2016.06.10 Community Chat

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MasterStormer: oh I created a puzzle of boosting, but idk what folding engine will I publish it with;  [12:15 AM]

LFP6: @whbob and Master Can you give me any specifics not in the documentation?  [12:15 AM]

whbob: Like documentation on what the scripts do? Some work on their own with an input like a puzzle ID, I think.  [12:15 AM]

LFP6: Thats up to the script author to document  [12:15 AM]

cynwulf28: where do I find "the forums"  [12:16 AM]

cynwulf28: ?  [12:16 AM]

LFP6: Under community  [12:16 AM]

whbob: So, nothing in the wiki, OK  [12:16 AM]

LFP6: getsatisfaction.com/eternagame  [12:16 AM]

LFP6: Not that I know of, no  [12:16 AM]

MasterStormer: for example I dont get how Lib.distanceCustom works  [12:17 AM]

MasterStormer: nor Lib.map  [12:17 AM]

LFP6: Is the documentation not good wnough?  [12:17 AM]

MasterStormer: yes, it isnt really good enough  [12:17 AM]

LFP6: You can always outln(fn) as well if seeing the source helps  [12:17 AM]

LFP6: Ah  [12:17 AM]

MasterStormer: it is good if you know what you are doing and just need a reminder, but it is NOT a tutorial  [12:18 AM]

LFP6: Something else you might want to mention on the forums  [12:18 AM]

MasterStormer: hmm ok  [12:18 AM]

LFP6: No, its an API spec really  [12:18 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: hi [12:19 AM]

LFP6: Its.not meant to be and it shouldnt necessarily [12:19 AM]

LFP6: Hey Jen [12:19 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: How are things going [12:19 AM]

MasterStormer: hi [12:19 AM]

LFP6: @Master I might be able to clarify any specific questions though [12:19 AM]

whbob: Hi Jen :) [12:20 AM]

LFP6: Good, you? Btw, you should look at ny profile :) [12:20 AM]

MasterStormer: I'll pm you later with exact questions [12:20 AM]

LFP6: Thats cool [12:20 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: thtis awsome [12:20 AM]

cynwulf28: @LFP6 I got into the forum, just post the info there? Or Iam I missing a step? [12:21 AM]

LFP6: Yep! [12:21 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: so I need to go grab food how is the player led chat going [12:21 AM]

LFP6: Create a new topuc, and fill it out with info [12:21 AM]

TheDomBom13: I JUST EARNED TOOL NO. * [12:22 AM]

TheDomBom13: Oops, NO. 8 [12:22 AM]

MasterStormer: nice! [12:21 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: ill be back once I grab my sandwich after they make it [12:21 AM]

LFP6: @Jen: Only sorta going xD [12:21 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: @LFP6 can you l ddown the fort for another 10min [12:22 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: hold down [12:22 AM]

LFP6: Go get your food :) [12:22 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: ok [12:22 AM]

LFP6: So recent post in the forum by Omei, of particular interest to you snd I master : https://getsatisfaction.com/eternagame/topics/player-coders-how-can-the-devs-empower-you-to-create-scripts-that-enhance-the-the-flash-game [12:24 AM]

LFP6: Looking for feedback for what would be helpful for making scripts directly used in the game [12:24 AM]

MasterStormer: nice [12:26 AM]

Nando: I haven't reacted to that thread yet, but will do in time [12:27 AM]

MasterStormer: @LFP6 nando why cant I tag scripts as booster scripts? I saw one of the devs publish a script like that [12:27 AM]

Nando: certain things don't make sense, some are easy, and some are hard to implement [12:27 AM]

Nando: @master: this is beta for the moment [12:28 AM]

Nando: I guess caleb still needs to iron out certain things before deploying [12:29 AM]

MasterStormer: but what can you test about it? I mean there is a test on the fly button and stuff like that [12:29 AM]

Nando: precisely, that field doesn't belong there and that's one the things that caleb needs to fix [12:30 AM]

MasterStormer: oh [12:30 AM]

whbob: What scripts are there now that help with labs?  [12:30 AM]

whbob: Is there an index of script types? [12:31 AM]

MasterStormer: I am trying to build a script to predict kernel attractor stuff [12:31 AM]

Nando: we're still working on the framework whbob, actual scripts will take a little longer I guess [12:31 AM]

