Eternacon/2017/Committee Meeting Chat Logs/8-9-2017

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LFP6: Ok, I think it's time we officially start [8:11 PM]

Astromon: you guys using bluejeans again [8:11 PM]

Astromon: oH okaY [8:11 PM]

LFP6: Welcome to this week's Eternacon planning chat! [8:11 PM]

Astromon: Thanks! :D [8:11 PM]

LFP6: Couple quick things being discussed before we officially started: I've just gone onto the Slack team and archived a couple of old channels (ie, for last year's sessions) [8:12 PM]

johana: Hi all. Sorry for logging on late. Connection problems... [8:12 PM]

LFP6: Also, Astro has mentioned wanting to dig up some artwork for another Eterna art sesison [8:12 PM]

LFP6: Ah, that's all right! [8:12 PM]

LFP6: We can get the party started for real now :D [8:12 PM]

Astromon: Hi Johana [8:12 PM]

LFP6: AS for your question about Bluejeans, we are planning on using that Astro [8:14 PM]

LFP6: Sounded like people liked it last year [8:14 PM]

Astromon: Great [8:14 PM]

LFP6: Ok, so, officially on the docket today [8:15 PM]

LFP6: 1) Choose a theme for Eternacon [8:15 PM]

LFP6: 2) Choose a date for Eternacon [8:15 PM]

LFP6: 3) Assign as many tasks as we can [8:15 PM]

Astromon: sounds good [8:16 PM]

cynwulf28: I know what you mean by theme, but I immediately pictured curtains and wallpaper [8:17 PM]

LFP6: lol [8:17 PM]

cynwulf28: I assume that upcoming labs are going to direct any theme we pick [8:17 PM]

LFP6: So, Andrew had brought up the suggestion "The Evolution of Eterna". How do we feel about that? [8:17 PM]

cynwulf28: to so extent [8:17 PM]

cynwulf28: *some [8:17 PM]

LFP6: Possibly [8:17 PM]

cynwulf28: not bad [8:18 PM]

LFP6: Were there any other thoughts? [8:18 PM]

LFP6: Johan, does this line up with the goals for the next year at the lab> [8:18 PM]

LFP6: *? [8:18 PM]

cynwulf28: <crickets chirp> [8:19 PM]

LFP6: Hm, Johan seems to have dropped out from chat [8:19 PM]

cynwulf28: They had mentioned connection issues [8:20 PM]

Astromon: the evolution of Eterna [8:20 PM]

LFP6: Yeah, hopefully he'll be back [8:20 PM]

Astromon: from chrismas tree labs to CRISPR [8:20 PM]

LFP6: lol [8:20 PM]

AndrewKae: I was just spitballing with that suggestion, it is a little obvious, maybe a bit clichéd [8:22 PM]

cynwulf28: descent with modification [8:22 PM]

LFP6: Hehe [8:22 PM]

LFP6: Descent/decent [8:22 PM]

LFP6: Anyhow [8:23 PM]

johana: I'm back :-) [8:23 PM]

cynwulf28: my bad [8:23 PM]

LFP6: The puns though! [8:23 PM]

Astromon: oh thought that was a pun [8:23 PM]

cynwulf28: oh, actually I got it right, but I do like puns [8:23 PM]

Astromon: that i didnt get haha [8:23 PM]

epicfalcon15: just curious, why don't we have these meetings on slack? [8:23 PM]

cynwulf28: we want to stay relevant [8:23 PM]

LFP6: epicfalcon15: Mostly so that anyone in chat can join in if they want [8:24 PM]

Astromon: someone could join here that wasnt on slack [8:24 PM]

cynwulf28: <♫TRADITION♪> [8:24 PM]

epicfalcon15: ok [8:24 PM]

LFP6: That too lol [8:24 PM]

Astromon: Hi epicfalcon15 [8:24 PM]

LFP6: So, my main concern with the "Evolution" theme is that it may not line up with what the folks at Stanford are focused on [8:24 PM]

whbob: Hi everyone [8:25 PM]

