2016.02.26 Dev Chat

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[14:00:02] <hoglahoo> chatbot got a new watch!

[14:00:43] <Jennifer-Pearl> yay!!!!

[14:01:07] <LFP6> Hehe indeed

[14:02:19] <whbob> Good luck Jen:)

[14:03:07] <jandersonlee> any devs in the dev chat?

[14:03:22] <jandersonlee> or did their meeting run long again?

[14:03:26] <Jennifer-Pearl> thanks everyone

[14:06:20] <Jennifer-Pearl> so any thoughts on the new paper?

[14:06:57] <Jennifer-Pearl> http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0022283615006567

[14:06:57] <LinkBot2> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1q9Uly2C8pVEu9JuLSiUsQoiOoNBtQRJMCRnzDCWBhzE/edit?pli=1

[14:07:15] <Nando> @JL: I'm here, but I've been so busy lately, I'm fairly out of touch at the moment, so I was planning to lurk here rather than talk

[14:07:32] <Nando> hi everyone

[14:07:38] <Jennifer-Pearl> hi nando

[14:08:02] <jandersonlee> Hi Nando - busy/lurking is acceptable. I'm running jobs and eating lunch as well

[14:08:08] <Jennifer-Pearl> So I do have some Eternacon news

[14:08:08] <Nando> brb

[14:08:28] <jandersonlee> what's he news JP?

[14:08:31] <Jennifer-Pearl> Should I wait for Nando

[14:08:44] <Jennifer-Pearl> The time and place for Eternacon has been set

[14:09:14] <Jennifer-Pearl> https://getsatisfaction.com/eternagame/topics/time-and-place-set-for-eternacon2016

[14:09:48] <Jennifer-Pearl> It is scheduled right now for July 16th and 17th

[14:09:53] <Jennifer-Pearl> at Stanford

[14:10:03] <Jennifer-Pearl> it is roughly the same time period as last year

[14:10:34] <jandersonlee> nice. I can probably make that

[14:10:37] <Jennifer-Pearl> It is in the same room as last year as well

[14:11:18] <Nando> will do my best to be there this time

[14:11:19] <Jennifer-Pearl> Iv'e requested that the videotape the presentations for us using Standfords set-up

[14:11:48] <whbob> California Dreaming :)

[14:11:56] <jandersonlee> It would be nice to meet you Nando

[14:12:04] <Jennifer-Pearl> another video to watch later in life

[14:12:11] <Jennifer-Pearl> I agree

[14:12:22] <Nando> the pleasure will be mine :)

[14:12:55] <Jennifer-Pearl> Nando since you are here can you make that a news item for me?

[14:13:06] <Jennifer-Pearl> link to the GetSat post

[14:13:25] <Nando> will do

[14:13:40] <Jennifer-Pearl> Also an FYI I set up a email address just for Eternacon it is eternacon2016@gmail.com

[14:13:44] <hoglahoo> excellent

[14:13:52] <Nando> good idea

[14:14:11] <jandersonlee> I see they finally got a new consent policy for the website/game

[14:14:21] <Jennifer-Pearl> I saw that

[14:14:28] <Jennifer-Pearl> thanks Nando

[14:14:48] <rhiju> hi everyone -- in ddition to nando, i'm representing the dev team today!

[14:15:00] <jandersonlee> Hi Rhiju

[14:15:01] <rhiju> also calebgeniesse should be here soon. And jnicol is logged in (might be AFK though)

[14:15:10] <Nando> hi rhiju

[14:15:13] <whbob> Hi Rhiju

[14:15:14] <rhiju> hi jef, congrats on all the press on the new paper

[14:15:20] <Jennifer-Pearl> hi rhiju

[14:15:33] <jandersonlee> thanks - and thanks for fielding a lot of it yourself

[14:16:21] <jandersonlee> has there been much of a bum in new players yet?

[14:16:22] <rhiju> the science article that went into the print magazine is funny -- "Fight over author pseudonyms could flare again". you're quoted, jandersonlee!

[14:16:27] <jandersonlee> bump

[14:16:37] <rhiju> in terms of bumps, we can ask caleb...

