Eternacon/2016/Committee Meeting Chat Logs/3-9-2016

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Jennifer Pearl: so Astro has an appointment [3:19 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: Caleb you around? [3:19 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: hog adn LFP6 are you interested in taking part in the committee meeting today? [3:20 PM]
LFP6: If I can be of use, I'm here [3:20 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: working on ideas for events [3:20 PM]
bekeep: Not sure if Caleb is around, but I'm here for a few more minutes.  I could relay info to him. [3:21 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: lookig for as many ideas as possibel for events and then we can filte [3:21 PM]
hoglahoo: sorry, I can't really pay close attention during the day :/ I'll be here in spurts if possible though [3:21 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: ok [3:21 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: @ben I need to ask him about the status of a couple things [3:22 PM]
Jennifer Pearl:  and ask about progress on funding [3:22 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: Rhiju is taking care of teh funding part right now but would like a status update on it [3:22 PM]
LFP6: Events as in the different sessions? [3:22 PM]
bekeep: Okay, not sure if there's been any progress on the funding front [3:22 PM]
bekeep: I sent a message to Caleb telling him you're online [3:22 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: @LFP6 yes different sessions [3:23 PM]
bekeep: We submitted a grant app about a week ago and we should hear back by the end of March [3:23 PM]
bekeep: Then I think Rhiju is waiting to hear about another grant as well. [3:23 PM]
LFP6: Something that might be cool is some sort of puzzle solving competition [3:24 PM]
bekeep: That would be cool [3:25 PM]
LFP6: I think it would be neat to actively "do things" while meeting in person, like lab analysis, or something [3:25 PM]
LFP6: Like a hackathon [3:25 PM]
LFP6: But RNA [3:25 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: that would be cool. [3:25 PM]
LFP6: Eternacon: Hacking the genome [3:25 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: like [3:25 PM]
bekeep: A session on the tuberculosis challenge(s) would also be interesting [3:26 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: i like the idea of doing things together [3:26 PM]
LFP6: Yeah, and applicable\ [3:26 PM]
LFP6: I mean, what are our goals for the conference? [3:26 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: that is actually a good question [3:27 PM]
bekeep: Maybe collaboratively (in teams) a newly released problem just for Eternacon [3:27 PM]
LFP6: That would work [3:27 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: we have a theme [3:27 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: i like the ideas of teams [3:27 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: what kind of problem? [3:27 PM]
bekeep: I was thinking of an unreleased TB problem [3:28 PM]
LFP6: Exclusive Eternacon puzzle? [3:28 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: like a design target [3:28 PM]
bekeep: a variation of an A*B/C^2 problem [3:28 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: we could do that as a group with teams [3:28 PM]
bekeep: There could be both a solving session and a discussion session afterward to talk about the viability of the solutions [3:29 PM]
bekeep: What's the theme? [3:29 PM]
LFP6: Learning about what's going on in the science, learning from top players, coming up with new things while in a group IRL, meeting with people in person, and discussion about the future of Eterna are all things I think should be considered coming up with events. [3:29 PM]
LFP6: @bekeep "RNA in medicine and empowering citizen scientists to invent medicine through Eterna" [3:30 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: @ben would be a great learning experience as well [3:30 PM]
LFP6: Yeah [3:30 PM]
bekeep: Most definitely [3:31 PM]
bekeep: I like the theme : ) [3:32 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: maybe instead of asking for only 1 solution we asked for say 2 and discuss teh good and bad of both form an expert [3:32 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: @ben the theme came out of the first committee meeting [3:32 PM]
bekeep: Ah - got it. [3:32 PM]
bekeep: Have to go AFK, but I'll be around the rest of the week to chat or message about it. [3:33 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: ok if you have any ideas send me  aPM [3:33 PM]
bekeep: Will do! [3:33 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: this will be a subtopic for some time probably [3:33 PM]
LFP6: I'm trying to thing of what other conventions and conferences are like [3:33 PM]
LFP6: As a starting point [3:33 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: my thought was to figure out waht we want to see adn then we can know who to search out to present it [3:34 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: never been to one myslef [3:34 PM]
calebgeniesse: sorry, im here [3:34 PM]
LFP6: Yeah, that makes sense [3:34 PM]
calebgeniesse: hay Jennifer [3:34 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: hi caleb [3:34 PM]
calebgeniesse: haven't fully caught up where we are in the convo but have news when you are ready [3:34 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: how are you? [3:34 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: im ready [3:34 PM]
calebgeniesse: good  [3:35 PM]
calebgeniesse: how are you [3:35 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: im good. second week of work is goinf good [3:35 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: have a question for you after your news [3:35 PM]
calebgeniesse: thats good! [3:36 PM]
calebgeniesse: new job> [3:36 PM]
calebgeniesse: ? [3:36 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: yes [3:38 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: fun hard new job [3:38 PM]
