2016.02.19 Community Chat

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[13:52:06] <ChatBot> KA-BOOOM!!!

[13:52:43] <Nando> sigh...

[13:52:49] <Nando> hi guys

[13:52:51] <hoglahoo> o/

[13:52:55] <Jennifer-Pearl> hi nando

[13:52:57] <Jennifer-Pearl> hi hog

[13:53:03] <hoglahoo> hi Jennifer

[13:53:07] <Jennifer-Pearl> hi evryones

[13:53:10] <haxolotl> hello

[13:53:30] <joy45> hello

[13:54:13] <Astromon> hi jen. nan, hogla, hax, joy &lt;&gt;

[13:56:15] <Jennifer-Pearl> How is everyone?

[13:56:50] <bertoli> salmon

[13:57:11] <Astromon> good&lt;&lt; thought yesterday was friday and was waiting on the dev chat to begin at 12.00 :)

[13:57:43] <Jennifer-Pearl> lol

[13:57:48] <Astromon> totaly forgot about it for today but here it iS!!

[13:57:49] <Jennifer-Pearl> that sucks though

[13:58:33] <Astromon> whats new w/ you

[13:58:46] <Astromon> you decide what to do about job

[13:59:24] <Jennifer-Pearl> I have a new job as an Application Specialist for a company in their clinical division

[13:59:50] <Jennifer-Pearl> working with machine vision and laser scanning devices in support of sales and marketing

[13:59:56] <Astromon> cooL congrats!

[14:00:03] <Jennifer-Pearl> i report to a global manager

[14:01:03] <Astromon> global manager eH he must have alot of employees

[14:01:05] <Jennifer-Pearl> its prety cool. I am going to get to play with code for machine vision like cheecking for different colors of vial caps that come by in a clinincal enviroment adn have that talk with other systems

[14:01:25] <Jennifer-Pearl> also mounting of devies and stuff like that

[14:02:02] <Astromon> sounds solid

[14:02:19] <Jennifer-Pearl> full time as well adn it is owned by a european company so it is real good

[14:02:34] <Astromon> nice

[14:02:40] <Astromon> got ok hours?

[14:02:44] <Jennifer-Pearl> my experience the american comanies treat you like property and the european ones treat you like family

[14:03:00] <Astromon> oH hmmM interesting

[14:03:26] <Astromon> glad your in a family type atmostphere&lt;&gt;

[14:03:26] <Jennifer-Pearl> at least that is what it feels like.

[14:03:31] <Jennifer-Pearl> well anyway Devchat is starting

[14:03:45] <Astromon> cooL

[14:04:25] <Jennifer-Pearl> So it was awsome that there was a paper published this week!

[14:04:36] <Astromon> yeaH i read it&lt;&lt;

[14:04:48] <Jennifer-Pearl> has anyone else taken a look at it yet?

[14:05:02] <Astromon> was very informative

[14:05:39] <RedSpah> Hi all

[14:06:14] <Jennifer-Pearl> Hi Red

[14:06:32] <Astromon> hi red

[14:06:34] <RedSpah> Hi Jen, Astr

[14:06:52] <Jennifer-Pearl> @hog Have you read the new paper yet?

[14:07:20] <hoglahoo> I've only read the abstract and glanced at the rest so far, but I am going to read it today or this weekend

[14:07:45] <Jennifer-Pearl> I took a look at the new paper and it looks really good. I like how they demonstrated that there are hard puzzles and then there are easy ones

[14:08:01] <Astromon> yeaH

[14:08:17] <Jennifer-Pearl> gave a quantitiative analysis and really demonstrated it

[14:08:21] <test123456789> hey, test123456789 here

[14:08:29] <Jennifer-Pearl> hi Caleb

[14:08:30] <Astromon> and it said there are 1 million dif combonations w/ just 10 n-t's

[14:08:49] <Astromon> so do the math on a big puzzle&lt;&gt;

[14:08:59] <Jennifer-Pearl> I've only read the abstract and conclusiona bit myself

[14:09:03] <Astromon> hi caleb

[14:09:08] <calebgeniesse> hi

[14:09:18] <calebgeniesse> just switched accounts

[14:09:31] <calebgeniesse> was on the other site

[14:09:41] <Jennifer-Pearl> this has been a big couple weeks

[14:09:54] <Jennifer-Pearl> do the devs waht to talk about anything?

