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This is me on EteRNA.


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My Groups



Written here on this wiki :


A few things I wrote as Google Docs :





3D structure prediction, visualization and design.

The online tools I like to use


Scientific papers

Not all I've read, but those that inspired ideas for my designs and for my bot Vinnie.


Educational Resources

  • Proteopedia
    Not really about RNA, but their usage of 3D interactive applets is awesome (see here and here) and I would so very much like to have those tools here, on this wiki. 



  • Benchmark Energy Geometry DataBase
    This is clearly violently hardcore. Probably only for physicists like Rhiju, or terminally addicted nutcases like Brourd and myself. 


Scratch Pad



Warning: don't trust me with folding your RNA, this is what happens when I try to play with nucleotides :


a knot...


a "zipper accident"...


pushing the limits, a double zipper accident!


Q: Why would you do a boring 1-2 internal loop, when you can make the most dramatic U-turn by passing a base-pair bond right in the middle of the stacking space of existing pairs?
A: You said to fold, right? This is as folded as it gets.


Something else with your RNA bolognese?


and sometimes, the thing just explodes...



(nope, no special effects were required to take these shots)