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Welcome to the Top 10 Best Places to Start in Eterna!

1) NOVA Tutorial

  • Quick & easy introduction.
  • Funny videos!
  • Absolutely the best start on Eterna.

2) Zanna’s Video Walkthrough

  • Puzzle solving strategies!
  • A fast way to find solutions to puzzles.


3) Player Tutorial Puzzles

  • Have fun solving puzzles while learning helpful tips. There are even hints on switches and labs!

4) Brourd’s Loop Boosting Guide

  • Learn to stabilize loops!

5) Challenge Puzzles

  • Looking for something to play with? A good place to start is the Challenge Puzzles.
  • Get basic training for lab!

6) Player Puzzles

  • When the Challenge puzzles get too easy, try out the Player Puzzles!

7) Labs for Science!

  • Lab Tutorials: Play puzzles and learn helpful tips on how to read lab data and make successful designs!
  • Try an Active Lab! Check out this month’s lab round! Be sure to try the special beginner’s lab, for a great introduction.
  • Lab Guides
  • Official Developers Lab Videos

8) Switch Puzzle Guide

Meechl's Switch Guide

Nando's Switch Guide

JR's Switch Guide

  • What? When you are ready for a challenge, there is a special type of puzzles where the RNA changes form between 2 or 3 different shapes, instead of just 1 like the rest of the puzzles.
  • Why? You can make a big contribution to science, by helping to figure out how switches work in labs. 

9) Scripts

10) Treasure Trove of Guides

  • Introductions

- Shortcuts: Want to play faster? Try these keyboard shortcuts so you just press a letter instead of moving the mouse!

About Eterna: Check out this great overview of what we are aspiring to do for science!

A Comprehensive Guide to EteRNA: Guided introduction to Eterna's game resources.

  • Collections

Eli's Guide Library: Eli's collection of helpful resources.

Player Created Guides: Wiki collection of guides written by players.

  • Wiki

Eterna Wiki: Enjoy this portal to a great collection of information about Eterna!

Random Fact! Don’t know where to start, or want to be surprised? Learn a random fact!