Issue Template

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Welcome to the Issue Template.

You may use this for posting Issues to the Forums for discussion. This ensures that all necessary details are tracked, so that the devs have the info they need to fix the issue.



Title: ( i.e. Issue Keywords )

Status: ( i.e. Open, Pending, Deferred, Duplicate, Closed, Archived )

Priority: ( i.e. Minor, Normal, Major, Critical )


Category: ( i.e. Bug, Usability, Feature )

Location: ( i.e. Name & link of page where issue occurs. )

Date Created: ( e.g. 2013.12.31 )

Date Updated: ( e.g. 2014.01.01 )


Issue: ( i.e. Description of key points, in order of priority. )

Solution: ( i.e. Description of potential solutions, in order of priority. )

Example: ( i.e. Screenshots, Links, any steps which help reproduce the issue. )


Reporter: ( i.e. Name of player & / or contact reporting issue. )

Assigned: ( i.e. Name of developer & / or contact assigned to issue. )

Tracking: ( i.e. Link, #, etc... )


Comments: ( i.e. Forum links, relevant quotes, player support. )

Notes: ( i.e Any relevant info not represented in the rest of this template. )