Eternacon/2016/Committee Meeting Chat Logs/6-15-2016

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Astromon: almost eternacon2016 meeting time!  [11:59 AM]

Astromon: 3  [11:59 AM]

Astromon: 2  [11:59 AM]

Astromon: 1  [11:59 AM]

Astromon: kaboom!  [11:59 AM]

Astromon: haha  [11:59 AM]

MasterStormer: oh its today!  [12:00 AM]

Astromon: yu  [12:00 AM]

Astromon: p  [12:00 AM]

Astromon: how that scripting tool coming along Master?  [12:00 AM]

MasterStormer: what do you mean?  [12:00 AM]

Astromon: how is*  [12:01 AM]

MasterStormer: the boosters?  [12:01 AM]

MasterStormer: I am not the one developing them  [12:01 AM]

Astromon: you are working on a C-K-A tool arent ya?  [12:01 AM]

MasterStormer: eh? [12:01 AM]

Astromon: oH [12:01 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: hi [12:01 AM]

Astromon: hi jen [12:02 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: I will be starting the Eternacon meeting in 10 minutes [12:02 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: i need to make food [12:02 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: if caleb stops by please let him know I will be back' [12:02 AM]

Astromon: c-k-a comman kernel attractor  :) [12:02 AM]

MasterStormer: oh yes I am [12:02 AM]

Astromon: thats how i say it w/o all the letters [12:02 AM]

Astromon: ok jen will do<< [12:03 AM]

Astromon: cooL [12:03 AM]

Astromon: if a list was displayed to the designers all possible common attractors , would be an amazing script and very helpful i think [12:04 AM]

MasterStormer: omei game me a chart of the energies of pairs, bulges and stuff so I am starting to get stuff done [12:04 AM]

Astromon: thats great! [12:04 AM]

Astromon: he a very knowlegable player [12:05 AM]

Omei: Master, that's jnicol's chart.  He has a link to it on his profile page. [12:06 AM]

Astromon: Im glad your working on this stuf because all i have is basic ideas of what would be helpful << [12:06 AM]

MasterStormer: oh [12:06 AM]

Astromon: hi omei! [12:06 AM]

Omei: Hi, Astromon! [12:07 AM]

calebgeniesse: hey guys [12:07 AM]

calebgeniesse: sorry im late [12:07 AM]

MasterStormer: hi caleb [12:07 AM]

Astromon: the meeting starts in about  12 after 300 today [12:07 AM]

calebgeniesse: hi <asterStormer [12:07 AM]

Astromon: jennifer will be right back to start it [12:08 AM]

calebgeniesse: *MasterStormer [12:08 AM]

calebgeniesse: okay, cool [12:08 AM]

Astromon: hi caleb!  [12:08 AM]

calebgeniesse: hi Astromon! [12:08 AM]

Astromon: lee you wouldnt happen to be around are ya? [12:09 AM]

LFP6: Hey folks [12:13 AM]

LFP6: Hey, does anyone happen to have a good memory of Eternacon last year? [12:13 AM]

Astromon: but anyhoo yeah i was thinking if the computer scrpit could calculate all possible c-k-a  would be a big help in certain labs [12:14 AM]

LFP6: I'm trying to remember why lroppy brought up implementing chat in frames, but I can't find it [12:13 AM]

Astromon: really most of them [12:14 AM]

Astromon: hey lfp6 [12:14 AM]

Astromon: i have his email would you like me to ask him? havnt seen him here for a long time though<< [12:16 AM]

MasterStormer: @astro I could do a script like that later, I got some base code for that in my ?current project, could probably shrare it sometime soon [12:16 AM]

MasterStormer: but idk if I'll have the time [12:16 AM]

Astromon: oH cool [12:16 AM]

Astromon: that would be a game changer i think [12:17 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: im back [12:17 AM]

Astromon: maybe you could outline the idea and they would code it [12:17 AM]

Omei: Hi, Jen! [12:17 AM]

Astromon: wb jen [12:17 AM]

calebgeniesse: hey Jen [12:18 AM]

calebgeniesse: hey omei [12:18 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: hi everyone! [12:18 AM]

Astromon: the whole gang is here! [12:18 AM]

Omei nods to Caleb [12:18 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: @caleb do you have any news on the questions about the background check stuff [12:19 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: ? [12:19 AM]

calebgeniesse: not yet [12:20 AM]

calebgeniesse: no one there was able to answer them [12:20 AM]

calebgeniesse: i just got all my finger prints taken :) [12:20 AM]

calebgeniesse: but i will look into them this week [12:20 AM]

calebgeniesse: just talked to business admin re: bank account [12:20 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: ok. I will send you a list of everyone I have who is attending tonight for you to submit tomorrow. That should get us in just in time for 30day limit [12:20 AM]

calebgeniesse: she is looking into it now [12:21 AM]

