Manual of Style

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This Manual of Style contains some style guidelines for the Eterna Wiki.

Article Titles

Pages should have titles fitting their content. Generally, words in a title should be capitalized using the title case set of rules. Additionally, the first usage of the article title within the article should be in bold (such as the bold "Manual of Style" in the first sentence of this article).

Sections and Headings

Articles containing an extensive amount of content should be split into sections with a heading describing each section. Similarly to article titles, headings should also use title case capitalization.

Creating Headings

Headings can be created using either the visual editor or the source editor. Here are directions on how the headings for this page were created:

  • In visual editor: Use the dropdown menu to switch between paragraph text and different levels of headings. Here, "Sections and Headings" is listed as a heading, and "Creating Headings" is listed as sub-heading 1.

  • In source editor: 2 equal signs were put before and 2 were put after "Sections and Headings" - whereas to make the "Creating Headings" heading for this subsection, 3 equal signs were put before and 3 were put after.


Generally speaking, American English spelling should be used. One exception is when quoting a piece of work that uses another spelling scheme - for example, British English - in which case it is acceptable to follow the spelling of the source material.

References, Links, and Citations

Whenever possible, links to and citations of scientific references should utilize a URL using a digital object identifier (DOI) rather than the "standard" URL obtained when just copying and pasting a website link. In theory, DOI links should be more robust and should lead to fewer "broken links" on the Wiki. Many scientific publishers include DOI information on each published article. Read more about DOI here.


Whenever possible, pages should belong to at least one category. For example, this page belongs to the "Wiki Administration" category. A list of existing categories can be found here.