2014.04.23 Dev Chat

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On NOVA & Paper Labs

jeehyung: Hi all [3:12 PM]

Eli Fisker: hi Jee :) [3:13 PM]

machinelves: hi jee! [3:13 PM]

starryjess: hi jee [3:13 PM]

firedrake969: Hi jee [3:13 PM]

Brourd: Hey Jee [3:14 PM]

firedrake969: Yay, I summoned him!  :P [3:13 PM]

firedrake969: It worked! [3:13 PM]

Eli Fisker: :) [3:13 PM]

machinelves: hehe [3:13 PM]

hoglahoo: machinelves: it's a little lower, you're right [3:14 PM]

Nando: hi Jee [3:14 PM]

jeehyung: Welcome to bi weekly dev chat. Unfortunately, I'm very packed work schedule with NOVA integration happening and can't stay long.  [3:13 PM]

janelle: hi Jee [3:14 PM]

machinelves: thanks hogla thought it was my imagination [3:14 PM]

machinelves: @jee thanks and huge congrats to team on wonderful release, round of applause! yay!!! [3:14 PM]

Eli Fisker: Nice you got here, Jee [3:14 PM]

jeehyung: Please throw in questions & suggestions - I'll have to leave around 3:30. Again, very sorry about the last minute notice. [3:14 PM]

Brourd: Jee. Minor question about the custom constraints. Were you able to get to fixing the bug? [3:15 PM]

jandersonlee: Jee - when should we expect the crowds to show up? [3:14 PM]

machinelves: @jee super low priority: eterna logo, advance science just a little lower than make molecules http://prntscr.com/3ct61u  [3:15 PM]

jeehyung: @Brourd - not yet. I'll try to find time later this week.. sorry about the delays [3:14 PM]

Brourd: No problem. You may want to notify Joe :) [3:15 PM]

jeehyung: @jandersonlee I'm not sure - it should be whenenver NOVA people think it's ready and start promoting the lab [3:15 PM]

jeehyung: @machineles - noted. Thanks [3:15 PM]

Eli Fisker: @Jee, many of the latest labs we have gotten points for recently, doesn’t have the results uploaded.  [3:15 PM]

janelle: Jee, can you please put dates on the labs when the points are awarded? [3:16 PM]

jandersonlee: ah they have not started promotion yet? but it is announced? [3:16 PM]

Brourd: Oh, Eli? [3:16 PM]

Eli Fisker: @Jee, Nova has put out a press release today [3:16 PM]

Eli Fisker: and it is going viral as we are speaking [3:16 PM]

Brourd: Do you happen to know which labs? [3:17 PM]

Eli Fisker: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/did-you-know-that-you-can-contribute-to-scientific-research-just-by-playing-a-game-256408731.html [3:16 PM]

jeehyung: @Eli - can you tell me the name of the labs? [3:16 PM]

Eli Fisker: However it will take time for folks to complete tutorials [3:16 PM]

machinelves: thx for the link Eli! [3:17 PM]

Eli Fisker: It is many [3:16 PM]

Brourd: A couple of labs had sequences over 130 residues [3:17 PM]

Brourd: in length [3:17 PM]

Brourd: Which prevented them from being synthesized. [3:17 PM]

Brourd: Well, couple, being like 7+ [3:18 PM]

Eli Fisker: Jee, here is one of the ones I got a lab message and score on: [3:17 PM]

Eli Fisker: http://eterna.cmu.edu/game/browse/3731669/?filter1=Id&filter1_arg1=4144511&filter1_arg2=4144511 [3:17 PM]

Eli Fisker: http://prntscr.com/3crzjq [3:17 PM]

Eli Fisker: But there is no shape data [3:17 PM]

Brourd: Ah [3:18 PM]

Brourd: It was probably not a synthesized design. [3:19 PM]

janelle: Jee, what I mean is when we get our lab messages and when we click on the lab data I would appreciate a time date to track [3:19 PM]

Brourd: As there is data uploaded. [3:19 PM]

jeehyung: @Eli - that solution seem to not ahve been chosen fot synthesis.  [3:19 PM]

Brourd: http://eterna.cmu.edu/web/browse/3731669/ [3:20 PM]

Eli Fisker: Ah, but the text says synthesized [3:19 PM]

jeehyung: @janelle timestamp for the lab reward messages right? [3:19 PM]

Eli Fisker: also there are whole labs without results [3:19 PM]

Brourd: I believe we ran into this issue before, Eli. [3:20 PM]

Brourd: The mesage says synthesized, however, it was really points for designing the sequence. [3:20 PM]

Eli Fisker: @Jee, another thing.  [3:21 PM]

jeehyung: @Eli Can you perhaps show me the mssage you got about the design? [3:20 PM]