[14:11:53] <Astromon> there is a new report bug place isnt there?

[14:12:00] <Astromon> the old one is closed i hear

[14:12:14] <Jennifer-Pearl> in the forums there is I believe

[14:12:25] <Astromon> cooL

[14:13:13] <Astromon> anyone know when the next test results for round 98 will come out?

[14:13:17] <Jennifer-Pearl> here is the link

[14:13:19] <Jennifer-Pearl> https://getsatisfaction.com/eternagame/topics/eterna-medicine-puzzle-progression-interface-feedback

[14:13:24] <Astromon> thanks jen

[14:13:42] <Astromon> oH i think that one has closed

[14:13:48] <Jennifer-Pearl> if anyone is having any issues that they would like to report (and please do so!) use the link above

[14:14:42] <Jennifer-Pearl> that one should be working. LFP6 closed a different one I think'

[14:14:53] <Astromon> oH okaY

[14:15:03] <calebgeniesse> yes, please do! i have been working hard to fix as much as i can, and will try to start replying to everyones comments asap!

[14:15:10] <Jennifer-Pearl> just posted "test" to it and it works

[14:15:11] <calebgeniesse> thanks for being patient :)

[14:16:03] <Astromon> its going smoothly great job caleb!

[14:16:23] <Jennifer-Pearl> the new site is really nice

[14:16:48] <calebgeniesse> glad you guys like it!

[14:17:34] <Jennifer-Pearl> @caleb on a side note do you know if that room is available on any of those days I asked about? I just sent you an email but I figured since your right here.

[14:17:41] <calebgeniesse> also, ive been working on something special for lab members

[14:17:57] <Jennifer-Pearl> nice

[14:18:00] <Astromon> oH

[14:18:07] <calebgeniesse> @Jennifer Pearl: I talked with admin and they sent me a link to reserve the room

[14:18:12] <calebgeniesse> checking now

[14:18:15] <Jennifer-Pearl> sweat

[14:18:19] <Jennifer-Pearl> sweet

[14:18:21] <Luzhanna> Hi, people! Help me. It's a stupid question but how to start playing?

[14:18:26] <Jennifer-Pearl> sweet sweat

[14:19:29] <Astromon> hji luz

[14:19:30] <Jennifer-Pearl> hi Luzhanna Nice to meet you

[14:19:38] <calebgeniesse> @Jennifer Pearl: what is the expected headcount

[14:19:48] <Jennifer-Pearl> unsure

[14:19:53] <Astromon> this brings up a question i had

[14:20:11] <Astromon> are we still advising new players to do nova first thing?

[14:20:14] <Jennifer-Pearl> im thinking rough estimate at moist 40

[14:20:29] <Jennifer-Pearl> that is very very conservative

[14:20:35] <Jennifer-Pearl> or wait wrong word

[14:20:56] <Jennifer-Pearl> that is probably more than will be there but I htink the room we had last time will fit everyone

[14:21:04] <Jennifer-Pearl> thre was alot of empty space

[14:21:15] <calebgeniesse> i think it holds 92

[14:21:20] <Astromon> the puzzle progression is a good place to start Luz

[14:21:27] <Jennifer-Pearl> great

[14:21:36] <Astromon> click lab bench then scroll down just a bit

[14:21:39] <Jennifer-Pearl> thats it perfect

[14:21:40] <calebgeniesse> @Astromon: nova is the second unlocked side quest

[14:21:49] <Astromon> or you can start on the relaxing side projects

[14:21:59] <Astromon> oH okaY

[14:22:22] <Astromon> relaxing side projects are just below the puzzle progression

[14:22:24] <Jennifer-Pearl> @Luzhanna The puzzle progression is the best place to start now

[14:22:44] <Jennifer-Pearl> it will teach you the basics you need to do well

[14:22:56] <calebgeniesse> and you can unlock relaxing side projects!

