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LinkBot was a bot created in September 2013 for use in the webchat. It was created for the purpose of returning hyperlinks to frequently referenced playing guides. On March 3, 2023, its link to the motherbot was interrupted, and its creator has decided not to reestablish it. RIP 

Below are the links LinkBot used to spit out to chat. It may be a good idea to leave these here for awhile.

.$ - An answer to the question, "What are the points for?" A player's total points earned from solving puzzles and/or participating in the lab serve to rank the player among all players and grant access to puzzlemaker 20,000 points.
.() - A link to "Dot-Bracket Notation" <a href="/wiki/index.php5/Dot-Bracket_Notation"></a>
.2-2 loops - A link to a 2-2 loop-boosting video


.3d models - A link to a "Bare Bones Guide to Creating 3D-RNA Structure Models Using UCSF's Chimera" <a href=""></a>
.benjamaster - A link to Benjamaster1's guide <a href=""></a>
.blocking - A link to a blocking video /watch?v=BuYgZPJ_AZA
.boost - A link to "Loop boosting guide" <a href=""></a>
.Boosttut1 - An "Endloop boost tutorial" link <a title=".Boosttut1" href=""></a>
.Boosttut2 - A link to a thorough Boost loop tutorial <a href=""></a>
.brourd - A link to "Beginner's Guide to Puzzle Solving" <a href=""></a>


- A link to the catalyst points forum thread <a href=""></a>


- A link to the chat stats page <a href=""></a> or more detailed stats at <a href=""></a>
.chlamy - A link to the tutorial puzzle for the challenge puzzle "Chlamydomonas reinhardtii"
- A link to the walkthrough of the tutorial for "Chlamydomonas reinhardtii"
For a walkthrough explanation how to solve, click here: <a href=""></a>
To go straight to the tutorial puzzle, click here: <a href=""></a>
.comprehensive - A link to "A Comprehensive Guide to EteRNA" <a href=""></a>
.conduct - A link to our Code of Conduct <a href=""></a>
.def - A link to the EteRNA dictionary <a href=""></a>
.eli - A link to eli's puzzle solving guide <a href=""></a>
.eternawiki - A link to the EteRNA Wiki <a href=""></a>
.github - A link to the EteRNA GitHub <a href=""></a>

- A link to the player-created guides

<a href="/wiki/index.php5/Player-Created_Guides"></a>

- A link to the Top 10 Best Places to Start

<a href="/wiki/index.php5/HELP"></a>

.hotkey   (or)


- A link to shortcuts

<a href="/wiki/index.php5/Hotkeys"></a>

.hyphema - A link to the How to Boost Me puzzles by Hyphema
.jokes - A link to the Jokes and Quotes doc by Eli Fisker <a href=""></a>
.lab - A link to the lab guides <a href="/wiki/index.php5/Player-Created_Guides#Lab_Guides"></a>
.linkbot - A link to this page, for LinkBot commands <a href="/wiki/index.php5/LinkBot"></a>
.links - A link to "Challenge Puzzles Quick Solve guide" <a href=""></a>
.mgatut -A link to a MGA lab tutorial
.nova - A link to the Nova tutorials website <a href=""></a>
.pm - Warning that the PM system is compromised & not private The eterna Private Message (PM) system has been compromised and does not ensure your privacy.
.results - A link to the past lab results <a href=""></a>
.saccha - A link to the tutorial puzzle for the challenge puzzle "Saccharomyces Cerevisiae" <a href=""></a>
.science - A link to Eli's "Educational Resources" <a href=""></a>
.script - A link to "EteRNA Script Intro" <a href=""></a>
.shape - An intro to SHAPE data and reading the lab results <a href=""></a>




-A boosting guide for efold and vienna by JPS838898 <a href=""></a>
.switch puzzle - A link to "Switch puzzle guide" <a href=""></a>
.switch lab - A link to "Switch lab guide" <a href=""></a>
.tips - A link to "Tips and tricks" <a href=""></a>
.tools - A link to "Quick Start Guide to Using Scripted Tools in Eterna" <a href=""></a>
.training - A link to "Teaching and tutorial puzzles" <a href=""></a>
.walkthroughs - A link to the puzzle walkthroughs <a href="/wiki/index.php5/Puzzle_Walkthroughs"></a>
.wiki - A link to the wiki <a href="/wiki/"></a>
.zanna - A link to Zanna's puzzle-solving tutorial video for beginners

<a href=""></a>