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Note: All errors listed here have been corrected or listed under "Creative license" - if you find more in the future, please contact jnicol or salish99. Thanks.


Note: If a challenge appears several times, under varying difficulty levels, only one will be listed here, though all should be corrected in one block.


== Challenges listing [.[acknowledgements|Acknowledgment].] ==


error in "more info":


"and [.[acknowledgements|Acknowledgment].]"

--> this appears in many descriptions, either as [.[acknowledgements|Acknowledgment].]" or as [.[acknowledgements].]" - since they all have wiki formatiing, I presume this is a copy=paste error (as there are no acknowledgements). A simple search for the string "acknowledgement" through all challenges should find all the ones that have this issue - I won't list them individually here to not burst the page...

Salish99 (talk) 20:29, 15 February 2014 (UTC)

edit: Salish99 (talk) 09:40, 16 February 2014 (UTC)

edit: Salish99 (talk) 17:51, 25 February 2014 (UTC) & thanks to Eli Fisker for finding this one

edit: Salish99 21:06, 19 September 2014 (UTC) - still no progress

edit: Salish99 (talk) 09:43, 8 December 2014 (UTC) - changes were implemented by jnicol - several hundred errors found were corrected.



== Challenge 324424 ==



<a href=""> Rice embryogenic calli express a unique set of microRNAs, suggesting regulatory roles of microRNAs in plant post-embryogenic development,</a>

leads to

Dead miRNA entry:

miRNA accession:
The pattern of reads that map to the MIR808/809/819 loci from deep sequencing experiments is more consistent with rasiRNA rather than miRNA processing. The miRNA annotation is therefore likely to be incorrect (Chen et al., RNA Biol. 8:538-547).


== Challenge 25529 == (and related challenges)



"and [.[acknowledgements|Acknowledgment].]"


also under "science" rephrase:

belongs to A family of microRNAs present in plants and animals. RNA researcher have proved that plants and animals share miRNAs of the miR854 family.


ngs to *a* family of microRNAs present in plants and animals. RNA researcher*s* have *shown* that plants and animals share miRNAs of the miR854 family.


under "science cover"


The defective flower buds have a disorganized appearance because they express a transgene encoding a viral suppressor of RNA silencing,


The defective flower buds have a disorganized appearance because they express a transgene encoding *as* a viral suppressor of RNA silencing,

Salish99 (talk) 21:38, 15 February 2014 (UTC)



== Challenge 406587 ==


Hammerhead RNAs play important part in developing clinical applications.


Hammerhead RNAs play an important part in developing clinical applications.

Salish99 (talk) 09:40, 16 February 2014 (UTC)





"Could not get pageblock for /web/puzzle/22937/"

Salish99 (talk) 17:28, 27 February 2015 (UTC)


== Challenge 15877 ==

the first Drosophila link is dead

(<a href="[taxonomy-ID:7227]+-e">Drosophila Melanogaster</a>)

Service Retirement

The EMBL-EBI SRS service was decommissioned on Thursday 19th December 2013. The tables below detail alternative services which provide access to the databanks and tools which have been available in SRS@EMBL-EBI.

Salish99 (talk) 17:48, 25 February 2014 (UTC)



