Eternacon/2018/Committee Meeting Chat Logs/6-13-2018

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[15:01:20] <Jennifer-Pearl> hi

[15:02:06] <LFP6> Hey! Eternacon chat time isn't it

[15:02:12] <Jennifer-Pearl> yep

[15:02:21] <Jennifer-Pearl> im home sick today

[15:02:23] <LFP6> Kinda forgot last week and was taking a nap :S

[15:03:00] <Jennifer-Pearl> there wasnt much to go over. I have been so busy ith school and work I havent really had much time to attend to eternacon so I may need some more help from you

[15:03:19] <LFP6> That's fine

[15:03:38] <LFP6> There's now a slide for Eternacon in the carousel

[15:04:06] <LFP6> And Michael has placed a reservation for 19 rooms at SGH

[15:04:14] <mgotrik> im here

[15:04:18] <LFP6> Hey!

[15:04:28] <LFP6> Now would be a good time to discuss the group code, I think

[15:04:33] <LFP6> Have you sent in the contract?

[15:04:46] <Jennifer-Pearl> group code?

[15:04:53] <Jennifer-Pearl> for the hotel?

[15:05:08] <LFP6> Yeah, you need one to reserve a room online

[15:05:31] <Jennifer-Pearl> i dont see one on the contract

[15:05:37] <mgotrik> yeah i was never given one

[15:05:46] <Jennifer-Pearl> can you ask about that?

[15:05:50] <mgotrik> if there is one, its probably 'eternacon'

[15:05:55] <Astromon> heHello eternaconers!

[15:06:01] <LFP6> Heya

[15:06:07] <Jennifer-Pearl> im guessing that as well but can you get confirmation

[15:06:12] <Jennifer-Pearl> hi Astro

[15:07:05] <Astromon> hope you feel better soon jen

[15:07:21] <Jennifer-Pearl> thanks

[15:07:40] <Jennifer-Pearl> going through some stuff and I have an appointment with a specialist next week

[15:07:55] <Jennifer-Pearl> nothing too big

[15:08:25] <Jennifer-Pearl> So a follow-up form last week

[15:08:45] <Jennifer-Pearl> Astro is working with hog for the puzle event and Ramlyn is going to present the art session

[15:09:14] <Astromon> (:

[15:09:15] <Jennifer-Pearl> we need to contact people for presentations and I have been meaning to this last couple weeks but I keep having assignmetns due that I cant get to

[15:09:27] <Jennifer-Pearl> it

[15:09:31] <LFP6> Ah, was wondering about that

[15:09:52] <LFP6> By the way, message from Rhiju - he'd like us to come up with a list of 5-6 women players who he could encourage to attend, since diversity-wise it's heavily scewed in the other direction

[15:10:10] <Astromon> oH

[15:10:11] <mgotrik> k i just sent out an email to them asking for clarification

[15:10:18] <LFP6> Thanks!

[15:10:44] <Jennifer-Pearl> yeah that was the reason I asked Astro to come up with a list of active players who as self declared minorities

[15:11:10] <Jennifer-Pearl> i dont think there are a lot. or at least dont talk about it

[15:11:42] <Jennifer-Pearl> i was trying to get xness

[15:12:02] <Jennifer-Pearl> to come but she is worried about leaving her country due to th eplitical climate

[15:12:07] <Jennifer-Pearl> political

[15:12:21] <LFP6> Mmm

[15:12:32] <Jennifer-Pearl> there is ramlyn

[15:12:58] <Jennifer-Pearl> I come every year but not sure if i count since I am one of the organizers

[15:13:15] <Astromon> it will help though

[15:14:01] <Jennifer-Pearl> we should try to get ramlyn to come them

[15:14:03] <Jennifer-Pearl> then

[15:14:29] <Jennifer-Pearl> what if we put out a call to women to come?

[15:14:30] <Astromon> she's on eternacon slack

[15:14:37] <LFP6> Rhiju said he was looking to contact people himself

[15:14:41] <LFP6> FWIW

[15:15:09] <MasterStormer> Hi

[15:15:13] <LFP6> Hey

[15:15:14] <MasterStormer> Here for ~5 mins

[15:15:19] <Jennifer-Pearl> hi masterStormer

[15:15:21] <Astromon> Hi masterS

[15:16:12] <Jennifer-Pearl> How can we get more women to sign up and declare that they are... i want to have teh event more diverse as well

[15:16:45] <LFP6> Yeah its harder without just having a list to pull from

[15:16:47] <Astromon> put new sign up T HOME PAGE

[15:17:04] <Astromon> wonder if Zama wants to come

[15:17:22] <LFP6> Yeah, Zama and Zanna come to mind

[15:17:28] <LFP6> Starryjess hasn't been around in a while

[15:17:29] <Jennifer-Pearl> lets get Rhiju to talk to them

[15:17:40] <Astromon> she is very active at eterna

[15:18:10] <Jennifer-Pearl> LFP6 can you put together the list based on who we talked about to day and get that to Rhiju/

[15:18:11] <Jennifer-Pearl> ?

