Eternacon/2018/Committee Meeting Chat Logs/4-11-2018

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<Jennifer-Pearl> alright lets start teh first meeting

<Jennifer-Pearl> This is the first meeting for Eternacon 2018. Is there anyone here who wants to join the conversation. It is open to all players and devs

<Astromon> oH ok cool!

<Jennifer-Pearl> hey astro

<Astromon> Hi jen!

<Jennifer-Pearl> do you know if anyone else wil be joining?

<Astromon> I was unaware it was today&lt;

<Jennifer-Pearl> This first meeting is kinda short notice

<whbob> I got the message this morning

<Astromon> oH ok

<LFP6> Yeah, sorry about that

<Jennifer-Pearl> so we got a few people here I think we can discuss a few things

<whbob> I see lots of players on the chat list.

<Jennifer-Pearl> Lets start with how we want to host info from meetings until the wiki is set up

<Jennifer-Pearl> does anyone have any recommendations? I was thinking we could use a google doc with editing permissions restricted

<Jennifer-Pearl> the wiki is down due to a bug. LFP6 knows more about that then me

<Astromon> oH

<LFP6> *Right now* The Wiki is online, need to talk with Nando about when we might see the core issue resolved

<Jennifer-Pearl> Do we want ot host everything on the wiki then and deal with it having issues then?

<LFP6> (He's online, may not be paying attention to chat though)

<whbob> Google Doc's would work for me.

<LFP6> I think we should go ahead and use the wiki, but just keep a backup in a doc perhaps

<Jennifer-Pearl> what kind of imfo should we putin the google doc?

<Jennifer-Pearl> info

<LFP6> Hm, good question... A lot of the generic info I suppose wouldn't be something we need to reference

<LFP6> ...often

<Jennifer-Pearl> having the google doc as a backup sounds like a good idea

<whbob> that sounds good having a backup. text of the chat meeting?

<Astromon> the presentation list

<Astromon> schedule*

<Jennifer-Pearl> we could have one doc that has a runnign chat log we can post to

<LFP6> mhm, just add a heading noting the date

<Jennifer-Pearl> sould we do seperate docs for each thing or just one overall doc?

<Jennifer-Pearl> chat log would of course have its own doc

<Jennifer-Pearl> @LFP6 sounds like a good idea

<LFP6> It'd only be the stuff on the main page of the wiki, so one doc should suffice

<Astromon> thats good

<Jennifer-Pearl> if we are still having issue with the wiki when we start working on schedule and presenters list we can revisit having more docs then

<Astromon> less confusing that way

<Jennifer-Pearl> I garee

<Jennifer-Pearl> agree

<Astromon> did folks have fun last year durring puzzle solver time slot? we could have another one for this year.

<Jennifer-Pearl> so lets do one google doc for front page stuff and one doc for chat logs

<Jennifer-Pearl> anyone have an issue with that?

<Astromon> sounds good jen

<whbob> Good here

<Jennifer-Pearl> sounds like we are all in agreement based on teh conversation

<Jennifer-Pearl> so next thing is discussing a theme

<Jennifer-Pearl> does anyone have an idea for a rough idea

<Jennifer-Pearl> dont need to decide today

<Astromon> TB/CRISPR

<Jennifer-Pearl> on final descison

<LFP6> Eterna: ReImagined

<Astromon> nice

<Jennifer-Pearl> why reimagined?

<Jennifer-Pearl> ive been gone for awhile so i hmay have missed stuff

<Jennifer-Pearl> busy with school

<LFP6> Eterna 4 rewrite mainly

<LFP6> There's a new synthesis technique being used by our new postdoc (Michael)

<Jennifer-Pearl> can we combine that with the CRIPR and TB stuff

<LFP6> I'm not sure how much new we have for those yet

<LFP6> Since last year

<Jennifer-Pearl> oh that sounds cool. Does the new technique apply to the reimagined part?

<LFP6> I mean, I guess I'm thinking in some ways we're kinda taking a step back and seeing what new things we can do with Eterna

<Jennifer-Pearl> new possibilites for eterna then

<LFP6> Also thinking of some other ideas that have been thrown around within the dev team

<LFP6> Yeah

<LFP6> I also don't want to jump the gun too much though

<LFP6> Getting Rhiju's input on what he thinks we should focus on is always a good idea

<Jennifer-Pearl> was just going to say that exact same things

<Jennifer-Pearl> i was looking down eating a sandwich and saw you beat me to the gun

<Astromon> haha

<Jennifer-Pearl> lets table this conversation until we get some input from Rhiju and hten revisit next meeting then

<whbob> as players, we're taking on challenging labs and talking about bot puzzle analysis etc. then there is maintaining databases, website etc.

