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This is a queue for New Issues to be entered, until they are confirmed added to Github.

1. Enter the issue details into the forum if you have a new issue. From there it can be linked to in this table.

2. Once an issue is recognized and/or added, please delete the row from this table and link to the github entry in the forum post where it was reported, if applicable.

Note: Please do not include old issues, only those from Feb. 18 2014 on, unless it is a critical issue that needs attention. Old issues will be transfered to the new issue tracker once it is up and running.

Development Workflow

  1. Issues get researched prior to Dev Chat.
  2. New Issues are tracked here, & raised at Dev Chat. 
  3. GitHub is where devs track issues under active development.
  4. Website Deployment History is where devs post release notes on resolved issues.

Table Instructions

Type: Bug or enhancement

Date Reported: Date the original issue (month/day/year)

Date added: Date issue was added to the issue tracker (month/day/year)

Reporter: Who reported it

Issue: Issue title/one line description

Link: Link to the forum post where it was reported. If it was not reported in a forum post, please mark where it was reported (chat, PM, etc., preferably with a screenshot of the original conversation). Also, please only create a short bit of text ([Media type] Link, for example "Forum Link") and add a hyperlink to it instead of pasting the whole link.



Date Reported

Date added


Issue Link
2/14/14 [New report of old issue] 2/18/14 (Old issue)
Puzzle maker min GU too many overlapping dialogues
<a href="">Forum Link</a>
Enhancement 2/27/14 2/27/14 Internet Option for sounds to indicate positive or negative delta kcal <a href="">Forum Link</a>
Bug 3/6/14 3/6/14 Hoglahoo Spam groups and users (advertisements)

<a href="">Forum link 1</a>

<a href="">Forum Link 2</a>

Enhancement 3/6/14 3/6/14 Hoglahoo Report this page/report this comment <a href="">Forum Link</a>
Enhancement 3/6/14 3/7/14 LFP6 Notify group admins of a request to join a group or a member being added <a href="">Forum Link</a>
Bug 3/6/14 3/7/14 LFP6 Editing group description: Resets on edit <a href="">Forum Link</a>
Enhancement 3/9/14 3/9/14 Love2fold See lab votes without going to puzzle <a href="">Chat Link</a>
Enhancement 3/9/14 3/9/14 Brourd See natural mode and target mode at the same time <a href="">Chat Link</a>
Enhancement  3/12/14   3/12/14  Fluffy3 Puzzle maker: Rotate  <a href="">Chat Link</a> 
3/12/14 3/12/14   Malcolm Autosave of uncleared puzzles has been disabled.
 3/12/14 Malcolm
Deselect All button 
 3/12/14 Malcolm
Can the blue and green NTs be more clearly distinguished perhaps by increasing the contrast.
Enhancement 3/12/14  3/12/14 Malcolm Can the black selection circle be made more clearly visible, perhaps by fading betwenn black and white.  --
 Enhancement 3/12/14 3/12/14 


Scripting interface debug tool  <a href="">Chat Link</a> 
Bug 4/3/14  4/4/14 JR  Unexpected error window on submitting switch puzzle   <a href="">Forum Link</a>
Bug  4/8/13  4/9/13  Nando Lots of spam in player profiles  <a href="">Forum Link</a> 
Enhancement 4/29/14  4/30/14   Mat747 Line up letters/notation  <a href="">Forum Link</a><a href=""></a>
Bug  5/6/14  5/7/14   Ashebrethafe NOVA Credit not transfering  <a href="">Forum Link</a><a href=""></a>
 Bug 5/13/14   5/13/14  Firedrake969  When clearing the Puzzlemaker structure bar, the shape box keeps its old configuration until something's typed in N/A<a href=""></a>
 Suggestion/Bug  5/14/14  5/14/14  Ashebrethafe/LFP6 Have all links on the NOVA transer page open in a new tab.  <a href="">Forum Link</a><a href=""></a>
 Suggestion 5/13/14   5/14/14 Luigi Usai  Multiple selection  <a href="">Forum Link </a>
 Suggesiton  5/12/14 5/14/14  Unknown (LFP6 Reported) Re-sizeable text  <a href="">Forum Link </a>
 Bug 5/10/14  5/14/14  Classic 2D/Brourd   Points not awarded for completing tutorials <a href="">Forum Link</a>
Suggestion 5/3/14 5/14/14 LFP6 Selective/rearrangable PiP mode <a href="">Forum Link</a>
Suggestion  5/16/14  5/17/14   Af0ulWind Show magnetic alignment of each enzyme  <a href="">Forum Link</a><a href=""></a>
Bug 5/21/14  5/21/14  wbt Can't connect to GetSatisfaction for forum/bug entry b/c of incorrect email validator there N/A<a href=""></a>
Suggestion/Bug 5/21/14  5/21/14 wbt Display preferences not saved in Chrome incognito (saved in flash cookie-save by account instead) N/A 
Bug 5/21/14  5/21/14 wbt Moving up rank display shows other players ranks prior to adjustment, instead of after  N/A<a href=""></a>
Bug 5/21/14 5/21/14  wbt When map is large at end of puzzle, remains large w/huge text in "mission" intro of next N/A 
Bug?  5/21/14 5/21/14  wbt Tied ranks computed differently on leaderbord vs. upper right corner + puzzle-end display  N/A 
Bug 5/21/14 5/21/14  wbt Frequent defocusing somewhere in evaluator makes keyboard shortcuts not work until clicking in empty space of puzzle  N/A 
 Bug?  5/27/14   wbt
Shape must fold / cannot fold not mutually exclusive: is confusing if not buggy (e.g. with AAAAUCGAGGAUAUAAACAUGAGGAUCACCCAUGUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUAGAAGGCGAAAAAAAAAAA)  
 Bug  6/9/14   wbt
Timestamps in chat say "AM" when "PM" is correct, at least when the hour is 12