[15:18:38] <LFP6> Yup!

[15:19:05] <Jennifer-Pearl> Also, lets both get together later tonight and go over who we are going to contact for presentations and send out emails from the eternacon email

[15:19:13] <LFP6> Sure

[15:19:14] <Jennifer-Pearl> Im thinking we shoul ddo a stock email

[15:19:18] <LFP6> Yup

[15:19:28] <LFP6> Can pull the one I did last year

[15:19:29] <Jennifer-Pearl> for the start and we could divide and conqure it maybe

[15:19:35] <Jennifer-Pearl> that would be great

[15:19:38] <Astromon> how about the phylo presentation masterS (:

[15:19:51] <LFP6> What else needs to get taken care of

[15:19:52] <MasterStormer> I doubt I'll want to present my tool again

[15:20:08] <MasterStormer> Not much has changed other than its practicality

[15:20:08] <Astromon> aH ok

[15:20:08] <LFP6> Registration packet

[15:20:11] <Jennifer-Pearl> yes

[15:20:18] <LFP6> That needs to get copied and updated

[15:20:19] <MasterStormer> But I would like to present something... I need to think about it

[15:20:31] <MasterStormer> Although I won't come this year

[15:20:50] <Jennifer-Pearl> @LFP6 lest go over that tonight

[15:20:50] <Astromon> thats ok, you can present digitaly

[15:20:57] <LFP6> @Jen OK

[15:20:57] <MasterStormer> btw, in what time of the day will it be?

[15:21:04] <Jennifer-Pearl> i agree, you can present digitally masterS

[15:21:09] <LFP6> @Master same as last year, info is in the news article

[15:21:29] <MasterStormer> I thought I didn't find it there... will look in a bit

[15:21:32] <Jennifer-Pearl> would love to have you present MasterS

[15:21:44] <LFP6> It's pretty much all day in PST, so you'll just probably want to let us know what time works best

[15:21:45] <Astromon> 9-3 pac

[15:21:52] <Jennifer-Pearl> the wiki is up and running now for eternacon updates

[15:21:53] <LFP6> For presenting

[15:22:15] <MasterStormer> I think this time I'd like to do something about boosters, like "what kind of tools can be made with boosters"

[15:22:15] <LFP6> Ooh, @mgotrik Have you looked into requesting housekeeping?

[15:22:38] <Astromon> Thats a great idea masterS

[15:22:40] <Jennifer-Pearl> that is a good one. I though that was already taken care of

[15:23:01] <Astromon> even a walkthrough loading them would be good i think

[15:23:06] <MasterStormer> btw, LFP, could you give me editing access for the wiki? I'll might want to put myself in the guides / tools pages

[15:23:22] <LFP6> Yeah, sure! You have an account already under the same username?

[15:23:28] <MasterStormer> I think so

[15:23:34] <MasterStormer> If not I'll create one tomorrow

[15:23:38] <Jennifer-Pearl> @LFP6 can you set me up with the wiki as wel

[15:23:41] <LFP6> Yup

[15:24:15] <Jennifer-Pearl> i need to update some the dead link for my challenge puzzles guide as well as take care of eternacon stuff

[15:24:49] <Jennifer-Pearl> LFP6 how late can you meet up online PST to work on stuff tonight?

[15:25:14] <LFP6> Uhm, I'd prefer not going too far past 7

[15:25:25] <LFP6> Trying to get my sleep schedule back on track

[15:25:33] <Jennifer-Pearl> also @mgotrik did you see that question from LFP6 about housekeeping?

[15:26:08] <Jennifer-Pearl> ok. I will be able to chat with you but migh tbe on the bus and will be working from my phone

[15:26:09] <LFP6> Jen you should be good on the wiki, Master I don't see an account for you

[15:26:21] <LFP6> mmk

[15:26:31] <MasterStormer> I'll make one tomorrow then

[15:26:48] <MasterStormer> And can you send a list to the current presentors table?

