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****In Progress!****


So, you're a brave soul that wants to help improve this shack beautiful Wiki? Well, here's some info to get you started!


Want to learn more about how to make good edits?


Looking for something to do?

  • Find a page of interest you think you could add to (or create one that isn't there yet).
  • Help expand our overview of the game and related topics.
  • Look for red links (and visit that page listing them), pages which are not made yet, but people are looking for. Got an idea? Add a link to the missing page somewhere appropriate.
  • Help expand on pages that are marked as Stubs.
  • Mark stubs as such.
  • Review the latest activity.
  • Update pages according to our Manual of Style that have been edited incorrectly.
  • Look on the Main Page for the section on pages we're looking for the community to work on.
  • Add Wiki links to words/concepts on articles that have (or should have) their own pages.
  • Head over to the Community Projects page to see some things we want to start on the Wiki, and EteRNA at large. Give one a boost! Got an idea? Add it.
  • See a page on the Wiki that isn't referenced anywhere? Make references, and add Wiki links.
  • Something missing from the dictionary? Add it in.
  • Check Help Wanted to see if anyone needs anything you can help with.