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This page features specific ways for users to contribute to the Wiki. If an action item is completed, remove it from this page.

Page Creation

Here is a list of requested page creations (or that should redirect to existing pages - do a preliminary search for a redirect target before committing to a new content page):

Page Updates (Text)

Here is a list of requested page updates:

  • ATP - provide more details about ATP, particularly regarding how it's related to RNA/Eterna
  • Concentration - update description
  • EPCR - describe relevance to RNA/Eterna
  • Epigenetics - provide a more formal definition of epigenetics. Additionally, describe examples of specific epigenetic interactions.
  • Eternacon - should be updated to include 2019, 2020, and 2021 reference material
  • Genetic Computers - currently reads as a personal log rather than a reference on Genetic Computers
  • GU pair - current page does not adequately describe what the mentioned "watch theory" entails
  • Hairpin - provide more formal definition, elaboration on importance and/or Eterna strategies
  • Hydrogen - can elaborate on importance of hydrogen - specifically, why exactly is hydrogen so crucial to life as we know it? (answer: hydrogen bonds, which the article should discuss and/or link to a hydrogen bond page)
  • Independent Stability - formalize wording
  • Isomer - elaborate upon types of isomers. Additionally, make it clear how isomers are relevant to Eterna.
  • Manual of Style - should be expanded, potentially changed depending on the predominant existing style of the Wiki. Add conventions for preferred capitalizations of commonly used terms (Eterna or EteRNA? Eternabot or EternaBot?)
  • Melting temperature - elaborate how this metric is important in Eterna
  • MicroRNA - remove broken video link
  • Mole - should be updated to be more specific and accurate (a mole is more a representation of the number of molecules rather than explicitly a measure of weight or mass)
  • Molecule, switch - add written content or incorporate the current content into another page
  • Raw Data - current description is relatively specific to a given experimental method (whose identity is not obviously apparent from the current page content, especially with the broken video link). Expand to discuss raw data in general, and/or provide more background on what specific experimental datasets are being described by the current descriptions.
  • RNA - sections should be updated/expanded as appropriate - at minimum, each section should have a brief description, even if the main article is another page
  • RNA World Hypothesis - can expand written page content (What is the scientific basis for this hypothesis? Where did this hypothesis originate? etc.)
  • Shotgun Sequencing - currently has several broken video links. Remove broken links and expand text content of this page.
  • Structured RNA - give specific example(s) of structured RNA
  • Sulfur - elaborate how sulfur is relevant to RNA/Eterna
  • Terminal Mismatch - elaborate how the identity of mismatches influences loop energy - give specific examples
  • Virus - can elaborate - add how viruses are relevant to RNA (which might involve discussion of the different broad types of viruses), should probably discuss/link to a page about mRNA vaccines and Eterna's vaccine efforts
  • Can add appropriate hyperlinks to pages on Special:DeadendPages

Page Updates (Visuals)

Here are pages that can benefit from new and/or updated visuals:

  • Boosting - add captions to figures
  • Hairpin - add example(s) of hairpin from Eterna gameplay
  • Helix - add figure illustrating helix shape
  • Hydrogen - add basic visual for hydrogen
  • Hydrogen bond - ensure existing visuals have adequate captions. Additionally, the second visual needs to be attributed to its original source (appears to be from here)
  • Kissing Loop - add snapshot(s) from Eterna illustrating kissing loops
  • Melting temperature - potentially a plot illustrating melting temperature
  • MicroRNA - reduce size of current figure significantly
  • Nucleic Acid - add caption to figure (that ideally references source material for figure)
  • Oligo - add example(s) of oligos from Eterna gameplay
  • Phosphate - visuals (particularly the one showing phosphate in the context of the backbone) can benefit from descriptive captions
  • Polymerase - add visuals for DNA polymerase and RNA polymerase
  • RNase - add picture of an RNase
  • Signal-to-noise-ratio - add plot or similar visual for ease of understanding
  • Smurfing - add snapshot of Eterna design featuring this technique
  • Switching area - reduce size of picture, potentially add caption
  • Virus - can definitely include more visuals here: potentially virus structures, virus sizes, virus life cycle

Wiki Organization

Here are requested action items regarding Wiki organization: