Eternacon/2018/Committee Meeting Chat Logs/4-18-2018

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Jennifer Pearl: ‎hi eveyone. A reminder that at 1pm PST we will be having a Eternacon 2018 planning meeting. Everyone is invited to participate. ‎[12:32 PM]

Astromon: ‎ sounds good Jennifer I’ll be there ‎[12:53 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎hi everyonbe . lets start the eternacon planning metting ‎[1:01 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎there is not a whole lot ot discuss today aso this may be a short meeting.‎[1:02 PM]

LFP6: ‎Heya ‎[1:02 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎hi LFP6! ‎[1:02 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎Astro you there?‎[1:02 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎lets wait till we get some at least one more person before we start the discussion ‎[1:04 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎anyone online that wants to participate in the Eternacon planning meeting?‎[1:07 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎While we wait for people to join how many people have filled out the Event survey LFP6? ‎[1:08 PM]

LFP6: ‎Good question, let me go check ‎[1:09 PM]

LFP6: ‎7 ‎[1:10 PM]

whbob: ‎hi ‎[1:11 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎How long do you think we should leave teh survey up before we set a date?‎[1:11 PM]

LFP6: ‎So far Aug 11-12 is the best, but that’s a limited audience ‎[1:11 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎hi whbob‎[1:11 PM]

LFP6: ‎I think that’s a matter of how close we can get before people need to make reservations for air and hotel, facilities need to be reserved, etc ‎[1:12 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎@LFP6 can we put up a banner onteh site adverstising teh survey and the meetings? ‎[1:12 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎thats only 3 months away at the most‎[1:12 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎maybe we leave the survey up for another week and then make a decision.‎[1:13 PM]

LFP6: ‎‎[1:13 PM]

LFP6: ‎That’s the most of a response I got when I asked in the dev Slack ‎[1:13 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎ok sounds like me need to get eh theme figured out. Tht was one of the topics for today anyway ‎[1:14 PM]

LFP6: ‎The whole banner system is kinda annoying since we may have multiple things going on at a time ‎[1:14 PM]

Astromon: ‎Hi guys ‎[1:14 PM]

LFP6: ‎Hey Astro ‎[1:14 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎hi astro ‎[1:14 PM]

Astromon: ‎i got held up at the pharmacy :D ‎[1:14 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎maybe we make an argument that we need the banner for this next week and then we can rotate out with the other stuff ‎[1:15 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎ket Rhiju do the other stuff he was tlaking about after that ‎[1:15 PM]

LFP6: ‎I can check if we can do it for a week or two ‎[1:15 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎He wants a date set and we cant do that unless more people fil out survey adn we need to have pressence‎[1:15 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎i think the most we can afford to wait to schedule a date is 1 to 2 weeks. 2 weeks is pushing it if we want to do august ‎[1:16 PM]

Astromon: ‎i filled mine out any time was good for me< ‎[1:16 PM]

Astromon: ‎maybe send out another newsfeed about it‎[1:17 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎i havnt done mine yet. anytime is good for me as well ‎[1:17 PM]

LFP6: ‎I still need to finish working out my schedule‎[1:17 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎@astro that sounds like a good idea. Weekly reminders ‎[1:18 PM]

LFP6: ‎I’d prefer not cluttering the newsfeed though, that could get a bit much ‎[1:18 PM]

Astromon: ‎can use the same one ‎[1:18 PM]

Astromon: ‎oH ‎[1:18 PM]

Astromon: ‎gotto push what we need though ‎[1:18 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎a banner woudl be the least intrusive then‎[1:19 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎i agree with AStro ‎[1:19 PM]

whbob: ‎the chat used to post reminders about dev meetings‎[1:19 PM]

Astromon: ‎oH yes ‎[1:20 PM]

LFP6: ‎Geez, that’s been a while hasn’t it ‎[1:20 PM]

Astromon: ‎good idea whabob‎[1:20 PM]

Astromon: ‎haha yup ‎[1:20 PM]

Astromon: ‎that with a link to the forms would be good‎[1:21 PM]

