2016.04.15 Community Chat

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LFP6: Rhiju is online  [12:08 AM]

LFP6: Scratch that  [12:08 AM]

LFP6: Was  [12:08 AM]

whbob: He must be really busy with all of the things coming up.  [12:09 AM]

whbob: Will the TB labs start this coming week?  [12:11 AM]


Astromon: i hope so i cant wait to see them << :)  [12:13 AM]

whbob: I'm wondering how long the sequences and oligo's will be.  [12:13 AM]

Astromon: and how many oligos! :)  [12:14 AM]

Astromon: So im stil working on 7-18 super computer<<  [12:15 AM]

Astromon: i tried the kernal attraction on the base you said and worked my way down with no avail :D  [12:16 AM]

whbob: I'm trying to remember the puzzle. I'll go look it up.  [12:17 AM]

Astromon: cooL thanks :)  [12:17 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: hi [12:19 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: sorry for being late [12:19 AM]

whbob: Hi Jen. [12:19 AM]

LFP6: Hey Jen@ [12:19 AM]

LFP6: *! [12:19 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: got stuff in work [12:20 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: this is a player chat session [12:20 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: *stuck not stuff [12:20 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: hi LFP6 [12:20 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: All I have to talk about today is to give some updates to everyone about Eternacon [12:21 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: take input adn open the floor up for people to discuss things [12:21 AM]

Astromon: sry bob its 13-18 [12:21 AM]

Astromon: hi jen [12:21 AM]

Astromon: i read the wednesday's meeting  everything looks like it going good! [12:23 AM]

whbob: OK, I'll switch to that one :) [12:23 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: things are comming together [12:25 AM]

whbob: This new puzzle format doesn't remember my history :( [12:25 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: Soooo [12:25 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: a quick overview [12:25 AM]

Astromon: yeah true that bob  :D [12:26 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: Eternacon is goign to be at Stanford on July 16th and 17th [12:26 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: weare almost done scheduling houskeeping for the bathrooms durring the event [12:26 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: and catering is in the works but wont be finalized until we a re a month out form the convention [12:27 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: when peopel RSVP i am asking about dietary requirments which will be taken into account when requestimng catering as much as possible [12:28 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: We have a list of event we would like to haveand now need to track down peope to do them [12:28 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: here is a google doc with everything [12:28 AM]

Jennifer Pearl:                 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DowzPdVkZPF1SB5z2Rsu71pLygCdeNOAUnMlNUxAtMk/edit [12:29 AM]

Astromon: cool [12:29 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: This is a list of events we have brainstormed [12:29 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: please give comments and/or suggestions for more to eternacon2016@gmail.com [12:30 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: you can also RSVP or ask any questions using that email address [12:30 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: you can also contact any of the organizers as listed on teh wiki page [12:31 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: the official organizers are Astromon, Caleb and myself [12:31 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: any of those people can give you info about the event [12:31 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: or at least "official" info [12:32 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: Wre are working toward making finalical aid available via crowdfunding and so far have $500 in teh pool [12:32 AM]

whbob: That;s a very good list you have already :) [12:33 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: it will be a first come first serve situation for the finanial aid [12:33 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: thanks whbob. the committee has been working hard [12:34 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: here is a link to the Eternacon wiki also just sop everyone has it [12:35 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: http://eternawiki.org/wiki/index.php5/Eternacon [12:35 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: you can go there for up-to-date info and to review teh chat logs from the committee meetings. They are open to everyone and most if not all of teh work for this event gets done there [12:36 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: durring the committee meetings [12:36 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: they are wednesdays from 12pm to 1pm PDT [12:37 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: that is all I have right now [12:37 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: anyone want to bring up anything [12:37 AM]

