2016.05.13 Community Chat

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On Jennifer Pearl's DPAT, Remmy, & Sara Presentation Using Dot Plot Data Analysis Tools, Part 1



rhiju: what is upper triangle vs. lower triangle? aren't they both base pairing probabilities? @nando do you know? [12:06 AM]

LFP6: One is the probability, the other being the desired? [12:06 AM]

LFP6: As in, top vs bottom in the dot plot [12:06 AM]

rhiju: OK got it, that sounds right [12:08 AM]

rhiju: everyone, jen pearl is giving a talk right now on her recent eterna results: check out https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MjV0NLs-Uc  [12:08 AM]

MasterStormer: HELLLLLLLLLLO devchat! [12:13 AM]

rhiju: michelle -- let's make sure to include a link to jennifer pearl's profile on the youtube broadcast -- that way folks can PM her with questions if they catch this later. [12:23 AM]

MasterStormer: What is FNN? [12:24 AM]

MasterStormer: and what is renny? [12:26 AM]

MasterStormer: remmy* [12:26 AM]

rhiju: Remmy was an older tool that Jen was developing to automatically generate mods of solutions to lab puzzles that could be submitted to later rounds of each puzzle.  [12:33 AM]

rhiju: i think it is replaced by another tool (SARA, i think) [12:34 AM]

MasterStormer: ?if you arrived just now- https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MjV0NLs-Uc  and if you dont understand some stuff that he says, dont do my mistake and simply go to the wiki [12:36 AM]

LFP6: @Rhiju: In many ways, Sara is based on Remmy [12:41 AM]

LFP6: But has been developed into its own things, as I understand it [12:41 AM]

LFP6: I've been coming in and out listening to this [12:42 AM]

LFP6: But have seen her talking about it before [12:42 AM]

MasterStormer: I dont understand ?a lot of the names but dont find them in the wiki; will I learn them by myself when I'll work for the lab? [12:48 AM]

LFP6: THat depends [12:49 AM]

rhiju: right, looks like Sarabot does not just do mods.  [12:49 AM]

Elves: yay Jen! thank you very much!! [12:49 AM]

rhiju: if you see jen pearl's last slide on the never-before-run lab. [12:49 AM]

rhiju: pretty cool [12:49 AM]

rhiju: thanks jen for the presentation! [12:50 AM]

rhiju: more next week? [12:50 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: thanls [12:50 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: thanks [12:50 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: anyu questions [12:51 AM]

MasterStormer:  yeah thanks for the presentation; but where did you guys learn those stuff? I mean I know that most of you are mods but where as mods did you learn thos "names" and stuff? [12:51 AM]

rhiju: if you see MasterStormer's comments above, it might be good to have at least one page on the wiki with a glossary of the tools, and link to your presentation. [12:51 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: I learned everything over time on  Eterna [12:51 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: asked lots of question in the forum [12:51 AM]

MasterStormer: ok thatks [12:51 AM]

MasterStormer: lol is there a forum?! [12:52 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: http://www.eternagame.org/eterna_getsat_redirect.php [12:52 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: also hover over community and you will see a link [12:52 AM]

MasterStormer: yeah I found it [12:52 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: @rhiju I will add to wiki later [12:52 AM]

johana: Great presentation! [12:52 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: thanks Johan' [12:53 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: any more questions [12:53 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: I need to prepare the presentation with the results still. I have the plots worked up but need to put it in slides adn explain my theories better [12:53 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: @elves thanks [12:54 AM]

Elves: yeah! you did a great job [12:54 AM]

MasterStormer: I want to build an unfolding educational puzzle game of chemistry , and if I'll progress enough will like to include some biology in it; so I will like to hear ideas from you guys when I'll do it, and also do eterna stuff in it like what the virtual lab did. Will share it with you if I'll get anywhere with it [12:54 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: i got to get ready for work now [12:57 AM]

johana: I'm looking forward to next week! It's very helpful to see the presentations and the results look great. [12:57 AM]

whbob: Thanks Jen [12:57 AM]

Elves: have a good day! Thanks very much :D [12:57 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: im glad it helped make things clearer [12:57 AM]