[14:23:02] <Astromon> and it starts from the basics

[14:23:04] <Jennifer-Pearl> yeah for sidequests

[14:23:15] <Astromon> i noticed you did a few later ones first great job

[14:24:27] <Astromon> create a tutorial im exited about

[14:25:01] <haxolotl> Will a stack of 3 UGs always produce a loop?

[14:25:20] <Jennifer-Pearl> @Caleb lets go for the 16-17 I think that would be a week after teh holidy so travel wont we spendy

[14:26:45] <Jennifer-Pearl> if the 3 UG's are in a longer stack the orientations are right they will stay stack like

[14:27:23] <calebgeniesse> @Jennifer Pearl: see my last email

[14:27:39] <Jennifer-Pearl> just got it

[14:27:41] <calebgeniesse> if you can give me the information requested on that form, i will fill out the rest and submit it

[14:27:50] <calebgeniesse> let me know if you can't access the link

[14:28:32] <Astromon> BTW create a tutorial brings me to a blank white screen

[14:28:53] <Astromon> i reported it but wanted to let you know since your here :)

[14:29:18] <calebgeniesse> @Astromon: yes, sorry I meant to bring that up at the dev meeting earlier today

[14:29:26] <Astromon> oH

[14:29:32] <calebgeniesse> the create a tutorial stuff is on a different site

[14:29:36] <Astromon> np :)

[14:29:37] <calebgeniesse> its on a development site

[14:29:42] <calebgeniesse> I need to move it over

[14:29:44] <Astromon> oH okaY

[14:29:49] <calebgeniesse> you just got to it too fast

[14:29:54] <calebgeniesse> you beat me too it

[14:29:56] <Astromon> :D

[14:30:07] <calebgeniesse> i should probably hide the link for now

[14:30:19] <calebgeniesse> need to talk with jnicol

[14:30:28] <calebgeniesse> then hopefully get it moved over

[14:30:31] <Astromon> this new progression is hindering my labs just a bit we may need an extention :)

[14:30:31] <calebgeniesse> sorry about that

[14:30:49] <Astromon> np things take timE!!

[14:30:51] <calebgeniesse> are you not already a lab member?

[14:30:57] <Astromon> yup i am

[14:31:02] <Jennifer-Pearl> I have access to the link. I will think about these things and send you an email

[14:31:03] <calebgeniesse> the progression is optional for lab members!

[14:31:14] <Astromon> but this new progression is so fun!

[14:31:17] <calebgeniesse> @Jennifer Pearl: thanks!

[14:31:19] <calebgeniesse> hahahah

[14:31:21] <calebgeniesse> true

[14:31:29] <Astromon> yup

[14:31:38] <calebgeniesse> i'm not the one to ask for an extension, but we will see

[14:31:44] <Jennifer-Pearl> @caleb the only thing I am not sure about is teh headcount. I can guestimate some conservative figures for start and end times

[14:31:59] <calebgeniesse> its a concern that was brought up before

[14:32:12] <joy45> It is fun, but, I'm stuck on Supercomputer 16 of 18! So close...

[14:32:28] <calebgeniesse> @Jennifer Pearl: i think 50 is a good estimate if you want that room

[14:32:39] <Jennifer-Pearl> i agree

[14:32:49] <Jennifer-Pearl> i dont see more than 30-40 but 50 is safe

[14:32:56] <Astromon> yeaH ill ask the rt peeps im just wanted it documented here also

[14:33:53] <Jennifer-Pearl> Ill send you an email in a bit then....hopefully

[14:34:27] <hoglahoo> @joy45, it's hard to stop when you're close

[14:34:50] <rocketdog42> yeah, I was stuck on 18 forever

[14:34:57] <Jennifer-Pearl> just so everyone knows we hope to have a date set for Eternacon2016 by next Friday's devcaht....One this room reservation thing gets worked out :-)

[14:35:59] <Jennifer-Pearl> Shooting for sometime around mid July

[14:36:01] <joy45> I'm definitely addicted!

