Eternacon/2017/Committee Meeting Chat Logs/8-16-2017

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Jennifer Pearl: Tjhe Eternacon 2017 meeting for today is offically starting [5:47 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: LFP6 was wanting the time to be agreed on today. [5:48 PM]

Astromon: yes that does [5:48 PM]

Astromon: its meeting time can we postpone this lesson until its over plese [5:48 PM]

bnguy2bn: oh i thought u said stabilize [5:48 PM]

AndrewKae: Hi Jennifer, Astro and bnguy [5:49 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: someone mentioned using the same times as last year [5:49 PM]

Astromon: a u on 3 will restabilize it [5:49 PM]

bnguy2bn: call me guy plz [5:49 PM]

Astromon: Hi andrew [5:49 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: hi andrew [5:49 PM]

AndrewKae: ok guy [5:49 PM]

bnguy2bn: :D [5:49 PM]

cynwulf28: hello all [5:49 PM]

bnguy2bn: what next astro [5:49 PM]

cynwulf28: I know LFP6 had a loose agenda for the day [5:50 PM]

Astromon: now put in au's [5:50 PM]

Astromon: flip them rt way and presto  [5:50 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: Lat year we started Saturday at 8:00am and Sunday at 9am [5:50 PM]

bnguy2bn: got it :D [5:50 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: people did not really show up until around 8:30 or 9 on Sat from what I rememebr [5:51 PM]

Astromon: WTG guy! [5:51 PM]

cynwulf28: suppose it depends on what percentage of Eterna players are early birds....or would still have jetlag xD [5:51 PM]

Astromon: i woke up early to watch it last year<  :D [5:51 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: @cynwolf I thiink LFP6 is keeping it fluid right now. He was waiting in some input from me but I was not around the last week [5:51 PM]

cynwulf28: gotcha [5:52 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: Is 8 too ealy on a saturday [5:52 PM]

AndrewKae: Maybe not have any presentations before 9:00,  [5:52 PM]

AndrewKae: let people meet and greet from 8:00 to 9 if they wany [5:52 PM]

cynwulf28: could fill that time with something lighter, similar to the Entre Acte they had at the start of the older movies  [5:52 PM]

Astromon: do the lab tour and things first? [5:52 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: maybe 8-9 have elevator music playing in the room but nothing starts till 9 [5:52 PM]

AndrewKae: want [5:52 PM]

Astromon: lol [5:52 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: kinda meet and great time for early birds [5:53 PM]

cynwulf28: time to find one's seat [5:53 PM]

cynwulf28: important for anyone who would be new to the venue...physically or digitally [5:53 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: i di not see your comment cynwolf until after I sent mine [5:53 PM]

cynwulf28: :-D [5:53 PM]

cynwulf28: great minds? [5:53 PM]

cynwulf28: lol [5:54 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: lol [5:54 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: we can leave teh end of the day open for now then I guess [5:54 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: Sunday went off really well starting at 9 [5:54 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: does everyone agree on having 8-9 be a meet and greet . find your set time and then have presentations start at 9am [5:55 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: on Saturday and Sunday [5:56 PM]

cynwulf28: makes sense to me [5:56 PM]

Astromon: yes [5:56 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: cool [5:56 PM]

Jieux: Good evening friends! [5:57 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: Hi jieux [5:57 PM]

Astromon: hey Jiex [5:57 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: does anyone know where the task list is? [5:57 PM]

Jieux: Hey Jennifer Pearl... long time! [5:57 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: i think i might have it in my emails actually... [5:58 PM]

cynwulf28: I think there is one posted on slack. will look for link [5:58 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: it has been a long time indeed Jieux [5:58 PM]

Jieux: hey Astromon... will be kinda in your vague neighborhood over the weekend. [5:58 PM]

Astromon: i have task list [5:58 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: good to see you [5:58 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: can you share the link for the task list astro [5:58 PM]

AndrewKae: [5:58 PM]

Astromon: [5:58 PM]

Jieux: Good to see you as well. what have you been up to? [5:58 PM]

Astromon: andrew you fast (: [5:59 PM]

AndrewKae: had it bookmarked [5:59 PM]

Astromon: me too< [5:59 PM]

cynwulf28: ah thank you [6:00 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: i have not been up to much thi slast year. just working too much [6:00 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: been away from Eterna a bunch [6:01 PM]

Jieux: Understood. I am set to vanish from EteRNA come the end of the month. [6:01 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: permanently? [6:01 PM]

Jieux: nah [6:01 PM]

Astromon: huh [6:01 PM]

Jieux: I'm too addicted for that :) [6:01 PM]

Astromon: haha [6:01 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: right [6:01 PM]

Jieux: I'll still do the labs, but no chat or puzzles. [6:01 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: @cynwulf how is the invite packet coming [6:02 PM]

