Eternacon/2016/Committee Meeting Chat Logs/3-23-2016

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Astromon: and today start the meeting because jennifer pearl is going to be late today  [12:00 AM]

Astromon: its now oficialy started!!!  [12:00 AM]

Astromon: thanks for attending!!  [12:01 AM]

Astromon: is Caleb here?  [12:01 AM]

Astromon: okay seeya masterstormer  [12:01 AM]

Astromon: Who is here for the meeting?  [12:02 AM]

Astromon: i could just look i guess :D  [12:02 AM]

Astromon: Ah looks like a bunch are here! Exellent<>  [12:03 AM]

Astromon: I have 2 things id like to document here today first a list of ideas already thought up and i put them (most) all together .  [12:04 AM]

Astromon: w/ a few more ideas  [12:04 AM]

Astromon: then to ask a few questions that were asked last weeks meeting @caleB  [12:04 AM]

Astromon: if no one has any questions or anything ill go right to the Eternacon2016 ideas<>  [12:05 AM]

Astromon: 1. Omie's presentation of the development of the progression puzzles!(I would like to see somthing about Lfp6's ideas from last years eternacon he really pushed for a diferent Eterna setup of puzzles and he is a very important part in this I think)  [12:06 AM]

Astromon: Also we need something in the end about how CaleB fixed everyones reports there is some great work here and some of the reports are hilariuos in nature!  [12:07 AM]

Astromon: idea 2.  [12:07 AM]

Astromon:  A puzzle made by Hogla or someone made for "group solving as a race" for fun somehow ideas are welcomed to make this happen, redspah said something of a split sceen that could make this possible.  [12:08 AM]

Astromon: 3.I propose jenifer pearl does a presentation about D3_paT/remmy/sara and all the success she has had with her program developments. its a game changer and has made winning designs!!! 100%'s!!! [12:09 AM]

Astromon: 4.Another idea i have been thinking about is to ask NANdo if he can do a presentaion about how he became a developer with re-coding the flash work ect.. and the abilaty to asert his ideas into the eterna comunity/ and also talk about scripting developments he and others (Jen pearl, Lfp6 ) are involved with . I think scripting and tools are a very important part of eterna especialy now. [12:10 AM]

Astromon: 5. A presentation by a developer about the new Microscope! [12:11 AM]

Astromon: 6. other ideas are very welcome please privite message me<< with your ideas for EteRNAcon2016!!!!!! [12:11 AM]

Astromon: this list seems exiting and I would like to hear more ideas from the comunity !! [12:12 AM]

Astromon: Any thoughts on the current list of things?!!! [12:14 AM]

joy45: I like all of the ideas you listed. [12:14 AM]

Astromon: Thanks Joy!!   [12:15 AM]

Astromon: welcome to the meeting! [12:15 AM]

joy45: I just haven't been to an Eternacon and not sure that I can make this one. [12:15 AM]

joy45: Thanks [12:15 AM]

joy45: Where does the new microscope fit in to what we are doing? [12:16 AM]

Astromon: it is all recorded so even if one cant make it, they sort of can [12:16 AM]

Astromon: everyone is a part of this wheather they can go or not!  :) [12:16 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: im here [12:17 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: Thanks Astro for starting things [12:17 AM]

joy45: Good to know it is recorded :) [12:17 AM]

Astromon: I'm not sure about the Microscope I saw it in last weeks meeting [12:17 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: @Joy if you would like ot come but cant afford to let me know and I will put you on a list of people requesting funding [12:17 AM]

Astromon: cooL np Jen [12:17 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: we are working on getting fundin g for player travel [12:17 AM]

joy45: Thanks Jennifer.  If you could add me to the list, it would be great. [12:18 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: to get put on the official list send an email to [12:18 AM]

calebgeniesse: hey gusy [12:18 AM]

calebgeniesse: sorry [12:18 AM]

joy45: Will do [12:18 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: great [12:19 AM]

Astromon: Hi Caleb [12:19 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: Hi Caleb. Astro started teh meeting and listed ideas form previous meeting s for events dirring eternacon [12:19 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: what is your take? [12:19 AM]

Astromon: I also listed two new ideas  :D [12:20 AM]

calebgeniesse: catching up now [12:20 AM]

Astromon: yours and nandos presentation<> [12:20 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: ok [12:20 AM]

MasterStormer: Is there anything special with the supercomputer? [12:21 AM]