MasterStormer: however I think I will move to C# as building stuff in eternascript is pretty much a pain, and I dont need stuff like Lib.fold [12:31 AM]

whbob: Oh, ok.  I haven't really used the scripts yet :( [12:32 AM]

LFP6: @whbob There are existing ones that could help that arent applet integrated though [12:32 AM]

LFP6: Theyre just not really organized well, its up to you to search/dig through [12:32 AM]

whbob: @ lpf6: I'm not sure what that means, but I"m interested. [12:33 AM]

whbob: *lfp [12:33 AM]

LFP6: @Master Im going to be making an SDK for the API in C# for Jen, if thats of interest [12:33 AM]

MasterStormer: ooooh yay! [12:33 AM]

MasterStormer: I could use that [12:33 AM]

LFP6: Not sure what whay means? What part? [12:33 AM]

LFP6: *what [12:33 AM]

MasterStormer: above the ?place where you write the script there is a "show list" button [12:34 AM]

MasterStormer: it is where all the scripts are [12:34 AM]

whbob: Existing scripts at might help but aren't applet integrated? [12:35 AM]

LFP6: Ah, sorry [12:35 AM]

MasterStormer: yes [12:35 AM]

LFP6: They arent actually in the Flash game itself [12:35 AM]

LFP6: You just run them in the webpage [12:35 AM]

LFP6: Plug in your sequence, or whatever, and it might give you one back for example [12:36 AM]

whbob: I see, using data but not from flash? [12:36 AM]

MasterStormer: you can still right click flash to copy/paste the sequence [12:37 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: im back [12:37 AM]

LFP6: @Master Cool. What specific things might you want to query? [12:37 AM]

LFP6: @Whbob As in, you cant actually run it while playing and have it adjust things, thats the new stuff [12:38 AM]

whbob: oh, nothing that communicates with flash, got it.  Thanks:) [12:39 AM]

MasterStormer: @lfp6 what do you mean? I didnt ask anything [12:39 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: I wanted to run something by everyone here for Eternacon [12:40 AM]

MasterStormer: also is there a way to get your or RNAFold source code of folding? [12:41 AM]

LFP6: @Master: In reference to the SDK [12:41 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: There is a potential to be able to collect some moeny for Eternacon.  [12:41 AM]

LFP6: @Jen go for it [12:41 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: However it requires changing the policy 1 month out [12:41 AM]

MasterStormer: I want to program the stuff here in C#, and add some oligos stuff I guess [12:42 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: I am going to be contacting Rhiju n teh next day or so to inform him we are requesting a "suggested dontaion" for attending Eternacon.  [12:42 AM]

LFP6: Hm [12:43 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: No one is required to pay if they cant afford but if you aer able to it would be nice [12:43 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: this is so that if a school send people the school can pay the adminstrative costs [12:43 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: we ahve the potential of having undergrads attending Eternacon [12:43 AM]

LFP6: That would be neat [12:44 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: but dont want to have a lopsided policy that only affect a small group of people.  [12:44 AM]

LFP6: Understandable [12:44 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: next year I am thinking we will look into how to fund eternacon by itself...sulfsufficency [12:45 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: this dicision was made after mcuh discusion and lots of contemplation [12:45 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: What do you all think of it? [12:46 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: @LFP6 sounds like you may be ok with it [12:46 AM]

LFP6: I personally dont see much harm in that [12:46 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: im asking for $250 each [12:46 AM]

LFP6: What issues do you potentially see from it? [12:46 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: suggested of course [12:46 AM]

LFP6: The price? [12:47 AM]

MasterStormer: isnt that a lot? [12:47 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: yes [12:47 AM]

MasterStormer: idk I am not a working man yet, but it feels pretty high [12:47 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: that amount was recomened by Rhiju [12:47 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: that is why it is a suggested donation and not a requirment [12:47 AM]

MasterStormer: hmm I think I get it [12:48 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: The only issue i see is someone feeling awkward for attending without paying even though they dont have to [12:48 AM]

LFP6: Im personally not the best t ask, still being in school [12:48 AM]

Nando: I'll be paying a $1900 flight ticket already... doesn't feel too good... [12:48 AM]

LFP6: Ouch [12:48 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: this is more to see if the communoity is ok in general with asking for a suggested donation [12:48 AM]

MasterStormer: but make clear that you dont have to pay, but also that you need the money for the game [12:48 AM]