Astromon: the meeting will be posted however [8:25 PM]

LFP6: Of course, the platform improvements definitely need to happen [8:25 PM]

Astromon: Hi bob :D [8:25 PM]

cynwulf28: well, there are other words [8:25 PM]

LFP6: Johan, what're you seeing at the lab, as far as goals for the next year? [8:25 PM]

LFP6: Do you think "Evolution" applies? [8:25 PM]

LFP6: Or has there not been much discussion about that kind of progress [8:26 PM]

johana: I think that the CRISPR puzzle is definitely the next step. As always, it's hard to tell in advance how far into the next year that will take. [8:26 PM]

cynwulf28: Eterna, Staying fresh with CRISPR labs [8:26 PM]

LFP6: Right [8:27 PM]

LFP6: Does CRISPR feel like an evolution to you? Is this somewhat of a significant change? [8:27 PM]

johana: "Evolution" certainly always applies to Eterna since we keep coming up with (and players solve) more advanced labs [8:27 PM]

cynwulf28: but there is a long history and goals which still exist [8:27 PM]

Astromon: CRISPR its not cereal [8:27 PM]

cynwulf28: People have put a lot of work into projects and neot necessarily seen results. TB update anyone? [8:28 PM]

johana: CRISPR is definitely a significant change. [8:28 PM]

LFP6: Do we feel comfortable with the theme? [8:29 PM]

Astromon: maybe something to think over a bit more [8:29 PM]

whbob: I have a thought, rather than a planned idea. Is this a time to say it? [8:30 PM]

LFP6: Any other suggestions? [8:30 PM]

LFP6: Wording changes? [8:30 PM]

LFP6: We can definitely come back to it if we want [8:30 PM]

LFP6: Go ahead whbob [8:30 PM]

johana: The TB project was great and actually gave good results quickly. There are plans to try to test the best designs in a separate assay to check how well they work outside of the chip, but we may need to recruit more people for that. [8:30 PM]

LFP6: (Addendum: Topic isn't quite so critical *right now*. Soon, but we have a little time) [8:30 PM]

whbob: I think there has been a lot of evolution of lab tools since A/bB labs onward. [8:31 PM]

Astromon: want to talk about a date [8:31 PM]

LFP6: Before we do that, I think whbob wanted to mention something [8:31 PM]

Astromon: how many forms were filled out [8:31 PM]

LFP6: Just want to make sure it gets heard [8:31 PM]

Astromon: oH cooL [8:32 PM]

whbob: I don't know how many players are aware of them. [8:32 PM]

LFP6: 32 forms, 30 looking to actually attend [8:32 PM]

cynwulf28: like hotkey "S" [8:32 PM]

Astromon: nice [8:32 PM]

cynwulf28: even poor "G" gets neglected by some [8:32 PM]

Astromon: how many in person [8:32 PM]

LFP6: I don't even know what these hotkeys are [8:33 PM]

cynwulf28: I am comfortable with whatever theme you pick [8:33 PM]

cynwulf28: xD [8:33 PM]

Astromon: I dont know them either<< [8:33 PM]

cynwulf28: I think a recent review and sum up of the last year's worth of Labs should be a part of any planned formality [8:33 PM]

whbob: The freeze button, the post a sequence button, the shift click or command click to highlight bases to move all at once. I don't even remember which it is. [8:33 PM]

Astromon: thats if the tests come bK in time too [8:33 PM]

cynwulf28: Oh wow, I must have joined just as those were added [8:34 PM]

Astromon: have to have the data first [8:34 PM]

LFP6: Astro: 15 total, max of 14 on any given date (10 relatively sure, 4 marked "possible") [8:34 PM]

Astromon: someone should make a list of all the helpful tools for lab [8:34 PM]

Astromon: and instructions for each one [8:35 PM]

cynwulf28: they exist [8:35 PM]

Astromon: oH nice turn out [8:35 PM]

Astromon: oH it should be added to linkbot [8:36 PM]

cynwulf28: [8:36 PM]