LFP6: ‎I might be able to throw in a carousel item on the lab block on the front page ‎[1:21 PM]

LFP6: ‎Will need to look into it though ‎[1:21 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎that is a good idea. LFP6 can we start doing th chat thing again ‎[1:21 PM]

LFP6: ‎Not sure what people would think, I can raise it to the dev team at least ‎[1:22 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎we just need something to bring constant sawrnes to peopel about the survey and the planning meetings ‎[1:22 PM]

LFP6: ‎Mhm ‎[1:23 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎as long as we can get one place where it is constant or at least recurring is good ‎[1:23 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎can you present the various ideas we have had ‎[1:23 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎@lpf6 ‎[1:23 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎and lets go with teh best one aka the one the devs agree to ‎[1:23 PM]

LFP6: ‎Mhm ‎[1:24 PM]

LFP6: ‎I’ve already brought up the banner, so we’ll see where that goes first ‎[1:24 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎that brings us to the theme ‎[1:24 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎We need to figure out a theme today ‎[1:24 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎Here something from Rhiju that LFP6 shared with me. ‎[1:25 PM]

Astromon: ‎what did rihju say about that ‎[1:25 PM]

Astromon: ‎oH ‎[1:25 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎f we’re going to be morefuture focused, players may want to hear about upcoming science, like sensor challenges that mightbe important for cancer; or to hear more about open-TB_like disease signatures ‎[1:25 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎but i personally like hearing player ideas ‎[1:25 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎so perhaps we could have an eternacon focused on switches – what algorithms would let us solve swithces as well as nando’s nemo? what other switch problems are upcoming? (both the cancer & other infectious disease signatures might fa‎[1:26 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎under that theme) ‎[1:26 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎another thing is player papers & patents ‎[1:26 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎thats it ‎[1:26 PM]

LFP6: ‎I’d also like to consider Eterna 4 ‎[1:27 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎So having a theme about switches is a recommendation from Rhiju‎[1:27 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎we could maybe have it about both ‎[1:27 PM]

LFP6: ‎Also there’s some new scientific techniques coming from our new postdoc ‎[1:27 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎switches, eterna 4 and the new scientific process sound liuke things that are in the works for the future ‎[1:28 PM]

Astromon: ‎cool ‎[1:28 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎maybe have a what is the future of eterna‎[1:28 PM]

Astromon: ‎sounds good‎[1:28 PM]

LFP6: ‎“Engineering Eterna’s Future” ‎[1:29 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎something like "Eterna’s future: Switches, Site developemnt and new scientific techniques ‎[1:29 PM]

LFP6: ‎“Engineering the future of Biomedical Design” ‎[1:29 PM]

whbob: ‎@lfp6: spot on ‎[1:29 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎I like that one‎[1:29 PM]

Astromon: ‎agreed ‎[1:29 PM]

LFP6: ‎Do we need to insert a citizen science reference somewhere ‎[1:30 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎we can talk about how eterna is going to lead that and how Eerna 4 can help ‎[1:30 PM]

LFP6: ‎Engineering the future of Crowd Biomedical Design‎[1:30 PM]

LFP6: ‎I think it could allow this conference to be much more thematic, that’s for sure ‎[1:30 PM]

LFP6: ‎As long as we play our cards right ‎[1:30 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎Engineering the future of Biomedical Design with CrowdSourcing ‎[1:31 PM]

Astromon: ‎using crowd sourcing for engineering Biomedical design ‎[1:32 PM]

Astromon: ‎fort he future of eterna ‎[1:32 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎Engineering the future of Biomedical Design with Citizen Scientists ‎[1:32 PM]

Astromon: ‎yes ‎[1:32 PM]

Astromon: ‎good one jen‎[1:32 PM]

whbob: ‎“Engineering Eterna’s Future” is both broad and specific ‎[1:32 PM]

LFP6: ‎“Crowdsourcing the future of Biomedical Design” maybe‎[1:33 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎Engineering Eterna’s Future in Biomedicine‎[1:33 PM]