MasterStormer: or is it just another level of the tutorial? [12:21 AM]

Astromon: Also jen i have a small list of questions asked last meeting we can follow up on if youd like [12:21 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: lets wait til caleb is caught up [12:21 AM]

Astromon: its labs pretty much Master [12:21 AM]

Astromon: sure thing<> [12:22 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: I am thinking that we should have catagories of presentations to ensurte that we dont have too much of one kind and not enough of another [12:22 AM]

calebgeniesse: i like that [12:22 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: I want to make sure we cover as much ground as possible without missing to much stuff [12:23 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: @caleb what do you think of the list of ideas so far [12:23 AM]

calebgeniesse: also, i think bekeep and I could put something together re: puzzle progression, and omei can present on the new data browser (his baby!) [12:23 AM]

Astromon: oH okaY [12:23 AM]

calebgeniesse: otherwise, the list is great! [12:23 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: cool [12:24 AM]

calebgeniesse: i think it would be really cool to have Nando talk about how he got involved as a dev [12:24 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: thanks astro for your haed work putting it together [12:24 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: hard [12:24 AM]

Astromon: your welcome! [12:24 AM]

calebgeniesse: he can also talk about the flash refactor and all of the cool stuff he as put in! [12:24 AM]

Astromon: Ill revise it for future document [12:25 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: there are ceratinly many things taht have changed since eternacon [12:25 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: I think we should have a Eterna devolpments group, eterna science group, player science, nad tools/scripting group [12:26 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: and tool/scripting [12:27 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: any more that im missing [12:27 AM]

calebgeniesse: exactly [12:27 AM]

calebgeniesse: was about to say the same [12:27 AM]

calebgeniesse: excited about your talk, @Jennifer Pearl [12:27 AM]

calebgeniesse: would that fall under tools/scripting then?  [12:27 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: yesish [12:28 AM]

joy45: what is the distinction between eterna science and player science? [12:28 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: eterna science would be things Eterna (devs) are doing in teh science realm like teh microscope Rhiju built [12:28 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: player science would be player papers and recent advances [12:29 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: by players [12:29 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: kinda like Eli [12:29 AM]

joy45: Got it. [12:29 AM]

calebgeniesse: assuming the eterna developments and science groups will include presentations by devs, how do we want to organize the player science and tools/scripting groups then? [12:29 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: Eli's and ,ine observation about static stems in teh FMN lab [12:29 AM]

joy45: Thanks [12:29 AM]

calebgeniesse: should we have people submit an "abstract" and then have everyone vote? or do we want to just stick with nominating/inviting people? [12:30 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: those would be presentations by the players themselves unless they are not available and then if the devs think it is importatnt then have a dev present it or something [12:30 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: good question caleb [12:31 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: im curious what you think. I naturally want to make everything a democracy... [12:32 AM]

calebgeniesse: of forsure, me too! [12:32 AM]

Astromon: me 3<<! [12:32 AM]

calebgeniesse: my only concerns with a democratic system would be the technicalities (e.g. who will organize this, setting up a system for voting)  [12:33 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: :-) [12:33 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: agreed [12:33 AM]

calebgeniesse: hmm, i wonder if we could use the player proposed labs/voting system as a starting point [12:34 AM]

Astromon: hmmM [12:34 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: that would be neet [12:34 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: I knwo that you can set up a google form [12:34 AM]

Astromon: yeaH [12:34 AM]

calebgeniesse: oh nvm [12:34 AM]

calebgeniesse: thats way easier hahahaha [12:35 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: that was what was done to help pick the data for last years eternacon [12:35 AM]

calebgeniesse: lets forsure use a google form then [12:35 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: ok [12:35 AM]

calebgeniesse: doing something through the site wouldn't be trivial [12:35 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: How about we put together a list adn submit that and ask people for adittional people. What do you think or it that stacking the deck to much? [12:36 AM]

Astromon: easy is good!! [12:35 AM]

calebgeniesse: should we award a badge for giving a talk? [12:35 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: I think just for being there [12:36 AM]

joy45: How many sessions/talks can reasonably be scheduled?  [12:36 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: not everyone will get teh oportunity to speak [12:36 AM]

joy45: Badges are good! [12:36 AM]

calebgeniesse: maybe just ask for nominations (self-nominations allowed and encouraged) [12:36 AM]