LFP6: whbob: Were you thinking of doing a session covering this? [8:36 PM]

whbob: I was on chat and Hoglahoo and another player were not aware of using the highlighting and shifting of bases down through the sequence while the freeeze key way on. [8:36 PM]

AndrewKae: @LFP6, do you have any guidance on a date [8:37 PM]

whbob: I'm not that good at presentations, but I could work on suggestions for someone who is . [8:37 PM]

Astromon: that would be a way cool session [8:37 PM]

LFP6: I think that would fill a gap in our sessions this year [8:37 PM]

Astromon: just put it in a google slide show [8:38 PM]

Zama: theme notion: Tooled up for Crispr [8:38 PM]

cynwulf28: lol, genius [8:38 PM]

cynwulf28: hi [8:39 PM]

Astromon: love it< [8:39 PM]

Astromon: hi Zama [8:39 PM]

Zama: hi [8:39 PM]

LFP6: whbob: Anything else? [8:39 PM]

whbob: As a theme, I wonder if promoting the great benefits we already have that many players may not know about. [8:40 PM]

LFP6: Hm [8:40 PM]

whbob: In tools etc. [8:40 PM]

cynwulf28: I was thinking somthing like that, but not sure how to say it [8:40 PM]

LFP6: Maybe looking at "Possibilities" [8:40 PM]

whbob: Also, what new labs may require for even more tools. [8:40 PM]

LFP6: Between what's already there, platform improvement, and future CRISPR work [8:40 PM]

LFP6: I think we should talk about this next week [8:44 PM]

LFP6: We need to talk about date [8:44 PM]

LFP6: Here's the current breakdown from the form: 19:00 [8:44 PM]

Astromon: anytime is good for me< (: [8:44 PM]

LFP6: ops [8:44 PM]

LFP6: [8:45 PM]

LFP6: That's the breakdown ^^ [8:45 PM]

LFP6: October 20-21 looks like the best option [8:46 PM]

cynwulf28: not impossible [8:47 PM]

LFP6: Works better for me than 28-29 [8:47 PM]

AndrewKae: yes, and gives more time to nail down speakers [8:47 PM]

LFP6: Still won't be able to make it Saturday, as I have a marching band rehearsal and show [8:47 PM]

johana: Works for me [8:47 PM]

Astromon: [8:48 PM]

johana: It seems like there was not a big difference between dates so later is indeed better [8:48 PM]

LFP6: Johan, do you think it's ok to push it out that far? Anything going on that weekend that could cause issues (on campus or in the area, ie issues with facilities, lodging, etc)? [8:48 PM]

LFP6: Well, the best time for me is when there's like half the amount of people sure about attending digitally lol [8:49 PM]

LFP6: Can we agree on this date? Any objections? [8:49 PM]

whbob: Yes [8:50 PM]

whbob: Agreed [8:50 PM]

AndrewKae: I'm good with it [8:50 PM]

Astromon: agreed [8:50 PM]

epicfalcon15: should we wait a bit longer for more ppl to complete the form? [8:51 PM]

cynwulf28: it will have to do [8:51 PM]

cynwulf28: ....balance [8:51 PM]

johana: Oct 14 is homecoming, so Oct20-21 is definitely better [8:51 PM]

Astromon: its 21-22 isnt it [8:51 PM]

Astromon: Oct 21-22 [8:51 PM]

AndrewKae: yes [8:52 PM]

epicfalcon15: yes oct 20 is a friday [8:52 PM]

LFP6: epicfalcon: My primary concern is having facilities requested and giving people enough time to reserve flights [8:53 PM]

cynwulf28: My sisters Wedding is on the 14th and so again...21st is better [8:53 PM]

Astromon: sweeT [8:53 PM]

johana: @LFP6 Do you remember is Rhiju is here on those dates? [8:53 PM]

johana: There should be facilities on that date. We really only need one auditorium, if we keep last year's format. [8:54 PM]

LFP6: epicfalcon: And I've seen pretty much all the active users fill out the form - except for a couple devs, who I've been told probably won't be able to make it [8:54 PM]