whbob: I've got a feeling that a lot of new lab data will be generated in the next three months :) [12:37 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: or have any questions [12:37 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: its going to be exciting [12:37 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: it feels like we are stqarting to narrow down ideal secondary structure configurations for the labs [12:38 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: which will open up more doors I think [12:38 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: I meant all the new data will be exciting. my post was ambiguous i htink [12:39 AM]

worseize: if i would like to visit Eternacon Should i register ?  [12:44 AM]

whbob: @ Astro: Did you start 13 of 17 by attaching 85 of the sequence to 89 of the oligo? [12:40 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: It is recomended that you RSVP to guarantee you have catering and if you need financial aid [12:40 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: @worseize  [12:41 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: so yes RSVPing woudl be best. you can email Eternacon2016@gmail.com [12:41 AM]

Astromon: yup tried that first thing a few times [12:41 AM]

Astromon: i took a pic of what you said to do and followed it to the letter<<  :) [12:42 AM]

whbob: My MS2 ends at location 70 [12:42 AM]

Astromon: so jen thats the Email for all questions for the Eternacon event? [12:43 AM]

worseize: okay but when is last day of RSVP? [12:47 AM]

Astromon: I wouldnt wait until the last day may not be any funds left <> [12:43 AM]

Astromon: its a first come first serve type thing i think<< [12:44 AM]

Astromon: my ms2 ends at 55 and is locked [12:45 AM]

whbob: I would think local hotel rooms would fill up well before the start date also. [12:45 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: @astro the email if for questions but you can also ask teh organizers in Eterna chat or PM [12:47 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: which is you [12:47 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: lol [12:47 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: hotels....that is a good point [12:47 AM]

Astromon: right!  :D [12:47 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: I am adding that to my lis tof thing sot work out. thanks whbob [12:48 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: @whbob the event is over a week after the 4th so I am hoping teh room will be more availabe [12:49 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: hotel rooms that is [12:49 AM]

whbob: @ Astro: Start linking 70 of the sequence to 89 of the oligo. [12:49 AM]

Astromon: hmm Okay maybe I +havnt tried already   << [12:50 AM]

whbob: @ Jen: Is that area near San Mateo? [12:50 AM]

Astromon: thanks for the tips again bob, <<>> [12:50 AM]

Astromon: great meeting jen thanks! have to run<< have a great day everyone! [12:51 AM]

whbob: Bye Astro. [12:51 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: @whbob the event is in Palo Alto [12:51 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: google maps says it is 20min from Sanb Mateo by car [12:52 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: Stanford in is Palo Alto [12:53 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: by astro [12:53 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: bye [12:53 AM]

whbob: OK, it's the next bridge down from San Mateo. [12:53 AM]

worseize: Everybody from USA ? [12:59 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: no there are many players from other countries on Eterna [12:55 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: there are a few I know who are in england and I think someone from Brazil [12:56 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: that I know [12:56 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: not englan but europe in general [12:56 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: we are prodly a muticultural grou[p [12:57 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: group [12:57 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: we are proudly a multicultural group [12:57 AM]

worseize: lol  [1:02 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: hope to see you at Eternacon worseize [12:58 AM]

worseize: i can`t  it is not cheap for me to fly USA  [1:03 PM]

Astromon: [+/++ [12:59 AM]

worseize: first i think that stanford is in Britain then google and see california ) [1:03 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: oh [12:59 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: where are you comming from? [12:59 AM]

worseize: I am from Estonia near Russia but come here from Khan academy link  [1:04 PM]

whbob: Last year they streamed the meetings to the internet.   [1:02 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: send an email to teh eternacon2016@gmail account and we can discuss [1:02 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: expedia listed a round trip cost of 1500 for teh trip plus room so maybe we can help out if you can afford a little bit [1:02 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: lets start the converstion if you intend to attend but just need finds [1:03 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: funds [1:03 PM]

worseize: thanks Jenny [1:09 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: send me an email [1:05 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: no problem. glad to help. [1:05 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: i need ot go  [1:06 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: have a good day everyone [1:06 PM]