== list of misspellings ==

<a href="">JR</a>   here are misspellings - at least what word thinks is misspelled. the end of string is just cutoff form cut and paste. nid":"15072","title":"Stack Strengh Challenge"," nid":"3580576","title":"Partial 2 of Special Knowlegde 3.4","type":"Chal nid":"3545342","title":"Random Shape wiht a Molecule","type":"Challenge nid":"3522179","title":"Sticky Interupted Partial nid":"3522172","title":"Sticky Interupted Partial 2 : Hard","type":"Chall nid":"3480879","title":"[switch2.5][2 states] Mirror 103: Dubble nid":"3395785","title":"Homo sapiens Leucine tRNA ","type":"Ch nid":"3282638","title":"Steven's BugHead X2 with some nid":"3253587","title":"\"Superboosted multiloop? wtf?\" nid":"2572240","title":"SQURREL...............................\uf8ff\uf8ff\uf8ff\uf8ff\uf8ff\uf8ff\uf8ff\uf8ff\uf8ff\uf8ff\uf8ff\uf8ff\uf8ff\uf8ff","type":"Challenge","id":"257 nid":"2572179","title":"..........................ccccccccccccccccnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn87gyubugldhirfaygwuesdflwEUAFISGWYBCONDOMhturijnsfkdguishtdjnfhgrsuidfgyuvsdf7yhuyrtghu","type nid":"2319965","title":"Voracity","type":"Challenge","id":"2319965"},{"nid":"2319863","title":"[CludBeta] Kissing Microbes","type":"Challenge nid":"2317196","title":"[CloudBeta] excerpt from Myrmecophaga nid":"2297035","title":"Begin to Carve the Birrthday Cake","type":"Challenge nid":"2292352","title":"[switch] Prevotella Albensis Experiment 1 - nid":"2281437","title":"Octopus vulgaris haplotype 2 cytochrome c oxidase subunit III (COIII) gene, mitochondrial nid":"2281398","title":"Octopus vulgaris haplotype 1 cytochrome c oxidase subunit III (COIII) gene, mitochondrial nid":"2254139","title":"for begeners hardy","type":"Cha nid":"2220713","title":"[switch] jumpin jack x4","type":"Challenge nid":"1912379","title":"Small nucleolar RNA","type":"Challenge","id nid":"1843097","title":"Caferteria Virus Variatioin with GU nid":"1821574","title":"Forked FMN Aptamer nid":"1804991","title":"\u05d4'\u05ea\u05e9\u05e2\"\u05d2 \u05e9\u05d5\u05e4\u05e8 (Shofar for 5773)","type":"Challenge"," nid":"1764092","title":"miRNA in Spondylus pratii","type":"Challenge","id nid":"1633136","title":"T. thermophilia telomerase nid":"1613257","title":"Ornithorhyncus anatinus 1- Difficulty Level nid":"1505770","title":"Mus Musculus Kro","type":"Chall nid":"1480689","title":"Hieroglyph Ameoba Level 3","type":"Challenge nid":"1474343","title":"Hieroglpyh Ameoba level 2","type":"C nid":"1468200","title":"Hieroglyph ameoba Level 1","type":"Challe nid":"1464558","title":"Limit 5 disssected - Top part","type":"Challenge","id" nid":"1432307","title":"Godzilla Ameoba (level 4)","type":"Challenge", nid":"967227","title":"RNA in Zea Maize 4 - Difficulty Level nid":"965688","title":"RNA in Zea Maize 3 - Difficulty Level 5","type":" nid":"956470","title":"Xenopus tropicalis - Difficulty Level 5","type":"Challenge nid 956465","title":"Mus musculus - Difficulty Level nid":"955330","title":"Brassica napus - Difficulty Level 5","type":"Ch nid":"950319","title":"Leptospira Interrogans - Difficulty Level nid":"949108","title":"My Favourite Hoglahoo","type":" nid ":"948846","title":"My Favourite Martian","type":" nid ":"942163","title":"Rattus Norvegicus w\/o GCs","type":"Challen nid":"928835","title":"Brassica napus 2 variation", nid":"843234","title":"Possibly unsolvable series 4 - BaMV CRE - Level nid":"757158","title":"Brourd's FMN Aptamer with Single Binding Site nid":"756010","title":"Aedes Aegypti - Difficulty Level 5","type":"C nid ":"755988","title":"RNA in Medicago Truncatula - Difficulty Level nid":"751384","title":"Saccharomyces Cerevisiae - Difficulty Level 5"t nid":"747985","title":"Aquilegia coerulea microRNAs - Difficulty Level nid":"737323","title":"bill' testpuzzle No.1","type":"Challe nid":"708346","title":"Misfolded Aptamer 6","type":"Challenge"," nid":"708035","title":"Misfolded Aptamer 5","type":"C nid":"698049","title":"Misfolded Aptamer 4","type":"Challenge","id