LFP6: johan: Also, catering and housekeeping [8:54 PM]

LFP6: See the facilities slide on the task list [8:54 PM]

LFP6: Rhiju marked off as being available that weekend [8:55 PM]

LFP6: He only marked off being unavailable for the next too weekends, which are too close anyways [8:55 PM]

LFP6: On that note - task list! [8:55 PM]

Astromon: jen had a form for what special things people wanted for food [8:56 PM]

Astromon: maybe you can use the same [8:56 PM]

LFP6: Yep, that'll be on the actual RSVP form [8:56 PM]

Astromon: cool [8:57 PM]

johana: Catering and housekeeping should always be available [8:57 PM]

Astromon: we now also know we have time for things [8:57 PM]

LFP6: Right [8:58 PM]

LFP6: Ok, task assignment time [8:58 PM]

LFP6: [8:58 PM]

LFP6: Date has been determined, so I'll mark that as done [8:58 PM]

Astromon: wOot [8:59 PM]

LFP6: Should be open for anyone to comment on btw [9:00 PM]

johana: OK [9:00 PM]

LFP6: And suggest edits (ie, start typing, and I can accept/reject) [9:00 PM]

LFP6: So, the meta sheet is fine [9:02 PM]

Astromon: looks great [9:03 PM]

LFP6: I think I'll take care of the FRM, NEWS, and WIKI tasks [9:04 PM]

cynwulf28: I know the Devs like to listen to the players' ideas, but I would like to get their take on all of this, what the general plans are for the site as it fits into the greater scheme of things and such...and would like to know what goals they would set for us if they could do so. [9:04 PM]

LFP6: Agreed [9:04 PM]

Astromon: Agreed [9:05 PM]

Astromon: i thnk your best equipped for those tasks (: [9:06 PM]

LFP6: Someone has to create the in-person invite packet. I think we should wait before assigning this? [9:06 PM]

cynwulf28: maybe some rough drafts [9:07 PM]

Astromon: no point in slacking [9:07 PM]

LFP6: Can probably copy-paste for the most part from the 2015 one, but we're missing a lot of info [9:07 PM]

LFP6: Does anyone happen to want to start working on it? [9:07 PM]

Astromon: good idea [9:07 PM]

LFP6: We could create a draft in Docs, and keep it in the Drive [9:07 PM]

cynwulf28: what type of info would be needed? [9:08 PM]

LFP6: Location, code of conduct, staff contact info, reimbursement info, transportation info, schedule [9:09 PM]

LFP6: 2015 packet is in the drive [9:09 PM]

LFP6: [9:09 PM]

LFP6: But the template does need to be rebuilt in Docs [9:10 PM]

LFP6: Would you be interested Cyn? [9:10 PM]

cynwulf28: possibly....haven't made up my mind yet, but as long as it is simply a matter of incorporating the providied data and tweaking aesthetics, it should not be too hard [9:11 PM]

LFP6: At this point, it's a copy-paste [9:11 PM]

LFP6: Kinda thing [9:12 PM]

cynwulf28: I suppose I could so it. [9:12 PM]

LFP6: Leave space for this year's info [9:12 PM]

LFP6: Then someone will need to fill in the info later [9:12 PM]

LFP6: Cool, I'll mark you down for it [9:12 PM]

cynwulf28: k [9:12 PM]

Astromon: ThX cyn! [9:12 PM]

cynwulf28: :-) [9:13 PM]

LFP6: What I'll do is create a Google doc in the Drive and share it with you, so that you have direct editing privilages [9:13 PM]

LFP6: Thanks for jumping on! [9:13 PM]

cynwulf28: that works for me [9:13 PM]

johana: sorry, disconnected for a while again. I'll do the booking of the rooms [9:13 PM]

Astromon: not a better time to disconnect haha [9:14 PM]

LFP6: Oh, Johan, I'll share the folder with you with edit privilages [9:14 PM]

LFP6: Should I use your GMail? [9:14 PM]

LFP6: Er, not gmail [9:15 PM]

LFP6: Which email should I use? :P [9:15 PM]