MasterStormer: what I mean is that you need to make it feel right [12:49 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: @master correct. It is purely for administrative costs [12:49 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: the only way I could make it feel correct was by calling it a suggested donation [12:49 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: especially this late in the game [12:49 AM]

MasterStormer: I guess so [12:49 AM]

LFP6: Right, a lot can be helped by presentation/wording [12:49 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: @nando hi [12:50 AM]

LFP6: Just kinda "hey, if you can, please help us out, otherwise its cool" [12:50 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: that is a good idea LFP6 [12:50 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: great way to frame it [12:50 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: I am going to be leading a session at eternacon discussing ways to fund the future eternacons [12:51 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: @nando do you have a suggestion for how much we should ask for from people? [12:51 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: who are able [12:52 AM]

MasterStormer: @Jennifer will eternacon be streamed? [12:52 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: yes [12:52 AM]

Nando: I'm not the one to ask such things, I think [12:52 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: I will make every effort to stream it [12:52 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: ok , I figured yu had experiecen with conventions [12:52 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: or conferences [12:52 AM]

Nando: actually, none whatsoever :) [12:53 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: ok [12:53 AM]

whbob: @ Jen: What would "Admin" costs be?   [12:53 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: I had my first in may when I wnt to a machine vision convention for work to get my cert in machine vision [12:53 AM]

MasterStormer: @whbob as it is a donation, I'd guess there will be no reason making exceptions for ?admins [12:54 AM]

LFP6: Thats not what it means Master :) [12:54 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: @whbob administrative costs woul dbe for food and help with player travel so that my be a little outside of administrative costs [12:54 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: also anything left over will go toward next years event I think [12:54 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: I would like to have a group dinner and that would hgelp pay for it [12:55 AM]

LFP6: Administrative usually covers thimgs like facilities [12:55 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: true [12:55 AM]

LFP6: I think most of that it gratis through Stanford? [12:56 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: the room is and i think catering is [12:56 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: but dinner is not  [12:56 AM]

MasterStormer: oh now I get what you meant [12:56 AM]

whbob: @ Jen: An Eternacon fund for maybe a "common (meeting) room where snacks & drinks would be available? [12:57 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: I would like to get a nice microphone like what was used last year but that costs money and i need to get reimbursed [12:57 AM]

LFP6: At least having some water bottles would be nice [12:58 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: those are small things that require some money [12:58 AM]

LFP6: Yeah [12:58 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: which i think falls under administrative ok.  [12:58 AM]

LFP6: Id say so [12:58 AM]

LFP6: Personally [12:59 AM]

Matt Indykiewicz: Same [12:59 AM]

LFP6: Ey, Matt! [12:59 AM]

Matt Indykiewicz: Hiya [1:00 PM]

LFP6: Hows it going? [1:00 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: so if we want this stuff tehn we will ahve to ask for suggested donations if able but not push it. [1:00 PM]

Matt Indykiewicz: Im done with finals now  [1:00 PM]

Matt Indykiewicz: so pretty good  [1:00 PM]

LFP6: I finished woth classes today, 4 finals over next 2 weeks [1:00 PM]

LFP6: *with [1:01 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: sounds like everyone is on board in concept. I will talk with Rhiju and work out the cost with him to something reasonable. I am thinking $200ish [1:01 PM]

LFP6: Ok [1:01 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: that is my stuff for today [1:01 PM]

whbob: Thanks Jen :) [1:02 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: we have alot of guest speakers too [1:02 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: for the event. sorry for the random comment [1:03 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: np whbob [1:03 PM]

LFP6: Was there a meeting Wed? [1:03 PM]

LFP6: I was after school facing that mold blank :p [1:04 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: I could not get on the site. I had connectivity issues [1:04 PM]

LFP6: Didnt see a log on the wiki [1:05 PM]

LFP6: Aah [1:05 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: speaking ok. Can you post eh chatlog LFP6? [1:05 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: for today [1:05 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: im on my work computer and don t have the full chat log from when you started [1:05 PM]

LFP6: Im not in a great position to fo so [1:05 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ok [1:05 PM]

LFP6: *do [1:05 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: I can do from 12:16 [1:05 PM]

LFP6: Had to use my iPod w/ Flash browser [1:06 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: Ill post what i have then [1:06 PM]