[14:17:02] <Jennifer-Pearl> I wanted to put out one more thing about Eternacon real quick

[14:17:29] <jandersonlee> I wish there was more interest in the Science than authorship

[14:18:07] <jandersonlee> though many articles did focus on the symmetry bit

[14:18:11] <jnicol> There has been 75 players that agreed to the EULA since this morning, most of them are new players

[14:18:28] <jandersonlee> good news

[14:18:32] <Nando> hey John

[14:18:42] <jnicol> Hi Nando, and everyone

[14:18:55] <calebgeniesse> hey guys

[14:18:56] <jandersonlee> me waves

[14:19:02] <Jennifer-Pearl> I hace formed a commite of people to decide what we should do for etrnacon adn we will start meeting this next Wendesday at 12pm on etrnachat. Everyone is welcome and hope we get some good input. If this format does not work out then I will probably go to email and PM but I would still like more people on teh committee

[14:19:02] <jandersonlee> <I>waves</I>

[14:19:13] <rhiju> @Jen -- congrats on moving forward on eternacon!

[14:19:24] <Jennifer-Pearl> thanks

[14:19:25] <rhiju> i'm really excited

[14:19:30] <hoglahoo> 12pm pst?

[14:19:40] <Jennifer-Pearl> yes sorry 12pm PST

[14:19:41] <LFP6> Ooh, @EULA, I suggest adjusting it so you can't just click off of it and make it go away :P

[14:19:43] <hoglahoo> right on

[14:19:52] <LFP6> It will re-prompt you, but you really should agree to it first

[14:20:33] <jnicol> thought I would be nice to start, but it will be persistent soon

[14:21:50] <rhiju> also @jnicol, wouldbe nice if thelinks in the EULA opened in new tabs, not in the same browser tab

[14:22:00] <LFP6> @JP Adjusting topic type on the forum post... Announcement (shiowing up in the little box on the front page) or regular article?

[14:22:10] <LFP6> @Rhiju agreed

[14:22:17] <jnicol> ok, that s just the way ben had it in the google doc

[14:22:37] <Jennifer-Pearl> Announcment would be great

[14:23:14] <LFP6> Done

[14:24:11] <Jennifer-Pearl> nice lookd good thanks LFP6

[14:24:16] <rhiju> @jen -- annoncement in news about eternacon committee?

[14:24:23] <calebgeniesse> re: player spikes -- looks like we had a big spike Feb 17/18 with ~2500 users (new and returning) and we have been maintaining ~600 users since

[14:24:43] <Jennifer-Pearl> i havent announced the commette meeting yet in the forum

[14:25:16] <Jennifer-Pearl> but would be good ot have it in the news

[14:25:50] <Jennifer-Pearl> if you guys can put hte committee thing in the news for me that would be cool

[14:25:57] <LFP6> @Caleb: I have been noticing a higher player count lately!

[14:26:25] <Jennifer-Pearl> im writing up a forum post for the committee now

[14:26:53] <hoglahoo> there are some .chatstats if folks have a trivial interest in that part of it. it doesn't report on unique connections to chat though

[14:26:55] <LinkBot2> http://anwealde.com/eterna/ or more detailed stats at http://anwealde.com/eterna/mircstats/global.html

[14:27:13] <hoglahoo> there's a sharp uptick on the day the new interface was pushed out

[14:27:26] <hoglahoo> close to the time of the paper publishing

[14:27:27] <LFP6> Huh

[14:27:30] <LFP6> Ah

[14:28:56] <LFP6> Nice new stats Hog

[14:29:38] <rhiju> Hog -- sweet. much more satisfying than google analytics

[14:29:46] <LFP6> lol

[14:29:51] <LFP6> Both are cool

[14:30:48] <LFP6> @Devs, can I throw out a relatively rediculous question/suggestion?

[14:30:56] <rhiju> @jen -- for news announcment on eternacon planning committee, please compose the text and send to @calebgeniesse for posting.

[14:31:00] <LFP6> Or is there discussion lined up?

[14:31:07] <rhiju> @LFP6 yup

[14:31:13] <whbob> I was totally stumped on a progression puzzle and Hog posted a ref. link on chat :)

[14:31:17] <LFP6> Yes for which? :)

[14:32:24] <whbob> Who new I should have searched for "catalyst Points" for U-U help.

[14:32:33] <Jennifer-Pearl> @Rhiju will do

[14:33:19] <rhiju> @whbob, was there not a link through the new hint system in the puzzle? if not, can you post something in the getsat thread with a link to the puzzle, and copy/paste hog's hint?