LFP6: ‎I feel like that looses touch with the site dev and experimental stuff though‎[1:34 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎i feel like we should mention biomedicine‎[1:34 PM]

LFP6: ‎“Engineering the Future of Eterna and the Crowd in Biomedicine”? ‎[1:35 PM]

LFP6: ‎Engineering the future of biomedicine specifically sounds more impressive ‎[1:36 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎i feel like crowd is to short. it rubs me the wrong way maybe that is jsut me‎[1:36 PM]

LFP6: ‎Dunno how to best weave this together ‎[1:36 PM]

Astromon: ‎i was thinking the same ‎[1:36 PM]

whbob: ‎how about two separate lines. one something like “engineering Eterna’s future” and the next two or three examples? ‎[1:36 PM]

LFP6: ‎@Jennifer you mean “the crowd” as opposed to “citizen scientists”? ‎[1:36 PM]

Astromon: ‎if we have crowd i feel like sourcing needs to go with it ‎[1:36 PM]

whbob: ‎* lines ‎[1:36 PM]

Astromon: ‎but i like citizen scientists better personally‎[1:37 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎@lfp6 i mean corwd in place of crowdsourceing or citizen scientists ‎[1:37 PM]

LFP6: ‎@Astromon: “The Crowd” is actually a pretty common term in relation to crowdsourcing‎[1:37 PM]

LFP6: ‎I get the concern though‎[1:37 PM]

LFP6: ‎Engineering the Future: Eterna, Citizen Science, and Biomedicine ‎[1:37 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎IO like where whbob is going with it ‎[1:37 PM]

LFP6: ‎Less of a mouthfull at least ‎[1:38 PM]

LFP6: ‎But does it get the point across enough? ‎[1:38 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎@LFP6 i like that. WE ahve the main title and then subtitiles ‎[1:38 PM]

Astromon: ‎i like it too<<‎[1:39 PM]

whbob: ‎Eterna 4, player design, etc ‎[1:40 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎‎Engineering the Future: Eterna, Citizen Science, and riboswitches in Biomedicine ‎[1:41 PM]

LFP6: ‎@Whbob Do you not think what I listed was specific enough? ‎[1:41 PM]

LFP6: ‎I kinda like just saying “Biomedicine” because it sounds more impressive, but I’m flexible :] ‎[1:41 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎Engineering the Future: Eterna, Citizen Science, and riboswitches role in Biomedicine ‎[1:41 PM]

LFP6: ‎Eh, too specific I think‎[1:42 PM]

mgotrik: ‎Engineering, crowdsourcing, and the future of biomedicine ‎[1:43 PM]

whbob: ‎@ lfp6: liked yours also :) ‎[1:43 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎Engineering the Future: Eterna, Citizen Science, and Biomedicine sound like it has teh most agreement ‎[1:43 PM]

Astromon: ‎Hi mgotrik, good one ‎[1:44 PM]

whbob: ‎I lile Eterna 4 ‎[1:44 PM]

mgotrik: ‎hey astro, im the new-ish post doc in the lab ‎[1:44 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎Engineering the Future: Eterna 4, Citizen Science, and Biomedicine ‎[1:44 PM]

Astromon: ‎aH ok welcome!‎[1:44 PM]

whbob: ‎welcome mgotrik‎[1:44 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎hi mgotrik‎[1:45 PM]

LFP6: ‎Hey, thanks for coming!‎[1:45 PM]

mgotrik: ‎i am working on some experiments so will be in and out, btw ‎[1:45 PM]

Astromon: ‎cooL ‎[1:46 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎we need to figure out what we agree on for the theme ‎[1:47 PM]

whbob: ‎does anyone else like Eterna 4? ‎[1:47 PM]

LFP6: ‎? ‎[1:48 PM]

Astromon: ‎im sure we can fit eterna 4 in there somewhere‎[1:48 PM]

mgotrik: ‎I’d just keep it simple. The important aspects are 1)new algorithms & experimental techniques (engineering), 2) community involvment & growth (crowdsourcing), and 3) solving high-impact problems in bioengineering and medicine‎[1:48 PM]