LFP6: The one from the form, or your Stanford one [9:15 PM]

LFP6: Or something else, I suppose [9:15 PM]

Astromon: is johana on eternacon slack? [9:16 PM]

LFP6: Yes, he is [9:16 PM]

Astromon: oH ok i diddnt see [9:16 PM]

johana: please use [9:17 PM]

LFP6: Will do [9:17 PM]

LFP6: Sent [9:17 PM]

LFP6: Cyn, sent you an invite for that doc too [9:17 PM]

epicfalcon15: do we have a talks list or a rough idea of who is giving a talk/how many ppl are giving talks [9:19 PM]

Astromon: good question [9:19 PM]

LFP6: I have some of that info, yes [9:20 PM]

LFP6: Based on what people submitted on the form [9:20 PM]

LFP6: I know Jen intentionally waited before releasing that info last year until everyone was confirmed. Not 100% sure why that was [9:21 PM]

LFP6: Ok, next thing on the list [9:21 PM]

LFP6: We need to determine what time this event is happening [9:21 PM]

LFP6: Is that something we should schedule for next week? [9:21 PM]

Astromon: the first weekly eternacon chat meeting is recorded and has somerough ideas [9:21 PM]

Astromon: i think so lfp6 [9:22 PM]

cynwulf28: @LFP6 got it [9:22 PM]

cynwulf28: wasn't sure where to look :-) [9:22 PM]

LFP6: I'll say we do the time next week, primarily because we're running out of time That'll be the first thing on the agenda. [9:23 PM]

johana: I think that last year's schedule was pretty good, so it's a good starting point [9:23 PM]

LFP6: Yeah [9:23 PM]

LFP6: Next thing to assign is coming up with the actual schedule [9:23 PM]

Astromon: scheldule=presentations? [9:23 PM]

LFP6: Once everyone has confirmed that they'll be speaking [9:23 PM]

LFP6: Schedule as in "when does who present" [9:24 PM]

johana: Next week sounds good. If we already have some talks we should add it to the schedule [9:24 PM]

johana: I'll do one [9:24 PM]

LFP6: I was thinking we should confirm that people will be presenting and what they'll present before scheduling [9:25 PM]

Astromon: i like your data analyzing sessions johana<< [9:25 PM]

LFP6: This may wind up coming down to me to do, but I'm not 100% positive. I want to check with Jen to see why she waited to publicize sessions last year [9:26 PM]

Astromon: you make cool graphs [9:27 PM]

cynwulf28: The Art of Analysis [9:27 PM]

LFP6: I'm assuming the background check for minors thing is actually NA. Based on the info from last year, it's not needed if the event is open to the public [9:27 PM]

Astromon: yes indeed first what is presented and who [9:27 PM]

LFP6: Johan, I assume you'll be the one setting up the Bluejeans stream when the time comes? [9:28 PM]

cynwulf28: The agenda last year was reasonably well balanced [9:28 PM]

LFP6: IIRC it has to be someone at Stanford. I think Caleb did it a day or two ahead last year [9:28 PM]

Astromon: Thanks ! [9:28 PM]

johana: Yes, I'll try to coordinate that entire tab in the google doc [9:29 PM]

Astromon: space out the most exiting presentations [9:29 PM]

LFP6: That one is actually on the Event tab [9:29 PM]

johana: ok [9:29 PM]

johana: I have to go, but I look forward to discussing the agenda next week [9:33 PM]

LFP6: Johan, one quick thing before you go [9:33 PM]

LFP6: Can you look into what has to happen for the Accomadations, Materials, and Funding sheets? [9:34 PM]

Astromon: I was an organizer last year and the agenda was part of what i worked on< [9:34 PM]

johana: ok [9:34 PM]

LFP6: I'll mark off specifically which things [9:34 PM]

LFP6: I think they'll be new tasks [9:34 PM]

LFP6: You'll be assigned [9:34 PM]

Astromon: would another puzzle race be fun?! maybe make it not so hard this year [9:35 PM]