Jieux: PMs from time to time have been known to occur. [6:02 PM]

cynwulf28: I was reworking that [6:02 PM]

cynwulf28: still rough:  [6:02 PM]

cynwulf28: I wanted to confirm things before getting it fleshed out more.  [6:02 PM]

cynwulf28: such as what the actual schedule would look like, and whether or not we would use the same venue as last time [6:03 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ok.  will add the ink to the task list for LFP6 to review [6:03 PM]

cynwulf28: #workinprogress [6:03 PM]

Jieux: Won't be able to attend EteRNAcon this year, but am boycotting anyway until I recieve my badge from last year. [6:03 PM]

Astromon: looks great cyn [6:04 PM]

Jieux: .EteRNAcon south may not occur either. [6:04 PM]

cynwulf28: @AStro largely adapted from 2015, but ty [6:04 PM]

cynwulf28: shame Jieux, wold be fun [6:04 PM]

Jieux: Not as much fun as getting that last CG out of your new Quick & Easy puzzle...  [6:05 PM]

cynwulf28: xD [6:06 PM]

Jieux: which I could not do btw. [6:06 PM]

cynwulf28: I almost feel pride [6:06 PM]

cynwulf28: ty [6:06 PM]

cynwulf28: nvm, definitely proud of that accomplishment xD [6:06 PM]

Astromon: here you are Jieux> [6:06 PM]

Jieux: I'll give it another 10 minutes tomorrow :) [6:07 PM]

cynwulf28: k [6:07 PM]

cynwulf28: has anyone heard from lroppy? [6:07 PM]

Astromon: been 2 weeks [6:08 PM]

cynwulf28: I know he was working on some of this [6:08 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: @cynwulf do you have a chat log  [6:08 PM]

cynwulf28: I caught him briefly last week. He might be on vacation, but idk.  [6:08 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: I had to refresh my page [6:08 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: need it to post after meeting [6:08 PM]

cynwulf28: not formally kept, but here.... [6:08 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: just one from this session . you can cut and past it [6:09 PM]

Jieux: Hmmm I should try to pass him while he's asleep. [6:09 PM]

Astromon: :D [6:09 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: i found a tab open with teh chat so all is good actually [6:09 PM]

cynwulf28: nice [6:10 PM]

Jieux: wow, a few days away and all sorts of new puzzles [6:10 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: I dont see anything else in the tasks that I can really do anyting about today in chat [6:10 PM]

cynwulf28: My log here only goes 25 min [6:10 PM]

cynwulf28: true. a few came and went such as Eli and Omei, but that was around 7:30 [6:10 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: we should talk about conference contacts next meeting when everyone is here [6:11 PM]

Astromon: cool [6:11 PM]

cynwulf28: that would be good. I know a lot of people are taking extra time off next week for the upcoming syzygy [6:12 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: any more ideas on the theme for eternacon [6:12 PM]

cynwulf28: so they should at least be available [6:12 PM]

cynwulf28: Without any we have an idea of the focus of the upcoming labs beyond involving CRISPR? [6:13 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: i dont know that. i have not been around much lately [6:13 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: that would be a LFP6 question or a dev question [6:13 PM]

cynwulf28: understood. If there was something big that could be used as a theme from the lab side of things though, that couldn't hurt. there was a good suggestion or two last week as I recall [6:14 PM]

Jieux: I think the EteRNAcon theme should be "Baseless asumptions" [6:14 PM]

cynwulf28: lmao [6:14 PM]

cynwulf28: I like it. ;-j [6:15 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: i cant really make a choise today since I jut had surgery [6:15 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: kinda out of it [6:15 PM]

Astromon: oH [6:16 PM]

cynwulf28: oh, gotcha (best of luck with recover/PT if necessary) [6:16 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: eye surgery. not much [6:16 PM]

Astromon: yeah lets go with baseless assuptions haha [6:16 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: forgto about it when jieux asked how I was actually [6:16 PM]

Astromon: oH hope it went well [6:16 PM]

cynwulf28: hah! Jieux is good for taking one's mind off such things [6:16 PM]

Astromon: i have eye surgeries also<< [6:16 PM]

Astromon: lazer and now they wabt to do injections [6:17 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: lets put a pin in it for the day and start the next session talking about the theme. [6:17 PM]

Jieux: I have a fear of sharp pointy things near my eyes. [6:17 PM]

cynwulf28: one of these days we'll simply use the RNA for surgery [6:17 PM]

cynwulf28: likewise Jieux [6:17 PM]

cynwulf28: ok jenn [6:17 PM]

cynwulf28: jen? [6:17 PM]

Astromon: sounds good [6:17 PM]

cynwulf28: jennifer :-)  [6:17 PM]

cynwulf28: that's better [6:17 PM]

Astromon: great sseing you jen! [6:17 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: you too [6:18 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ill send a emailt o LFP6 that we areed on 8-9 for meet and greet and 9 as start time both days [6:18 PM]

Astromon: i almost let them do it jieux but chickend out< [6:18 PM]

cynwulf28: ok. going to afk for a bit here. Have a good night, and thank you for the meeting.  [6:18 PM]

Astromon: maybe next time  [6:18 PM]

Jieux: leave me out of it until I get my badge. [6:19 PM]

Astromon: i gave you a badge! [6:19 PM]