Astromon: ‎The future of etrna: citizen science, engineering biomedicine, and eterna 4‎[1:49 PM]

mgotrik: ‎Also, improvements on the game, but I think that falls under crowdsourcing. Don’t need to be too specific in the title ‎[1:49 PM]

LFP6: ‎Eterna 4 I think is also an important theme to consider, related under the first point‎[1:49 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎ngineering the Future: Eterna 4, Citizen Science, and Biomedicine ‎[1:50 PM]

mgotrik: ‎Engineering & Crowdsourcing: The Future of Biomedicine ‎[1:50 PM]

LFP6: ‎Hmmm ‎[1:50 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎i like hat ‎[1:50 PM]

Astromon: ‎sounds good‎[1:50 PM]

LFP6: ‎I feel like using Engineering as a topic is a little unclear ‎[1:51 PM]

mgotrik: ‎I think as a theme that isn’t overly specific so would attract people who don’t know what Eterna/Eterna 4 is ‎[1:51 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎how about wngineering switches ‎[1:51 PM]

LFP6: ‎Then we loose out on some of the more generic experimental/software stuff I feel like ‎[1:51 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎Engineering Riboswitches & Crowdsourcing: The Future of Biomedicine‎[1:52 PM]

mgotrik: ‎This is for, like, the name of the conference/meeting, ya? ‎[1:52 PM]

LFP6: ‎Yeah ‎[1:52 PM]

LFP6: ‎Well, the subtitle ‎[1:52 PM]

LFP6: ‎It’s name is “Eternacon”, but we come up with a theme‎[1:52 PM]

mgotrik: ‎in which case we should be as broad as possible, and then we can have subtopics on e.g. Eterna4/Game development, Riboswitches, RNA machines & beyond, etc. ‎[1:53 PM]

mgotrik: ‎Or we could just call it Eternacon: Crowdsourcing (the future of/Advancements in) biomedicine ‎[1:54 PM]

LFP6: ‎Did you have specific issues with my original being too specific? ‎[1:54 PM]

LFP6: ‎(For reference: “Engineering the Future: Eterna, Citizen Science, and Biomedicine”) ‎[1:54 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎I like that one‎[1:55 PM]

LFP6: ‎Idk, I feel like it encapsulates things the best, but I can be flexible if others thing another option is best‎[1:55 PM]

mgotrik: ‎I am not a big fan of referencing Eterna specifically in the title, especially if its just a subtitle of “Eternacon”. I think we want to make the title as simple and broad as possible so that many people can read it and understand what is ‎[1:56 PM]

mgotrik: ‎what is/will be going on at the conference ‎[1:56 PM]

mgotrik: ‎gtg now tho ‎[1:56 PM]

LFP6: ‎We do mainly target Eterna players ‎[1:56 PM]

LFP6: ‎Have a good one ‎[1:56 PM]

Astromon: ‎seeya mgotrik‎[1:57 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎Engineering the Future: Switches, Citizen Science, and Biomedicine‎[1:57 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎Engineering the Future: Riboswitches, Citizen Science, and Biomedicine‎[1:57 PM]

LFP6: ‎Idk, maybe mentioning Eterna is redundant, I was aiming to keep Eterna 4 included but maybe it’s unnecessary ‎[1:57 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎I get his point‎[1:57 PM]

LFP6: ‎Engineering the future of Citizen Science and Biomedicine‎[1:57 PM]

whbob: ‎I think it is important, it’s in our future ‎[1:58 PM]

whbob: ‎eterna 4 ‎[1:58 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎Engineering the future of Citizen Science and Biomedicine with Eterna ‎[1:58 PM]

LFP6: ‎I don’t think keeping Eterna in the theme is important, since it’s already in the title ‎[1:59 PM]

LFP6: ‎Eternacon: Engineering the future… ‎[1:59 PM]

Astromon: ‎of biomedicine‎[1:59 PM]

LFP6: ‎It implies more than it states, but ‎[1:59 PM]