[14:36:14] <Jennifer-Pearl> @joy this is a fun game!!!

[14:39:26] <Astromon> i want to report this bug&gt;&gt; http://prntscr.com/a4b5nv

[14:40:24] <calebgeniesse> i don't squash real bugs

[14:40:26] <haxolotl> lol

[14:40:33] <Astromon> just want to plug my group wjile everyones here!!&gt;&gt; http://www.eternagame.org/web/group/6509754/

[14:40:55] <Astromon> hes nive blue color

[14:41:18] <Astromon> hes has lots of Uracil in his RNA

[14:45:00] <Astromon> so, any word on the next batch of Lab test results?!

[14:45:35] <Astromon> i need to watch todays monthly meeting i hope its posted&lt;&gt;

[14:50:22] <Jennifer-Pearl> @Caleb I just sent you a repy with info

[14:50:47] <Jennifer-Pearl> So is there anything else that anyone would like to talk about or ask?

[14:52:29] <calebgeniesse> thanks, @Jennifer Pearl!

[14:53:31] <Jennifer-Pearl> I think the rest you have the info for

[14:55:24] <Jennifer-Pearl> Since it is getting close to end of player-led devchat of sorts i would like to remind everyone to report any bugs you find on the Eterna site currently on the forum at this link https://getsatisfaction.com/eternagame/topics/eterna-medicine-puzzle-progression-interface-feedback?topic-reply-list%5Bsettings%5D%5Bfilter_by%5D=all&topic-reply-list%5Bsettings%5D%5Bpage%5D=2#reply_16632

[14:56:45] <Jennifer-Pearl> sorry meant here https://getsatisfaction.com/eternagame/topics/eterna-medicine-puzzle-progression-interface-feedback

[14:56:49] <Astromon> Will do&lt;&gt;

[14:57:18] <Jennifer-Pearl> Also be sure to help out any new people who come by

[14:58:05] <Astromon> no doubt

[14:58:16] <Jennifer-Pearl> @Caleb let me know once you get teh room reserved or run into troble. I will touch base with you on Wed via email.

[14:58:26] <calebgeniesse> sounds good!

[14:58:30] <calebgeniesse> will do

[14:59:37] <Astromon> so has anyone heard of xiaflrx its an enzime for treating contracture of the hand (which i have)

[15:00:03] <Astromon> the enzyme reminded me of the meds we will be developing here

[15:01:41] <Astromon> 9i had never heard of it myself&lt;&lt;)

[15:01:45] <Jennifer-Pearl> never heard of it

[15:01:57] <Astromon> its a new treatment

[15:02:13] <Astromon> they used to have to do sergery to fix hand!!

[15:02:42] <Astromon> they are going to shoot the enzymes rt in my hand

[15:03:58] <Astromon> a n awsesome medical brakthrough if ya ask me&lt;&lt;

[15:05:01] <Astromon> might want to post a link to the new player paper&lt;&gt;

[15:05:26] <Astromon> i had it yesterday i may need to search my history

[15:05:56] <Astromon> ~dc

[15:05:57] <ChatBot> The next Dev Chat is scheduled for Friday, February 26, 2016 at 12pm PST. Please join us to talk about ongoing developments at Eterna. In the meantime, read the article about the player-led scientific publication and the paper itself

[15:06:06] <Astromon> there we go&lt;&gt;

[15:07:35] <Astromon> theres somthing in the paper about single stranded nano structures we are developing

[15:07:54] <Astromon> its very interesting read i need to read it slower than before

[15:15:08] <Jennifer-Pearl> ~dc

[15:15:09] <ChatBot> The next Dev Chat is scheduled for Friday, February 26, 2016 at 12pm PST. Please join us to talk about ongoing developments at Eterna. In the meantime, read the article about the player-led scientific publication and the paper itself

[15:15:14] <Jennifer-Pearl> nice

[15:15:35] <Jennifer-Pearl> that was an ok devcaht I think

[15:15:50] <Jennifer-Pearl> was hopeing elves would show up and save me

[15:16:52] <Astromon> was fun thanks jen !!