[14:33:55] <whbob> I went to the Feedback area and posted it there.

[14:34:23] <Astromon> Any idea what labs will come next and when the next batch of test scores come out?

[14:34:37] <rhiju> cool, we're going to scan those feedback comments over the netx weeks. Isn't it cool that the new puzzles were designed by players and keep getting improved by player hints? i think that's so neat.

[14:34:53] <whbob> I realise now that players don't see the feedback before entering the puzzle anymore.

[14:34:58] <jandersonlee> @Rhiju or what/when the next labs may be

[14:35:05] <rhiju> @astromon, yes we'll have A/B scores out soon (data have been acquired and are being analyzed), and then another round.

[14:35:11] <rhiju> Some exciting news on the lab front...

[14:35:12] <calebgeniesse> @LFP6: what is this relatively ridiculous question/suggestion you mentioned

[14:35:20] <Astromon> sweet

[14:35:25] <rhiju> Our collaborators at Stanford in the Khatri lab finally published their RNA signature for TB.

[14:35:36] <rhiju> http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanres/article/PIIS2213-2600(16)00048-5/fulltext

[14:35:50] <hoglahoo> whbob: that's how the 'next' puzzle thing has always worked. I'd forgotten that as well in the past. A lot of the best hints are in puzzle comments that are never seen because the puzzle description page is not part of the progression

[14:35:57] <rhiju> That's the green light for us to design RNA calculators to read out the signature

[14:36:00] <whbob> Sweet!

[14:36:10] <hoglahoo> oooo

[14:36:18] <rhiju> We're going to be deploying a series of projects over the next few months to achieve molecules that we will actually get tested in devices.

[14:36:20] <jandersonlee> @RHIJU - NICE

[14:36:24] <LFP6> @caleb I was thinking about all the different suggestions being thrown around for the EteRNA website. Would it make any sort of sense to have people code stuff up in EteRNAScript, then have the devs integrate it in?

[14:36:25] <hoglahoo> excellent

[14:36:40] <rhiju> for the devices, we are working with MIT: http://littledevices.org/

[14:36:42] <Astromon> maybe put an icon in the progression puzzles a link to start page comments

[14:36:49] <rhiju> So this is going to be amazing.

[14:37:07] <rhiju> The puzzles will mostly have the flavor of the A/B puzzle.

[14:37:08] <LFP6> I had mentioned at one point that it would be cool if there could be a "plugin" interface so that, say, you could put custom widgets on the front page or visualizations in the data browser

[14:37:15] <LFP6> Both kinda related

[14:37:22] <rhiju> @LFP6 you want to code that up? :)

[14:37:29] <LFP6> lol

[14:37:56] <rhiju> It would probably not be doable with current Eternascript, which is sandboxed for secutiry issues.

[14:38:03] <LFP6> Why not?

[14:38:12] <jandersonlee> talk about "belling the cat"

[14:38:33] <LFP6> I suppose, what do you mean by sandboxed that would create an issue?

[14:38:34] <rhiju> @astromon -- we have a link to make comments on each puzzle ('Feedback') after you solve the puzzle -- are you suggesting another place?

[14:38:45] <Jennifer-Pearl> that is pretty cool about the TB stuff

[14:38:59] <calebgeniesse> @hoglahoo and @whbob: we are working now to link to the original puzzle description page from the puzzle progression puzzle description page, and linking to the progression puzzle description page in the hint box

[14:39:14] <Jennifer-Pearl> @caleb i just sent you a PM with the eternacon committee stuff

[14:39:21] <Astromon> naH its good i forgot about that

[14:39:37] <rhiju> @LFP6 if we let user widgets display arbitrary things or take folks to arbitrary links, and they share them, then they can spread malware. So eternascript is disallowed to access the full range of javascript functionalities...

[14:39:43] <hoglahoo> @calebgeniesse, nice. I think that'll really help with some of those sticky ones

[14:40:24] <Astromon> sounds like a great idea @Caleb

[14:40:52] <LFP6> @Rhiju: That sandboxing shouldn't provide a problem here. The primary linking would be on the eternagame domain, would there be anything else you think would cause a problem?

[14:41:38] <rhiju> if sandboxing (limiting command set) is not a problem, do you want to code up a widget in eternascript in demo it here in the next dev chat (2 weeks from now)?