[15:26:58] <LFP6> ?

[15:27:30] <Astromon> i think all we have so far is puzzle session and art session

[15:27:38] <mgotrik> I will ask about housekeeping once I hear back from them

[15:27:42] <Jennifer-Pearl> yeah i have not contacted people bad

[15:28:01] <Jennifer-Pearl> i think i bit off more than I can chew with my schedule :(

[15:28:17] <Jennifer-Pearl> but we should still have time ot get everything lined up

[15:28:53] <MasterStormer> I meant that board where you put who is going to present; Or did you not make it yet?

[15:28:53] <Astromon> oH yeah

[15:29:23] <Astromon> its not nade yet

[15:30:16] <LFP6> @Jen One more question - would it be OK if I give Omei read privileges for the registration list? Rhiju suggested that he help find potential attendees

[15:30:32] <Jennifer-Pearl> yes that is fine

[15:31:24] <LFP6> Great

[15:31:46] <LFP6> Anything else that should be addressed right now?

[15:32:03] <Jennifer-Pearl> ummm

[15:32:12] <LFP6> Catering is the only other thing that really needs covering, but I think we need to wait a bit yet

[15:32:58] <Astromon> @masterS, you can also point out yours and omei's script tutorials in your presentation, I was thinking

[15:33:11] <Jennifer-Pearl> LFP6 lets meet up at 5PM PST on Slack to go over the presenters email

[15:33:27] <Jennifer-Pearl> ill be on the bus heading to seattle at that time

[15:33:39] <LFP6> Sounds good

[15:34:35] <Jennifer-Pearl> catering we need to wait till about 2 weeks out I think

[15:34:49] <Jennifer-Pearl> we should contact them no later than 3 weeks out

[15:35:11] <LFP6> Yeah

[15:35:13] <Jennifer-Pearl> actually we should contact them the day after teh deadline for registration

[15:35:26] <LFP6> We might need to give them rough numbers before that

[15:35:32] <LFP6> I can't remember

[15:35:35] <Jennifer-Pearl> i believe we set that around the timeline for catering

[15:37:34] <Jennifer-Pearl> lets contact catering and find out when the deadline is

[15:37:50] <LFP6> Mmk. I think I have info, I'll need to check

[15:38:04] <Jennifer-Pearl> we can give them rough numbers a week out from the deadline adn then maybe update that the day after registration

[15:39:32] <LFP6> Yeah that should work

[15:39:55] <Astromon> didnt i give a list with fermale players on it

[15:40:12] <Jennifer-Pearl> alright I think that about covers everything today. 2 months till the event...

[15:40:26] <LFP6> @Astro Yeah, you might've, I'll check

[15:40:29] <Astromon> well done!

[15:40:33] <LFP6> Yeah, sounds good

[15:40:38] <LFP6> I'm excited!

[15:40:45] <Jennifer-Pearl> me too

[15:40:57] <Astromon> we are on good shcedule :D

[15:41:23] <Jennifer-Pearl> i think last year we did everything in about 2 months with LFP6's wonderfull leadership

[15:41:43] <LFP6> Cut it a little too close lol

[15:41:48] <Jennifer-Pearl> yeah

[15:42:03] <Astromon> yes indeed

[15:42:55] <Jennifer-Pearl> we should get presention emails out tonight so that will help

[15:43:06] <Astromon> Both you guys have done a great job making all the eternacons!

[15:43:13] <LFP6> Thanks!

[15:43:16] <Jennifer-Pearl> thanks

[15:43:25] <Astromon> and making them fun!

[15:43:42] <Jennifer-Pearl> you have been a great asset Astro!

[15:44:21] <Jennifer-Pearl> we have a great team on Eterna

[15:44:24] <Astromon> Tnx :D

[15:44:42] <Astromon> indeed

[15:44:45] <Jennifer-Pearl> well I got to go for now...homework calls

[15:45:02] <LFP6> GL!

[15:45:09] <Jennifer-Pearl> thanks

[15:45:10] <LFP6> I'll get a log on the wiki soon

[15:45:14] <Jennifer-Pearl> thanks

[15:45:14] <Astromon> feel better jen

[15:45:19] <LFP6> ^

[15:45:22] <Jennifer-Pearl> see you at 5pm PST

[15:45:43] <MasterStormer> see you!

[15:45:57] <Astromon> thanks everyone!