LFP6: ‎@Astro right, just didn’t feel like writing it out ‎[2:00 PM]

Astromon: ‎cooL ‎[2:00 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎i feel like we shoudl be including swtiches based on Rhijus input but not tied to it ‎[2:00 PM]

LFP6: ‎Was the intent of the ellipses ‎[2:00 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎if no one else thinkis it should be there‎[2:00 PM]

Astromon: ‎true Jen ‎[2:00 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎That is the heart of what we are doing ‎[2:01 PM]

LFP6: ‎Engineering the Future of Riboswitches, Citizen Science, Biomedicine ‎[2:01 PM]

LFP6: ‎Engineering the Future of Riboswitches, Citizen Science, and Biomedicine ‎[2:01 PM]

Astromon: ‎good ‎[2:01 PM]

whbob: ‎riboswitches are important ‎[2:01 PM]

LFP6: ‎Engineering the Future of Riboswitches, Biomedicine, and Citizen Science ‎[2:01 PM]

Astromon: ‎maybe put etenacon rt before all that ‎[2:02 PM]

LFP6: ‎Right, that’s how it would usually read ‎[2:02 PM]

LFP6: ‎IE on the wiki, the logo would be right above ‎[2:02 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎i need to clock back into work but can monitor the page. but wont be supper active right now ‎[2:02 PM]

Astromon: ‎aH ok ‎[2:02 PM]

LFP6: ‎Can we afford to table this until next week? ‎[2:03 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎do we want to go with LFP6’s last idea ‎[2:03 PM]

LFP6: ‎Or that ‎[2:03 PM]

Astromon: ‎I like it< ‎[2:03 PM]

whbob: ‎like it ‎[2:03 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎Engineering the Future of Riboswitches in Biomedicine, and Citizen Science‎[2:03 PM]

whbob: ‎yes ‎[2:04 PM]

Astromon: ‎nicE ‎[2:04 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎‎Engineering the Future of Riboswitches in Biomedicine and Citizen Science‎[2:04 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎got ride of the comma ‎[2:05 PM]

Astromon: ‎looks great ‎[2:05 PM]

LFP6: ‎I’m not sure “Riboswitches in Biomedicine” is accurate?‎[2:05 PM]

whbob: ‎sounds good ‎[2:05 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎it is waht we are doing i feel ‎[2:06 PM]

LFP6: ‎Or are they not as separate as I might think ‎[2:06 PM]

LFP6: ‎WAIT ‎[2:06 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎our riboswtiches are being used in biomedicin to diagnose conditions ‎[2:06 PM]

LFP6: ‎UTC_‎Engineering the Future of Citizen Science and Riboswitches in Biomedicine‎[2:06 PM]

LFP6: ‎I feel like the point is CS and R BOTH within Bio? ‎[2:06 PM]

LFP6: ‎Does that make sense?‎[2:06 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎i like hat ‎[2:07 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎Eternacon: Engineering the Future of Citizen Science and Riboswitches in Biomedicine ‎[2:07 PM]

Astromon: ‎sounds good‎[2:07 PM]

whbob: ‎good ‎[2:07 PM]

LFP6: ‎I think it still covers experimental stuff since it’s pretty riboswitch based iirc‎[2:07 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎I like that LFP6. sounds like we are all in agreement on Eternacon: Engineering the Future of Citizen Science and Riboswitches in Biomedicine ‎[2:08 PM]

LFP6: ‎I think we’re all happy with that. How about I shuttle it off to the devs for a final stamp of approval? ‎[2:08 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎sounds good to me ‎[2:08 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎as long as everyone else it ‎[2:08 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎is ‎[2:08 PM]

whbob: ‎ok ‎[2:09 PM]

Astromon: ‎agreed ‎[2:09 PM]

LFP6: ‎Done, I’ll update everyone once I get further info ‎[2:09 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ‎great thanks LFP6 ‎[2:09 PM]

Astromon: ‎Thanks ‎[2:10 PM]

whbob: ‎thanks ‎[2:10 PM]