oh [3:26 PM]

TomoeUzumaki: Brourd, how do you know everything [3:26 PM]

machinelves: actually we could have a cute slider that goes 1D for raw sequence data, 2D for old school eterna, and then 3D  [3:26 PM]

machinelves: and 4D could be switches, lol [3:26 PM]

TomoeUzumaki: elves that would be cute! [3:26 PM]

machinelves: easy peasy! [3:27 PM]

RedSpah: 5D 5-state switches [3:27 PM]

Eli Fisker: :) [3:27 PM]

RedSpah: Brourd would have a field day with them [3:27 PM]

machinelves: lol red [3:27 PM]

jnicol: I am thinking of a separate page that would be used for 3D puzzles when we are able to have any puzzle displayed in 3D [3:27 PM]

Eli Fisker: Sounds good John [3:27 PM]

jnicol: Hi Brourd, Red [3:27 PM]

machinelves: cool! we will all be so excited, i think you could hide 3D puzzles under a rock and we would find them [3:28 PM]

Brourd: Greetings. [3:28 PM]

Eli Fisker: lol, Elf [3:28 PM]

machinelves: hi brourd! [3:28 PM]

jnicol: lol [3:28 PM]

Eli Fisker: hi Brourd [3:28 PM]

TomoeUzumaki: haha [3:28 PM]

Brourd: Sorry tomoe, I don't know everything. For example, I have no clue what the targets will be, although, I am sure I could find out in a day or two. [3:29 PM]

jnicol: Brourd, I am guessing you will want your lab to go live for the next round [3:29 PM]

Brourd: Yeah, we are running into some issues :) [3:30 PM]

jnicol: np [3:30 PM]

Brourd: Specifically SSP. Only obscene words can describe using a mimic with that riboswitch. [3:31 PM]

TomoeUzumaki: lol [3:31 PM]

jnicol: you can always remove that sub-lab :) [3:32 PM]

Brourd: Maybe! [3:32 PM]

Brourd: Option two is trickier [3:33 PM]

jnicol: OK, guess this is the end of dev chat, thanks everyone for participating! [3:34 PM]

TomoeUzumaki: ok, see ya [3:34 PM]

machinelves: okay ! yes, i have no other questions. [3:35 PM]

Eli Fisker: Bye John, thx for today [3:35 PM]

machinelves: thank you!! [3:35 PM]