calebgeniesse: nice [3:38 PM]
calebgeniesse: best kind [3:38 PM]
calebgeniesse: okay, so have info.. nothing to exciting though [3:39 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: I work for Microscan now as a clinical applications specialist in doing AutoID and Machine Vision stuff [3:39 PM]
calebgeniesse: woah... sounds pretty cool [3:39 PM]
LFP6: Cool [3:39 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: I get to release custom prodiuct to manufacturing too. shoudl be fun [3:40 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: i will be excited about whatever news you have caleb :-) [3:40 PM]
calebgeniesse: 1) After Hours Housekeeping -- we can request within 1 week after depatment approval of a PTA (not sure what that is.. my next task).. so we don't need to arrange until July [3:43 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: how about the catering? [3:43 PM]
calebgeniesse: 2) Catering -- Final menu selection 1 week prior to event, and final headcount 3 days prior to event [3:43 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: sweet. that means we can RSVP kinda close [3:44 PM]
calebgeniesse: 3) Room Technology Training -- Ben and I will go through training, and I will recruit rhiju or 1 other person from the lab [3:44 PM]
calebgeniesse: yep... sweet indeed [3:44 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: sweet. I like the plan for the room training [3:44 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: once you findout what a PTA is and if we have it can you request teh housekeeping? [3:45 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: I would like to get housekeeping out of the way as soon as possible [3:46 PM]
calebgeniesse: yeah, okay [3:46 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: does not require a headcount [3:46 PM]
calebgeniesse: i believe it is just some sort of account [3:46 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: ok [3:47 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: I will touch base with you about housekeeping next week [3:47 PM]
calebgeniesse: when do you think we should get a headcount/do rsvp? [3:47 PM]
Astromon: hi just got back<< [3:47 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: Headcount within the next couple months [3:48 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: would like a solid headcount a about a month out. Dont want to lock people out but need a deadline for people [3:48 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: hi astro [3:49 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: How about ask fro RSVP [3:49 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: up to a month out and we finalize everything 2 weeks out [3:49 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: will definitly let people come if they havnt RSVP [3:50 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: RSVP's but wont be able to guarntee lunches [3:50 PM]
calebgeniesse: really RSVPing just ensures food [3:50 PM]
calebgeniesse: exactly [3:50 PM]
calebgeniesse: we can make that clear [3:50 PM]
calebgeniesse: and flights/travel will be cheaper if they book in advance [3:50 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: i agree [3:50 PM]
calebgeniesse: but up to them [3:50 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: that is true [3:50 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: ok so in all communications we need ot be clear that RSVP will be to guarantee a free lunch [3:51 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: and to help with headcounts [3:51 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: i cant think of any reason we would turn anyone away [3:52 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: except trolls? [3:52 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: ??? [3:52 PM]
LFP6: Goblins too [3:52 PM]
LFP6: :) [3:52 PM]
Astromon: and orks [3:52 PM]
LFP6: Good catch [3:52 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: lol [3:53 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: yes must keep out the trolls and goblins [3:53 PM]
Astromon: i saw your presentation at last years Eternacon , very impressive  @Lfp6 [3:53 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: so how about we say anyone can come but if you are not RSVP'ed adnspace is limited you will not be guaranteed a seat [3:53 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: or food [3:53 PM]
Astromon: just about all your suggestions came true here at eterna [3:54 PM]
calebgeniesse: oh, and don't forget about bugs [3:54 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: in case of too many people showing up [3:54 PM]
calebgeniesse: NO BUGS [3:54 PM]
LFP6: Thanks @Astro. Lots of really cool stuff was discussed throughout the weekend [3:54 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: no bringing bugs...physical or software!!!! [3:54 PM]
LFP6: Indeed [3:55 PM]
Astromon: yeah i watched about all of it [3:55 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: so everyone cool with the RSVP plan [3:55 PM]
LFP6: Sadly you didn't hear the lunch conversations [3:55 PM]
LFP6: Lots of stuff there [3:55 PM]
Astromon: was very entertsaining to watch [3:55 PM]
LFP6: @Jen Yeah, I think that makes sens [3:55 PM]
LFP6: *sense [3:55 PM]
Astromon: sound good [3:55 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: We need to come up with a list of baseline expectations adn then we can make grop rules on the first day [3:56 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: just thought abou that [3:56 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: RSVP kinda goes with the baseline expectations [3:56 PM]
LFP6: We have the stuff from last year, yea? [3:57 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: caleb adn astro what fdo you think about the RSVP plan? [3:57 PM]
LFP6: I'd think that can pretty much carry over [3:57 PM]