Elves: yeah I look forward to this as a reference when using the actual tool [12:58 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: i forgot to mention the resources that the programs use [12:58 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: they can be resourse hogs [12:58 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: ive seen it use 17GB of RAM for NG labs for each sublab [12:59 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: DPAT that is [12:59 AM]

MasterStormer: ?good luck with your project and presentations jen! and I hope I will be able to understand what you say next time XD [12:59 AM]

Elves: ! wow [12:59 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: yeah that is why I as talking about server time and not being  able to afford long running stuff [1:00 PM]

whbob: @ Jen: Is that when you said "I'm gonna need a bigger computer" ? [1:00 PM]

Elves: i'll look into that, i was wondering if you still needed access  [1:00 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: @whbob Exacty!!!!!! [1:01 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: exactly!!!!!! [1:01 PM]

MasterStormer: #RandomStupidQuestion: did someone actually created a puzzle of the just for fun logo? [1:02 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ive ben pricing a 8 core computer with 32GB of RAM and it is expensve to buy pre-made so I am going to have to build my own probably [1:02 PM]

LFP6: That's pretty serious [1:02 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: i dont want to say how much I spend a monyth on server time durring development but having a computer that can handle DPAT would be nice [1:03 PM]

MasterStormer: And I also have 2 requests for stuff in eterna: 1) the alt click and normal changes shall be seperated on the Undo history (maybe shift Z and normal Z) and 2) you shall include that christmas tree ?lab in the normal tutorial, as it really helps to understand stuff about the lab [1:04 PM]

MasterStormer: The first is a big quality of life thing for me and the second could help a lot of players [1:04 PM]

Elves: @Jen i was offered a free month crunching on upcoming hardware in exchange for a white paper. i didn't have time to do it, i can ask them if it's still available if you could use it [1:05 PM]

LFP6: Gotta lauch this on boinc xD [1:06 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: @Elves That sounds tempting lets talk about it [1:06 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: @LFP6 Whts boinc? [1:06 PM]

LFP6: Distributed computing: http://boinc.berkeley.edu/ [1:06 PM]

Elves: actually i wonder how that works.... world community grid hosts lots of projects requiring crunching, i wonder if that would be an option?  [1:07 PM]

Elves: good idea LFP6! [1:07 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: actually tht would work for some of the more in depth stuff I want to do.  [1:07 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: I have actually tried to run the macro against teh upper triangle data adn it just runs forever. [1:08 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: doesnt crash just ruuunnnnnsssssss [1:08 PM]

Elves: lol [1:08 PM]

MasterStormer: :thumbsup! [1:08 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: havnt finished it yet and scared to let it run  [1:08 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: forever [1:08 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: $$$$$ [1:08 PM]

Elves: meltdown in 3...2... [1:09 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: right [1:09 PM]

Elves: do you have a temp monitor & fan control? [1:09 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: no. This is on the server [1:09 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: amazon server [1:09 PM]

Elves: wow  [1:09 PM]

Elves: break all the servers! mwuah hahaha [1:10 PM]

Elves: j/k [1:10 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: lol [1:10 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: calling a Lyft and then heading to work. so will be afk soon [1:14 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ask any remainig questions before it is too late [1:14 PM]

Elves: nope have an awesome day!!! [1:14 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: thanks! [1:15 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: The presentation was fun actually. IKts been awhile since I had to give one [1:15 PM]

Elves: it is so helpful to have a walkthrough like that, this will help in future as well [1:16 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: hope the stuff about Sara was good [1:17 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: I am worried I went to fast but there is a lot of info to present [1:17 PM]

Elves: don't worry you did great speaking slowly but keeping things moving [1:17 PM]

Elves: if there's more, you can always do another presentation :D [1:17 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: oh there is [1:18 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: there is still a presentation on all teh data and the papers behind it [1:18 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: behind the predicitions [1:18 PM]

LFP6: On a side note [1:18 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: then I will combine both for Eternacon [1:18 PM]

LFP6: I'm finally in the home stretch for school [1:18 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [1:19 PM]

LFP6: Extracurriculars calming down too [1:18 PM]

MasterStormer: when is eternacon? [1:19 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: graduating soon? [1:19 PM]

LFP6: Eventually I'll write those libraries for the Eterna API [1:19 PM]

LFP6: No, still have some time yet :) [1:19 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: July 16 and 17th [1:19 PM]