[14:41:39] <whbob> @ Caleb: Now maybe I can finish the Progression :)

[14:42:12] <LFP6> @Rhiju: Sure! Sounds like fun :)

[14:42:38] <LFP6> I'm thinking about doing the lab status thing that was brought up

[14:42:45] <LFP6> A while ago

[14:44:57] <rhiju> @LFP6 -- if you can demo such a widget, then that will help us figure out the cost-benefit ratio of allowing such widgets all around the site, or generating a more elaborate widget economy

[14:45:57] <rhiju> everyone, i've got to go in 5 mins, but thanks for a great chat. please help the new batch of users get acclimated

[14:46:24] <rhiju> in other good news, jnicol will be extending the current lab deadline for 1 week as we do some more preparations for the tuberculosis project puzzles...

[14:46:35] <rhiju> so expect that in your newsfeed

[14:46:39] <hoglahoo> thanks rhiju

[14:46:42] <LFP6> Exciting times are ahead!

[14:46:45] <Jennifer-Pearl> @rhiju I made abunch of predictions for the last FMn MS2 labs

[14:47:02] <Astromon> cooL thanks

[14:47:04] <rhiju> quick question -- we recently renamed the 'My page' Lab Bench, but this appears to be causing confusion for experienced players. How about renaming it 'Home'?

[14:47:04] <hoglahoo> congrats new players who already earned lab access, please help yourself to the cookie tray

[14:47:23] <rhiju> Or other suggestions? 'Workspace'? Sounds too much like work...

[14:47:29] <joy45> Thanks for the extension and cookies!

[14:47:38] <hoglahoo> Home makes sense to me

[14:47:39] <Astromon> home is good

[14:47:44] <Jennifer-Pearl> I like home

[14:47:45] <rhiju> @joy45 thanks for joining us!

[14:48:01] <LFP6> Maybe dashboard?

[14:48:01] <jandersonlee> Home is good

[14:48:04] <joy45> happy to be here.

[14:48:15] <Jennifer-Pearl> home or dashboard

[14:48:19] <rhiju> OK. Sounds like 'home' is a winner. Welcome, home.

[14:48:23] <LFP6> hehe

[14:48:29] <calebgeniesse> im on it

[14:48:29] <hoglahoo> *groan*

[14:48:31] <whbob> Home is good

[14:48:32] <Jennifer-Pearl> lol

[14:48:37] <jandersonlee> Is the lab deadline visible anywhere in the new UI?

[14:48:41] <Jennifer-Pearl> yay im homwe

[14:48:43] <LFP6> Home There's no place like home!

[14:49:07] <rhiju> @jal: caleb and i will be restoring that info in a pretty cool way.

[14:49:28] <jandersonlee> @rhiju @caleb thanks

[14:49:29] <rhiju> bye everybody! hope you enjoy all the good stuff coming your way over the netx week...

[14:49:53] <LFP6> Thanks Rhiju et all!

[14:50:04] <rhiju> and again, if there are folks out there who want to follow jandersonlee's lead and get their insights on the wiki or google doc out to the scientific community as papers.... send me a PM

[14:50:10] <jandersonlee> <I>waves goodbye</I>

[14:50:21] <whbob> Thanks Rhiju ;)

[14:50:32] <jandersonlee> sounds like jennifer may be onto something

[14:50:40] <jandersonlee> paper wise

[14:50:47] <Jennifer-Pearl> I am close

[14:50:59] <Jennifer-Pearl> the results of my predictions will tell

[14:51:14] <Jennifer-Pearl> I want to do that

[14:51:40] <jandersonlee> partial successes and totatl failures can sometimes also be noteworthy

[14:52:09] <Jennifer-Pearl> good point JL

[14:52:38] <hoglahoo> especially if the failure is spectacular

[14:52:55] <Jennifer-Pearl> Im running Same State NG 2 tthough my new analysis routine so cross fingers

[14:52:56] <Astromon> heheh

[14:52:57] <jandersonlee> ;)

[14:53:04] <whbob> What won't work really helps future players!

[14:53:24] <jandersonlee> true @whbob - that was the point of the last paper

[14:53:30] <Jennifer-Pearl> it analyses the upper triangles of dot plots adn should compare tehm and find common features

[14:53:33] <Astromon> i should be very helpful whabob

[14:53:40] <Jennifer-Pearl> in upper triangle only

[14:54:41] <jandersonlee> gotta run - bye. thanks everyone for coming /afk