LFP6: Possibly [9:35 PM]

johana: Sounds good [9:35 PM]

johana: Puzzle race was fun [9:35 PM]

cynwulf28: lol [9:35 PM]

Astromon: :D [9:35 PM]

cynwulf28: I still have to solve the ones from previous years [9:35 PM]

cynwulf28: almost ready for it [9:35 PM]

LFP6: Johan, just mark off on the sheet when you start working on stuff - change the status to IN PROGRESS [9:36 PM]

Astromon: me too cyn [9:36 PM]

Astromon: that bridge was ...hard [9:36 PM]

johana: will do [9:36 PM]

Astromon: beautiful though [9:36 PM]

johana: see you next week or on slack [9:36 PM]

cynwulf28: maybe one near impossible puzzle just to keep the Pros engaged [9:36 PM]

LFP6: Thanks Johan! [9:36 PM]

cynwulf28: so long [9:37 PM]

AndrewKae: bye johana [9:37 PM]

LFP6: And just as a reminder to everyone, we can communicate in Slack while not in a meeting [9:37 PM]

Astromon: thanks johana seeya [9:37 PM]

cynwulf28: true [9:37 PM]

LFP6: So if anyone has questions, updates, etc. Feel free too send a message in the apropriate room [9:37 PM]

LFP6: And if anyone is not on Slack and wants to be, let me know [9:38 PM]

Astromon: maybe have one not too hard and not too easy [9:38 PM]

Astromon: some-where in the middle [9:38 PM]

whbob: bye johana [9:39 PM]

cynwulf28: yes both, both? BOTH! Both is good. [9:39 PM]

Astromon: oH nice idea cyn we can have two puzzle race [9:40 PM]

AndrewKae: Eterna: To 2020 and Beyond, or Into the next decade if the first sounds to Buzz Light-yearish [9:40 PM]

cynwulf28: like the 5 Levels of difficulty we had in the Challenges [9:40 PM]

Astromon: an easy one for new players and a harder one for us pros :-j [9:41 PM]

LFP6: Andrew: But then what do we do in 2019 or 2020? :) [9:42 PM]

cynwulf28: lol and maybe one impossible one that will have people talking for the next year [9:42 PM]

LFP6: Cyn: Maybe it should actually be a "staggered" challenge [9:42 PM]

Astromon: i love buZ< [9:42 PM]

cynwulf28: I was thinking that [9:42 PM]

cynwulf28: It might work best [9:42 PM]

LFP6: Lower level(s) would be partial solves or less restructions [9:43 PM]

LFP6: *restrictions [9:43 PM]

cynwulf28: especially considering the diversity in solving ability [9:43 PM]

cynwulf28: we are all pretty good, but there is definitely an upper tier [9:43 PM]

AndrewKae: ya, thought of that LFP, just spitballing again, thinking of the challenges of the next 3 years [9:44 PM]

cynwulf28: not there yet myself [9:44 PM]

Astromon: yup your there cyn. [9:44 PM]

cynwulf28: lol, almost [9:44 PM]

cynwulf28: I'm one level away I think [9:45 PM]

Astromon: oH yes you are. [9:45 PM]

Astromon: my chat is lagging something terrible [9:45 PM]

cynwulf28: check tabs, if you have a bunch open [9:45 PM]

Astromon: ya i clicked out a few :D [9:46 PM]

cynwulf28: should help [9:46 PM]

Astromon: yup all good now [9:47 PM]

Astromon: [9:47 PM]

Astromon: i have been playing w/ this all day on and off [9:47 PM]

Astromon: came very close at some points [9:48 PM]

Astromon: Z35* [9:48 PM]

Astromon: A [9:48 PM]

LFP6: All right, I think we're probably done with the meeting at this point [9:49 PM]

LFP6: Unless anyone has additional thoughts [9:49 PM]

LFP6: I'm just updating the spreadsheet [9:49 PM]

AndrewKae: see ya LFP [9:49 PM]

LFP6: Alright, have a good night everyone! Any additional thoughts until next week can go on Slack [9:50 PM]