Astromon: yes a cool badge!  indeed good idea [12:36 AM]

calebgeniesse: good point [12:36 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: maybe a different color [12:37 AM]

Astromon: good question Joy [12:37 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: if we really want ot go with a special badge thing [12:37 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: @Joy not sure yet how many. once we have a good list of people and we know how long everyting will take we can schedule [12:38 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: but figure 8-5 and 1 hour per presentation [12:38 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: maybe 30 min to 1.5 hoursih [12:38 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: hoursish [12:38 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: minus 1 hour for lunch [12:39 AM]

calebgeniesse: we could also have short and long presentations... sign up for either 15-25 min talk or 45-75 min... something like that [12:39 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: i like that [12:39 AM]

Astromon: yeah some presentations need an hour maybe some would not [12:39 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: we could get more small thing in if people have things they want to present [12:40 AM]

calebgeniesse: i just wouldnt' want 1hour to scare some people away [12:40 AM]

calebgeniesse: it scares me... [12:40 AM]

Astromon: haha [12:40 AM]

calebgeniesse: just kidding, but depending on what the talk is about, i think the time needed may vary [12:40 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: true...I forse DPAT and SARA taking an hour at least [12:40 AM]

calebgeniesse: thats totally fine too! [12:41 AM]

Astromon: you will be great caleb its interesting about the progression puzzles indeed! [12:41 AM]

calebgeniesse: we don't want to limit too much either [12:41 AM]

joy45: I agree, timing should fit the talk.  [12:41 AM]

Astromon: all the stuff listed so far i think merits an hour imo [12:42 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: we have 2 days of talks so we can fit a few things in [12:42 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: @astro definitly I think [12:42 AM]

calebgeniesse: i agree [12:42 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: oh oh oh [12:42 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: i have an idea [12:42 AM]

calebgeniesse: whats that [12:42 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: what if we use teh hastag thing to help us [12:43 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: for the short talks we can see if people would lliek to talk about their use with hashtags adn what the data has shown using them [12:43 AM]

Astromon: yeah what progress they have made using hashtags [12:43 AM]

Astromon: good idea jen [12:44 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: like if someone is using a hashtag and that tyoe of experiment gets 70's vrs 30's of a simialar designs but tweaked [12:44 AM]

calebgeniesse: great idea! [12:44 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: that would give us some short 15-30 min talks about things people are trying [12:44 AM]

calebgeniesse: so like a group talk or discussion, or one talk per hashtag [12:44 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: maybe a hashtag session [12:44 AM]

Astromon: oH nice thinking [12:44 AM]

calebgeniesse: good idea! [12:45 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: im thinking a hybrid of group and individual [12:45 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: each person woudl talk about their thing and then have a grpoup discussion at endish? [12:46 AM]

Astromon: sounds good [12:46 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: not totally set on the last idea but I like everyone being able to give a talk but then also having group time [12:47 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: we could break it into structural stuff and sequence stuff [12:48 AM]

Jennifer Pearl:  so primary structure adn secondary structure [12:48 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: since kinda different things [12:49 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: or is that too much seperation... maybe cause confusion [12:49 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: what do you guys think? [12:50 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: what do you think Joy? [12:50 AM]

Astromon: sounds good [12:51 AM]

Astromon: primary is state 1 and secondary is state 2? [12:51 AM]

joy45: I think that having the primary and secondary structure stuff intermixed can work. [12:51 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: primary is the actual sequence adn seconday is the structure you see in the eterna UI [12:52 AM]

joy45: OOPs. I was thinking primary was sequence and secondary was 3D structure, [12:52 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: you are correct joy [12:52 AM]

Astromon: oH i c [12:52 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: secondary is written out in dot bracket notation [12:53 AM]

Astromon: and letters? [12:53 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: letters is teh primary [12:53 AM]

Astromon: GUAC [12:53 AM]

calebgeniesse: secondary is 2D [12:53 AM]

Astromon: oH [12:53 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: that is gthe primary structure [12:53 AM]

calebgeniesse: "tertiary" is 3D [12:53 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: thanks Caleb ... oh  [12:53 AM]

calebgeniesse: :) [12:53 AM]

Astromon: yeaH 2d oh that will work in the data browser [12:53 AM]

joy45: Same as for protein - almost. [12:53 AM]

calebgeniesse: exaclty [12:54 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: I think we shoudl leave the primary adn secondary in teh same things actually and just see where it takes teh group[ [12:55 AM]