Eli Fisker: http://prntscr.com/3crzjq [3:21 PM]

janelle: Jee, a time stamp on all the lab messages and that time stamp on the lab screens, all of them.  Presently there isn't any. [3:21 PM]

janelle: That time stamp should match the orginal date on the lab when we view it.  There's one there. [3:22 PM]

jeehyung: @Eli the message means that you got points by vorting on the design. You can get points by voting on designs that are not synthesized - sorry about the confusion [3:22 PM]

Brourd: Jee, will the flash interface for EteRNA, be updated to look similar to the flash interface used in the NOVA RNA lab? [3:23 PM]

jeehyung: @Brourd yes eventually. That's on my work pile [3:22 PM]

jandersonlee: (I like some of thier tweaks) [3:23 PM]

Eli Fisker: Jee, this lab doesn't say waiting for synthesis, but there is no results in:  [3:23 PM]

Eli Fisker: http://eterna.cmu.edu/web/browse/3606880/ [3:23 PM]

jeehyung: @Eli  and about some labs. We could not properly synthesized labs with 130 or more bases. [3:23 PM]

Eli Fisker: http://prntscr.com/3ctaq9 [3:24 PM]

Eli Fisker: ah, so it is those? [3:24 PM]

jeehyung: We'll probably have to unpublish those labs. Sorry about the confusion [3:24 PM]

jeehyung: yes that lab has 135 bases [3:24 PM]

Eli Fisker: Thx for the explanation [3:24 PM]

Eli Fisker: Jee, I would like you to explain more about the new lab system. There is still a lot of confusion on player side on how it is going to be. [3:24 PM]

Brourd: Have you managed to find the programmer that shall take over EteRNA,jee? [3:25 PM]

Brourd: And can they help with your work load? :D [3:25 PM]

Eli Fisker: Jee, if you guys up a news post on it, it will help a lot [3:25 PM]

jeehyung: @janelle - noted about the timestamp. [3:25 PM]

janelle: Thank you Jee, and I ditto on Eli's comment above [3:26 PM]

jeehyung: @Brourd Rhiju is running another set of interview I belive. Yes they are very experienced, and will prboably make big impact to Eterna devlopment [3:25 PM]

jeehyung: @Eli - will do. Thanks for the suggestion. [3:26 PM]

Eli Fisker: Sweet [3:26 PM]

Brourd: Awesome. [3:26 PM]

Eli Fisker: Np, Jee [3:26 PM]

firedrake969: Jee--is there any plan to be able to get points from the NOVA Labs to our existing accounts? [3:27 PM]

jandersonlee: Jee - could we get a few pilot projects in the mix next time - the Paper labs tend to be head scratchers [3:27 PM]

jeehyung: @firedrake not at this point - althought it might be a good task for our new lead programmer.. [3:27 PM]

jandersonlee: some simler labs would elp newbies [3:28 PM]

jandersonlee: *simpler* [3:28 PM]

jeehyung: @janderson - that's an interesting comment. I'll discuss this with Adrien and Rhiju. [3:28 PM]

Eli Fisker: I agree with JL. The paper labs are not the easiest place to start for the new plauers [3:28 PM]

janelle: I ditto with janders, concerned for new players [3:29 PM]

jeehyung: We definitiely didn't see that coming [3:28 PM]

machinelves: it will also really help to build constraints into labs so that you can't accidentally miss part of the instructions, won't fix all complexity, but a good direction [3:29 PM]

jandersonlee: ..and you do have pilot projects in the wings [3:29 PM]

Brourd: A point cutoff for introductory labs would be fine, sure. [3:29 PM]

janelle: Jee, the leap is to large from 10,000 points to open lab to a paper lab [3:29 PM]

machinelves: yes concern also about quality of submissions going down if players don't understand instructions [3:30 PM]

machinelves: i abstain from labs i don't get, but new players will just push buttons [3:30 PM]

jeehyung: Very valid points. We'll see if we can mix in pilot projects without taking too much focus away from the paper labs.. [3:30 PM]

Eli Fisker: Great [3:30 PM]

machinelves: yay! thanks [3:31 PM]

jeehyung: (or maybe even simpler lab excercises) [3:30 PM]

jandersonlee: at 40 slots each a few should fit [3:31 PM]

jeehyung: I have to run now. Sorry to cut the discussion short everyone.  [3:30 PM]

machinelves: unlock paper at higher points? [3:31 PM]

machinelves: bye jee! NOVA really beautifully done, huge congratulations. thanks again! [3:31 PM]

Eli Fisker: Bye Jee [3:31 PM]

Brourd: Point cutoff is my choice. Under 100,000 points, you can partcipate in the "Introductory labs" [3:32 PM]

jandersonlee: bye Jee and thanks [3:31 PM]

Brourd: Later Jee [3:32 PM]

jeehyung: I'll definitely discuss the issues with paper & pilot labs with PIs [3:31 PM]

janelle: Bye Jee and Thank You [3:32 PM]

Eli Fisker: Thx [3:31 PM]