<whbob> We have lots to do

<Astromon> i wonder will we have tb r4 results back by augest

<Astromon> Thats true whabob

<Jennifer-Pearl> Here is an email im sending to Rhiju about the theme. any comments

<Jennifer-Pearl> Hi Rhiju,

<Astromon> august*

<Jennifer-Pearl> Can you give some input on what you think we should focus on for this years Eternacon? We are trying to come up with a theme for this year and would appreciate any input you can give us.

<Astromon> sounds great jen

<whbob> Good

<Jennifer-Pearl> LFP6 any thoughts?

<whbob> Perhaps we will have feedback from the lab about the R4 process. Fast or slow?

<Astromon> maybe also ask him, if Michael would like to give a presentation on the wuami charts. and what other speakers he knows of that we could plan for

<LFP6> Sounds fine

<Jennifer-Pearl> cool. Sending it out now

<LFP6> Astro: It would be Michelle that could comment on her charts, and Michael could hopefully discuss his new experimental process

<Astromon> oH thats right

<Jennifer-Pearl> it would be a good idea to get speakers lined up early on

<Jennifer-Pearl> Astro supplied me with some lists of people that have been active and we should use that as a guide for actively pursuing people to present

<Astromon> maybe put it in the google doc

<Jennifer-Pearl> not sure where that would fit. Lets not put peoples names down until we have spoken with everyone

<Astromon> aH ok

<Matt-Indykiewicz> Hello

<LFP6> Hey Matt!

<Jennifer-Pearl> moving onto another topic...I wanted to discuss some responsibilits

<Jennifer-Pearl> I think i want to ask this questionevey meeting

<Astromon> i thought of a little game we could play durring eternacon18, who can produce the best looking wuami chart! Michelle can be the judge haha

<Matt-Indykiewicz> Hows it going

<Jennifer-Pearl> does anyone want to be a official eternacon organizer.

<Astromon> ill make a list of time slot ideas&lt;&lt;

<Astromon> Sure jen&lt;&lt;

<Jennifer-Pearl> I only ask that if people have questions I can direct them to you potentially and you will be a person that people can contact for questions

<Astromon> Hey mat

<Jennifer-Pearl> later on i think we will determine responsibiliets for the organziers as we move forward

<Jennifer-Pearl> what do you all think

<Jennifer-Pearl> Hi Matt

<Astromon> Sounds solid!

<Jennifer-Pearl> Astro we will mark you down as an organizer then

<Astromon> iT seems like you have done this before. (:

<Jennifer-Pearl> thanks for volunteering

<Astromon> NP jen Thanks for the opertunity

<Jennifer-Pearl> yeah this third year it seams like I actually knwo what is going on ... :)

<whbob> Yes, having point people for signage, transportation, hotels etc is very important

<LFP6> Yeah, that's what the task list is for

<Jennifer-Pearl> LFP6 do you want to comment on the task list?

<Jennifer-Pearl> maybe we should address a section each meeting

<Jennifer-Pearl> not sure how to attack this one

<Jennifer-Pearl> For people reference here is link to the task list. We will update it as pople are asigned things


<LFP6> At some point it would be good to walk through it and just assign as many things as possible

<Jennifer-Pearl> i figure me and LFP6 can work on setting up the initial wiki stuff/google doc

<LFP6> Mhm

<Jennifer-Pearl> ok i put us down for that

<LFP6> At the same time we specifically should probably work on the documentation?

<LFP6> Maybe find some time when we're both available

<LFP6> Walk through it

<LFP6> As well as the task list and wiki

<Jennifer-Pearl> LFP6 you already posted an initial announcement for Eternacon so I will put you down for that

<LFP6> That can get marked as done

<Jennifer-Pearl> done

<LFP6> Also, we've had three people fill out the official interest form so far. If you haven't yet, go do so!

<Jennifer-Pearl> almost time to end the chat

<Jennifer-Pearl> thanks for bringing that up LFP^

<Jennifer-Pearl> LFP6

<Jennifer-Pearl> Anything else anyone wants to talk about?

<Astromon> all good

<LFP6> Not immediately - I think the two of us just need to find a time to work through documentation and such

<Jennifer-Pearl> sounds like a good idea. What time works best for you or do you want to have this discussion offline in Slack?

<LFP6> I think offline is fine

<whbob> this is a good start, thanks.

<Jennifer-Pearl> ok sounds good. hit me up if you dont hear from me by Friday

<Jennifer-Pearl> i have alot of school to do

<LFP6> Ditto

<Jennifer-Pearl> Let bring this meeting to a close then. Great first meeting and thanks everyone for participating

<LFP6> Indeed, thanks! We'll get the chat log posted, and see everyone next week

<Jennifer-Pearl> i need ot get back to work now!