Astromon: this is eternacon meeting and class!  :) [12:54 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: :-) [12:55 AM]

Astromon: that might be best jen<> [12:55 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: i think i was trying to give to much structure to this [12:56 AM]

Astromon: if separating them helps people understand things better though that would be good [12:57 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: I will take all teh ideas that Astro listed adn what has been discussed today and I will assign it to one of the groups and we can see where we are next week [12:57 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: unless astro would like to do it for me... ;-) [12:57 AM]

Astromon: i revised the list jen [12:57 AM]

Astromon: should i pm it to you? [12:57 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: you can PM me it [12:58 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: are you ok with email? [12:58 AM]

Astromon: sure [12:58 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: ill PM you my email and you can email me. Just dont give it out to anyone. Thise who need it already have it. [12:59 AM]

Astromon: sure will not< [12:59 AM]

Astromon: ill put in the ideas from todays meeting also [12:59 AM]

Jennifer Pearl: great thanks [1:00 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: shifting gears to admin stuff [1:00 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: hi caleb [1:00 PM]

calebgeniesse: hey jen [1:00 PM]

Astromon: np anything else i can do? [1:00 PM]

calebgeniesse: just talked to rhiju actually [1:00 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: @astro if you want to put them into groups for me that would be cool. I can review it once you send it to me [1:01 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: @caleb How did that go? [1:01 PM]

Astromon: put the ideas in groups ? [1:01 PM]

calebgeniesse: great [1:01 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: categories [1:01 PM]

Astromon: oH okay [1:01 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: cool so whats the word? [1:02 PM]

calebgeniesse: he is on board with using a GoFundMe... i just need to talk with admin now about getting that account [1:01 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ok. and then push for a non-profit down the line [1:02 PM]

calebgeniesse: yep, i don't think we will be able to set something up in time [1:02 PM]

calebgeniesse: maybe we can have a discussion about the non-profit at eternacon [1:02 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: I agree and am very happy that we have an interime idea [1:03 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: that would be a great idea [1:03 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: have that in a player input/review session [1:03 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: that would be a good catagory to add to our presentations [1:03 PM]

Astromon: noted< [1:03 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: nice [1:04 PM]

Astromon: put that with the hashtag idea<> [1:04 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: also any word on the PTA? [1:04 PM]

calebgeniesse: so i procured the PTA, then found out it that it cant be a grant/sponsored PTA [1:05 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: @astro good poitn hashtag is kinda its own grou[ [1:05 PM]

calebgeniesse: rhiju suggested i look over last years expense reports to see which PTA was used for the event [1:05 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: @caleb, ok so what does that mean [1:05 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: ok. I'll let you look that up and I will touch base next week on that [1:06 PM]

calebgeniesse: if i can't find it, i am going to talk with pablo, last years organizer [1:06 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: great! [1:06 PM]

calebgeniesse: yep, sorry about the delay.. will let you know when i have it [1:06 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: backtracking one topic, do you think we can get an account set up by april 1's or 8th? [1:08 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: i knwo you need to talk with admin still so what I mean is can you push for that [1:08 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: for the GoFundMe [1:08 PM]

calebgeniesse: hopefully [1:09 PM]

calebgeniesse: i will try for then [1:09 PM]

calebgeniesse: have you used GoFundMe before? [1:09 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: it is starting to get late. If you have to chose one this week to focus on I would go for teh account this week adn then work on teh housekeeping next wek [1:09 PM]

calebgeniesse: how will it work? [1:09 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: i have not. but Ive been reading a little about it [1:10 PM]

calebgeniesse: thats my plan... getting the croudfunding set up will be more urgent [1:10 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: I think we can add an account later so maybe we can start without one [1:10 PM]

calebgeniesse: so, will people be donating to individual players? or just players in general [1:10 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: now that I know Rhiju is on board I will set one up or at least do waht I can [1:10 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: i would say for players in general [1:11 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: first come first serve on use of funds [1:11 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: Joys gets first dibs [1:11 PM]

Astromon: :D [1:11 PM]

Jennifer Pearl: i have to go [1:12 PM]

joy45: Thanks! [1:12 PM]

calebgeniesse: okay sounds good [1:12 PM]

joy45: Bye [1:12 PM]

calebgeniesse: bye! [1:12 PM]

Astromon: seeya jen<> [1:12 PM]