Omei: Is this about bg checks for E-con? [12:21 AM]

calebgeniesse: we have a gift account, she just needs to figure out what information is needed to do the transfer [12:21 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: ok. I told someone who is going to donate to use the gift account and specify it is for eterna [12:22 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: eternacon [12:22 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: @omei this is about bg checks for Stanford staff so that if there are minors we are following protocol [12:22 AM]

calebgeniesse: honestly, that is the easiest way to do it [12:22 AM]

LFP6: @Astro: If you could do that, I'd appreciate it [12:22 AM]

calebgeniesse: then the donor gets a reciept for tax-deductable donation also  [12:22 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: I agree [12:23 AM]

LFP6: Unless you remember why lroppy brought up chat frames last year Jen? [12:23 AM]

Astromon: sure lfp6 [12:23 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: i dont remember why LFP6 [12:23 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: so that everyone knows.  [12:24 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: per Stanord policy if there are minors at an event there has to be a Stanford staff member who has gone through background checks to act as a supervisor per every ~14 minors [12:25 AM]

LFP6: That is important! [12:25 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: Caleb has volunteered for that and has finished his backgorund check [12:26 AM]

Astromon: cool [12:26 AM]

Omei: Thanks for staying on top of details like that. [12:26 AM]

LFP6: Indeed [12:26 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: honestly it was Caleb who brought it to my attention [12:26 AM]

Omei: Thanks, Caleb. [12:27 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: we need to have paperwork in at leat 30days before event so I will be submitting that to Caleb for him to submit tomorrow [12:27 AM]

calebgeniesse: well, lets just hope i pass the background check... [12:27 AM]

calebgeniesse: just kidding, hahaha [12:27 AM]

Astromon: haha [12:27 AM]

Omei: You didn't tell them abpit the shady parts of your life, did you? [12:28 AM]

calebgeniesse: of course.. not [12:28 AM]

Omei: Good. [12:28 AM]

calebgeniesse: :) [12:28 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: We have a quest speaker coming form UCSC also who will probably bring 1 or 2 undergrads [12:29 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: guest [12:29 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: on a side note [12:29 AM]

Omei: Jen, if you don't have anything higher prority, I have somethiong I was going to PM you about, but it's about E-con and we could discuss it here. [12:29 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: I dont have anything big right now [12:30 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: go ahead [12:30 AM]

Omei: There is so much going on in the area of open sourcing and opportunities for player-written tools that dedicating a whole sessionjust to the data browser doesn't makes so much sense to me as it did originally. [12:31 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: ok [12:32 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: what are you thinking about doing? [12:32 AM]

Astromon: split it in to. [12:32 AM]

LFP6: Perhaps this can be sorta merged with player tools discussion? [12:33 AM]

LFP6: Or at least connected [12:33 AM]

Omei: I can still demonstrate it, but I haven't done anything new recently, and probably won't before E-Con.  So just making it a part of the more general open source/ player created tools makes more sense to me. [12:33 AM]

Omei: Yes, LFP [12:34 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: sounds good. Omei would you be willing to lead the session of papers if we move the data browser to the player tools discussion [12:34 AM]

Astromon: although im stil unfamilar with the data browser<<   to be honest [12:35 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: I just had a thought we could lump the data browser, my apps and the tools discussion into a larger "Player tools section [12:35 AM]

Omei: I'm willing.  But my preference is still to split things up among more presenters, if possible. [12:35 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: @Omei I will put you down as a backup for that session and if you find someone else i will change it to their name. How is that? [12:36 AM]

Omei: Yes, we could.  But would that give you anough time ? [12:36 AM]

Omei: Sounds fine, Jen [12:36 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: it would not be a single session but many sessions on tools [12:36 AM]

LFP6: Perhaps for the tools segment, maybe start off discussing some recent tools, then go down the route of what do we want to see in the future? [12:36 AM]

Astromon: that sounds good! [12:37 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: just telling everyone that we are going to be going over a bunch of tools [12:37 AM]

Omei: Yes to LFP6 [12:37 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: @LFP6 that is exactly what i was thinking [12:37 AM]

LFP6: Coolio [12:37 AM]

LFP6: On a side note Jen, I'll need to discuss with you how you want the library to behave [12:37 AM]

Astromon: nice outline [12:38 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: we can do our tool presentations and thenswing intohow do we continue this in a sustained manner [12:38 AM]