Astromon: sounds very fair jen [3:57 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: @LFP6 i agree we just need to find it to go off of [3:57 PM]
LFP6: I can see if I can find it... [3:58 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: great thanks [3:58 PM]
Astromon: ill continue to try and get ideas from the comunity that going a bit slow so far<< [3:58 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: its fine if it takes awhile [3:58 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: I think I was over zelous in asking for 5  ideas by next meeting [3:59 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: this is going to be arecuring topic for the next few meeting I think [3:59 PM]
Astromon: oH i was sure i would have 10  :D [3:59 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: i mean it takes time [3:59 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: we have 4 months [3:59 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: ish [4:00 PM]
Astromon: i do like calebs idea brought up last weeks meeting [4:00 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: which one was that [4:00 PM]
LFP6: What was that? [4:00 PM]
Astromon: a time slot for him and others explaing the puzzle progression and how it was put together [4:00 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: @caleb quick question in betwen astro's idea. Any news from Rhiju on sponsors and funding? [4:00 PM]
LFP6: Yeah, that would be cool [4:01 PM]
Astromon: and how the idea got started [4:01 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: @astro I like that. I think Omei has volunteered for somehting similar [4:01 PM]
Astromon: i thing LFP6 had alot to do with that part<> [4:01 PM]
calebgeniesse: he outlined his idea for me, but i don't want to explain it wrong... might be better for him to explain it himself [4:01 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: or in saem viein [4:01 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: ok. Can yo uask hime to send me an email then about it? [4:02 PM]
Astromon: cooL [4:02 PM]
LFP6: Found it [4:02 PM]
LFP6: I can upload the packet if that's needed [4:03 PM]
calebgeniesse: basically, he is envisioning an Eterna Players non-profit organization [4:03 PM]
LFP6: Is that related to EteRNA Commons? [4:04 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: @LFP6 I would love to see the packet [4:04 PM]
calebgeniesse: it would be the counterpart to Eterna Commons [4:04 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: @caleb that sounds cool. Will that be able to benifit us in time for the event [4:04 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: we need to raise funds for tplayer travel very soon and quick [4:05 PM]
LFP6: @Caleb: Would love to hear more detail on that when it can be shared [4:05 PM]
LFP6: Sounds really interesting [4:05 PM]
calebgeniesse: Eterna Commons would serve as the organization for all of our software and experiments, etc.. while the Eterna Players non-profit would be an external organization run by someone outside of Stanford/Das lab, ideally, a player or someone with previous experience  [4:06 PM]
LFP6: @Jen: [4:06 PM]
calebgeniesse: this will be important for differentiating where donations are going... for example, illumina may want to donate money in support of our experiments, while an education or science outreach organization may want to directly support the players [4:07 PM]
LFP6: What would the benefit be for the palyers aside from Eternacon? [4:07 PM]
calebgeniesse: not sure yet [4:08 PM]
LFP6: I'm sure it could open some neat doors, but I'm curious if any thoughts were brought up in particular [4:07 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: @caleb that would be great when getting sponsors [4:08 PM]
calebgeniesse: nothing specific, but just sponsoring players in general maybe? [4:08 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: how about the GoFundMe as a temporary thing for this eternacon [4:08 PM]
calebgeniesse: exactly, the main reason is for attracting sponsors and ensuring them that their money is going to the players [4:08 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: I am not sure how fast we can get a non-profit up and running in time ot accept donations [4:09 PM]
calebgeniesse: yeah, might be a good idea to stick with GoFundMe for this year [4:09 PM]
LFP6: Not real quickly [4:09 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: that is my maine concern [4:09 PM]
calebgeniesse: i agree [4:09 PM]
calebgeniesse: i will bring that up with rhiju [4:09 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: We need to have something running i nthe next 2 weeks really [4:09 PM]
calebgeniesse: okay [4:09 PM]
calebgeniesse: i will talk to him and then look into getting the account set up [4:09 PM]
LFP6: I'm just curious how else the sponsorships might be used. Completely different topic though! [4:09 PM]
calebgeniesse: i actually have to run [4:10 PM]
calebgeniesse: but should we continue friday? [4:10 PM]
LFP6: *might be as in the possibilities [4:10 PM]
calebgeniesse: @LFP6 i'm not really sure, but it could open up some cool avenues [4:10 PM]
LFP6: Indeed [4:11 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: I have to go as well. I will bring up a few tings Friday but lets plan to meet up next week same RNA time and same RNA channel [4:11 PM]
calebgeniesse: okay, sounds good [4:11 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: I do want to bring up funding on Friday [4:12 PM]
calebgeniesse: see you guys later! [4:12 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: Rhiju is going to hate me until we get something going [4:12 PM]
LFP6: Seeya Jen, Caleb! [4:12 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: :-) [4:12 PM]
calebgeniesse: i'll try to get rhiju to come by for a bit [4:12 PM]
LFP6: Heh [4:12 PM]
Jennifer Pearl: ok. I would like to corner him about getting somehting set up for immediate use for donations for now [4:13 PM]