nid":"684240","title":"Misfolded Aptamer 3","type":"Challenge","id" nid":"684160","title":"Misfolded Aptamer 2","type":"Challenge" nid":"677316","title":"1,8-Bis(dimethylamino)naphthalene (Proton nid ":"668711","title":"Easy seies nid":"635871","title":"sting ray John in discuse as a china plate nid":"561773","title":"The Leadzyme Without nid":"558640","title":"Crocosphaera watsonii tmRNA nid":"558526","title":"Chrysanthemum Chlorotic Mottle Viroid","type":" nid":"550140","title":"Zekrom in RNA (Dragostea Din Tei)","type":"Challenge nid":"548110","title":"Dragostea Din Tei (Zekrom in RNA)","typ nid":"543974","title":"MB Tercusis 2","type":" nid":"526741","title":"Mutant P4-P6 Domain of T. thermophila Group I nid":"504659","title":"the dangrous snowflake of title":"terry the smiling crane in discuse as a cat crying","type nid 502661","title":"nPhyrexia the dragon in disguise migent unicon robot","type nid":"482853","title":"Prevotella Albensis Mutated","type":"C nid":"477509","title":"\u05de\u05e0\u05d5\u05e8\u05d4 \u05d0 (Menora 1)","type" nid":"446506","title":"Five legd turtle ","type":"Challeng nid":"446456","title":"Six legd turtle 4","type":"Challeng nid":"446048","title":"Six legd turtle nid":"446042","title":"Six legd turtle 2","type":"Ch nid":"445934","title":"A tilteed picture of a man pointing waving nid":"445593","title":"Six legd Turtle" nid":"442854","title":"Modification of \"tommy the snake in discuse as a letter S\" by nid":"441516","title":"\"The Assymetry\" with out the open nid":"434416","title":"Clewmenktine the a miget discused as a unicorne","typ nid":"431584","title":"george the fat cattipilar in discuse as a fat poddle nid":"431463","title":"Mickey Mouse Boble Head ","type" nid":"427991","title":"tommy the snake in discuse as a letter nid":"427551","title":"pointer the mouse in discuse as a pointer nid":"426230","title":"Puzzle in desqueeze as a typo","t nid":"425949","title":"hurshy the fatastic gator in discuse as a elefant","type nid":"425796","title":"Octopoda curtus artus","type":"Challenge nid":"425690","title":"tomma the crazy centiapede in discuse as a nid":"425573","title":"Henry the aggressive cow discusied as a nid":"425400","title":"gigi the angery hippo in discquse","type":" nid":"424999","title":"ted the panda in discuse as a lion","type" nid":"423137","title":"Plantago lanceolata ","type":"Challenge nid":"414036","title":" Ascobolus immersus","type nid":"414025","title":"Rudolph (Rangifer tarandus)<\/i nid":"404129","title":"2L6I Coronaviral Stem","type nid ":"402408","title":"'t ain't over till the fat lady sings","type" nid":"333708","title":"RNA in Caenorhabditis Elegans - Diffuculty Level nid":"287131","title":"Equus Caballus (Horse) - Difficulty Level nid":"287116","title":"Drosophila Melanogaster-Difficulty Level nid":"271112","title":"Human Astroviruse - Difficulty Level 4" nid":"17102","title":"RNA in Caenorhabditis Elegans - Diffuculty Level nid":"17098","title":"The Gammaretrovirus Signal - Diffuculty Level nid":"16435","title":"RNA in Caenorhabditis Elegans - Diffuculty Level 2" nid":"16433","title":"RNA in Caenorhabditis Elegans - Diffuculty Level nid":"15849","title":"The Gammaretrovirus Signal - Diffuculty Level nid":"15847","title":"The Gammaretrovirus Signal - Diffuculty Level nid":"15832","title":"Human Astroviruse - Difficulty Level 3 nid":"15829","title":"Human Astroviruse - Difficulty Level nid":"15706","title":"Human Astroviruse - Difficulty Level nid":"15279","title":"The Gammaretrovirus Signal - Diffuculty Level nid":"15072","title":"Stack Strengh Challenge","type nid":"14291","title":"Galileo Galilei's Telescope","type"
18 Feb 2014
Salish99 (talk) 17:51, 25 February 2014 (UTC)
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<a href="">JR</a>   If you copy above list into new comment and change comment, misspellings highlight. If this is what you are looking for and want it in a different format - contact me and tell me what format that would be.