Omei: ... with a special emphasis on "what can the devs to to enable player development?" [12:38 AM]

LFP6: The API has so many ways to access similar data, I don't know what your preference would be [12:38 AM]

Astromon: the more and better tool we have means more and better RNA designs [12:39 AM]

LFP6: @Omei: Perhaps, and maybe depending on the status of the open source stuff, perhaps talk about structure for that? [12:38 AM]

LFP6: If that isn't already defined [12:39 AM]

Omei: I'm not restricting it to the curretn API.  I'm including boosters, an enhanced mobil-friendly chat, ... [12:39 AM]

LFP6: Sorry, I agree with that, I was referring to what I'm doing for Jen [12:40 AM]

Omei: Ah [12:40 AM]

LFP6: I need to stay on topic lol [12:40 AM]

Omei: @Jen, what do you see as the total time allowance for all this combined? [12:41 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: so with all that being said I now have a pretty much full schedule [12:41 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: @omei just a sec [12:42 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: how about 2 hours total. 1 hour for my presenation (lots of data) and 1 hour for the other too stuff and discussion [12:42 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: i figured you would do a quick 20 min talk about the browser and a 10 min talk about other stuff then request input [12:43 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: that woudl give 30 min for input. [12:43 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: maybe we need 45 to an hour fo rthat considering LFP6 said we would probably use that up quick before [12:44 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: so 2 - 2.5 hours [12:44 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: what do ou all think? [12:45 AM]

Astromon: sounds like a great plan! [12:46 AM]

Omei: It sounds like we need to work out a sub-schedule for the various pieces. [12:46 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: i have a rough idea fo that. I will be able to post a draft schedule tonight/tomorrow [12:46 AM]

Astromon: who else besides omie lfp6 , omie are creating player tools and are going to be there [12:47 AM]

LFP6: Agreed Omei [12:47 AM]

Astromon: and jen* [12:47 AM]

LFP6: Master might be digitally [12:47 AM]

Astromon: cool [12:47 AM]

Omei: OK.  Would it help I created a shared Google Doc for collecting topics to consider including?   [12:47 AM]

Astromon: maybe he is interested in to help present [12:48 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: @omei yes that wouldhelp [12:48 AM]

Omei: OK.  Anyone who wants to have editing privileges should PM me an email address.  It will be open for comments by anyone. [12:49 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: I was thinking we could give the introduction to the time period fo tools and then I would give my presentation adn then everyone elses would follow. mine is very long only reason first [12:50 AM]

LFP6: What are you going to be presenting? [12:50 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: DAPT and Sara again [12:51 AM]

LFP6: Similar to the presentations that were on Hangouts? [12:51 AM]

Astromon: have to cut out early jen and get some luch, ill have an update by next meeting or sooner on the group puzzle anything else i can help w/ besides emailing lro w/ lffp6 question? [12:51 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: more streamlined and both presentations in one [12:51 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: @lfp6 yes simialr I might go into more detail on how DPAT work like what we talked about hte other day in chat [12:51 AM]

LFP6: Aah [12:51 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: @astro have a good lunch [12:52 AM]

LFP6: See ya Astro, thanks for the help [12:52 AM]

Astromon: cool seeya late guys<<>>> [12:52 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: I dont think there is anything else. an update on teh puzzles woul dbe nice next meeting [12:52 AM]

Omei: OK is the document; it is still empty [12:52 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: omei do you have my email? [12:53 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: just sent you it anywaht [12:53 AM]

Omei: I don't think so, Jen. [12:53 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: anyway [12:53 AM]

Omei: "an update on the puzzles"? [12:55 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: hog is preparing puzzles to solve as a group [12:55 AM]

Omei: Cool! [12:55 AM]

wallr1: Can someone give me a hand with this? [12:55 AM]

wallr1: [12:55 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: it is going to be done in conjunction wiht a lesson [12:56 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: I need to go back to work now [12:57 AM]

wallr1: actually, i screwed it up so it looks like this [12:56 AM]

Omei: @wallr1: You certainly need to fix that pair of A's that won't bind. [12:57 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: it was a great chat. I am really ahppy with the progress in the project. Thanks everyone who has contributed!!!! [12:57 AM]

Omei: Thank you for all your work, Jen [12:58 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: to give an idea we have approx 16 people comming so far and 18 sessions planned [12:58 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: will be 19 soon i think (sessions) [12:59 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: @omei np [12:59 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: and on final note before I leave. Keep an eye out for a draft scehdule on teh Eternawiki today/tomorrow [1:00 PM]

Omei: Bye, all. [1:00 PM]